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1st- Well here it is folks.. The chilly run up to Xmas. What will happen this month on the beat?
I crewed up with PC Nick Hillary again tonight for patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Very few people were out due to the cold.

In other news: last night at 23:00 hours a male was assaulted, by a group, in the park area on Bermuda Close. Please contact police on 101 if you have any information. Reference number: 44120466595.

2nd- I patrolled most of Popley tonight. Youths were playing knock and run again in Marnel park. Who are these youths? Please email me directly if you know:

In other news: At 17:20 hours, a group of rowdy youths were reported to have thrown a wine bottle at the front of a property in Banbury Way. It is believed that the same group had also been verbally abusive to another member of public shortly after. If you have any information then please call 101 reference number: 44120468390.

3rd- PC Nick Hillary and I patrolled Popley and particularly Marnel Park. I took a statement in relation to a harassment in Banbury Way. (The incident from yesterday)

In other news: PC Hillary and I arrested a male in Falkland Road for failing to surrender. Basically, he hadn’t turned up at the police station as per his police bail. The male was charged with the original offence and bailed to court.

Also: Both Nick and I are suffering with a cold!! Luckily we have two days off to recoup.

And: I trialled a new police bike today. See the photo gallery. I much prefer my cube!.

4th- Rest Day.

5th- Rest Day.

6th- I had two meetings today. The first was with a chap from the housing association ‘Home-group’. My second meeting was hosted by the housing association ‘Sovereign Kingfisher’ We discussed a particular ASB case and possible solutions.

In other news: I did manage some patrols in Popley and all was in order.

7th- I crewed with PC Nick Hillary for some good patrols in and out of Popley and Oakridge.

In other news: I verbally warned two drivers who had parked their vehicles on the bend of Penton Way and Barrington Drive. The vehicles were soon parked more appropriately.

8th- Better weather today! PC Nick Hillary and I put in some good miles through all the hotspot areas.

In other news: We patrolled through Carpenters Down Woods, searching for a stolen Piaggio scooter. The scooter was stolen from Shakespeare Rd between the 6th and 7th of December. If you have any info call 101. Reference number: 44120474445.

Also: I wish I hadn’t eaten a massive bag of chips and a jumbo battered sausage for lunch! 2 hours of stomach cramps on the bike 😦

9th- In the Morning PC Nick Hillary and I assisted PC Karen Binney with an arrest in Oakridge.
We then got out for some great miles on the bikes.

In other news: We saw Chase Armitage and some other free runners in Taverner Close. One of the chaps was wearing a Santa outfit!

Also: I arrested a male on suspicion of theft in Trinidad Close. Late off 😦

10th- Rest Day.

11th- Rest Day.

12th- I was single crewed tonight. Very cold patrols of Popley and Oakridge. No issues of note.

13th- Tonight I was called to Gibbons Place, where a group of lads were smoking cannabis from a car. The males were searched, however, all the cannabis was smoked. The males were asked to leave.

14th- I attempted a very old warrant in Popley tonight. The surprised resident at the address informed me that she had lived at the address since 2009!! She wasn’t our lady so I resumed. I crewed up with PC Nick Hillary again for many miles of patrols. We had a bit of excitement with a chase around Winklebury for a wanted male. It was negative for the male but positive for the bike exercise!

I’m off for two so have a good weekend.



17th- Beautiful patrolling weather today.
I located a male with Cannabis on Falkland Road. The male received a cannabis street warning.

In other news: I verbally warned a driver who had parked poorly on Penton Way. The vehicle was on the junction, on a blind bend and near to a crossing

18th- I took part in, an out of Basingstoke, drugs warrant today. An early start but a satisfying day.

19th- Back to patrolling in the horrid rain! Many miles patrolled in and around Popley. Marnel Park, Oxford Way and Banbury Way were patrolled very heavily following ASB reports. PC Nick Hillary located a male on Melrose Walk with cannabis. The male was reported to court. It is Nicks last day with me on his attachment tomorrow. Will he buy cakes??

In other news: We’re aware of concerns in Popley and Oakridge about children being approached by unknown men.
All reports are being investigated, but none are being treated as attempted abductions. Rumours and speculation on social media sites is not always accurate and sometimes causes more alarm. We will always share as much information with parents as we can as quickly as possible. However, we have to carry out various enquiries to establish the circumstances. (Suspicious Incident)

If you know anything about these incidents, or you have any concerns, please call us on 101.

20th- PC Nick Hillary failed to bring cakes in for his last day!! It didn’t matter too much as there was plenty of cakes in the office today!
Take a look at Nicks Q&A’s

In other news: All of the Popley hotspots were patrolled as always. Pretty quiet out today.

Also: I issued two youths with ‘Youth Restorative Disposals’ after a theft from Everest Community College.

I’m on leave now until the 28th of December. I hope you all have a great Christmas. Cheers.

28th- First day back after an interesting week off!
I helped out PC Mark Gallagher with a warrant in South Ham.
I then patrolled Popley with PC Ian Hoile. I’m loving this weather.. Character building.

29th- Tonight I patrolled Popley and Oakridge. A fairly quiet Saturday night.

In other news: I broke the rear derailleur off of the trial bike!

30th- I patrolled Popley and Oakridge with PC Karen Binney. Another uneventful night for us. Good in some ways I suppose!

In other news: I assisted shift officers with a drugs identification and statement.

31st- I crewed up with PC Karen Binney tonight in a panda. We dealt with a number of drink related jobs. People still assault each other the night before the new year. Imagine waking up in a cell on New Years Day! Things can only get better right!??!?

In other news. As the clock struck midnight, PC Karen Binney and I were in feathers lane dealing with a premises alarm going off. We could hear ‘Old Lang Syne’ in the distance. I have had worse NYE’s ! πŸ™‚

Anyway… Happy new year.