The November Bulletin 2015 – PC Dan Carter Reports:

Posted: November 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

1st- A motorcyclist has died in a crash in Oakridge. (Gazette news story)

3rd- I crewed up with my old friend PC Rich Harrison. We attended Asda at Brighton Hill. Whilst taking a theft report we saw a youth stealing on a CCTV monitor. Chocolate was recovered from the drunken boy and he was returned home. Unfortunetly, the drunken friend of the male was verbally abusive, and threatening, so I arrested him. I’ve never seen so many youths capturing our work on their mobile phones…perhaps one for YouTube!
*Update* The boy received a ‘Youth Conditional Caution*

4th- I completed a long drawn out file in relation to a trespass case. In June 2015 travellers had set up on Shetland Road. The travellers were ordered to leave, but they soon returned. This was a breach of the 3 months no return warning. The head of the family has been reported for the offence. This is a bit of a test case, as I am not aware of this type of issue before. I will let you know how it progresses.

8th- I got back out, on bike patrol, today. I covered Popley, Oakridge, Rooksdown, and the town centre. I located a male smoking cannabis in Rooksdown. I issued the male with a cannabis street warning.

9th- I took part in another town centre operation. I arrested a male on suspicion of theft. Over £300 worth of stolen perfume was returned to Boots. The male received a caution. A second male, arrested by PC Karen Binney, was jointly charged with the offence.

11th- As you may know, I predominately patrol on bike. Well today I went on a 30 mile bike ride out of work. Sgt Trev Taylor is trying to turn me into a Spartan like him!

13th- I arrested a male, on Church Street, on suspicion of theft. The male is a suspect for 9 thefts in total. The male was too drunk to be interviewed. The male will sleep at the police station, and he will be interviewed in the morning.

*Update* The male was charged for a number of the offences. The male was remanded for the next available court date.

15th- PCSO Bex Mason and PCSO Jake Crosby advertising a local street meeting:

18th- I arrested a male on suspicion of theft. The male had allegedly stolen from Morrisons and from the 99p store.

19th- I took part in a warrant in Buckskin. I issued a female with a caution for possession of cannabis.

Later, I arrested a male on suspicion of common assault and criminal damage. The arrest was requested on behalf of Dorset police.

20th- I had a trip up to London to look after a prisoner. The traffic was awful!
Later I took part in a warrant in Winklebury. A large amount of suspected class A drugs were seized.

Even fact too close to home time, I arrested a male on suspicion of breaching his ‘Criminal Behaviour Order’.

25th- In the morning I issued a £90 fine in Church Street. I had located a male with a spliff. The male had previously received a cannabis caution near the same location!

Later, I arrested a female, on London Street, on suspicion of theft. The female was remanded for court.

26th- I arrested a male on suspicion of theft from the new Tesco Express in Oakridge. The CCTV is very clear :). *Update* The male was charged and remanded for court.

27th- I arrested a male, in the Market Square, on suspicion of theft. Unfortunetly Basingstoke custody was full. I escorted the male to Aldershot police station where he was later interviewed.


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