The July Bulletin 2015 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

2nd- I have just got back from leave thus no recent posts.

Whilst patrolling Vivian Road, tonight, I located a male with cannabis. I had already, recently, issued the male with a fixed penalty notice, for possession of cannabis. This time the male was reported for summons. *Udate* The male received a £270 fine in court.

6th- I arrested a male on suspicion of attempt theft of a TV. The male was also wanted for breaching a court order. The male will attend court in the morning.

7th- Travellers were back at Shetland Road this morning. The travellers were reminded that they were in breach of an earlier section 61 order to quit the site. The travellers were gone by 14:00 hours.

Later, I located a male riding a motorbike on Carpenters Down. The motorbike was uninsured, with no tax nor MOT. The male was reported for summons. The male will attend court to tell the judge why!

8th- I arrested a male, in Oakridge, on suspicion of burglary.

9th- I arrested a male in Black Dam for failing to appear at court.

Later, I arrested a female on suspicion of burglary and theft.

Last job of the day.. I located a youth, with cannabis, in Eastrop Park. The boy will receive a ‘Youth Community Resolution’.


14th- I arrested a male, on New Street, for being in possession of cocaine. After a short interview the male received a caution.

18th- I reported a Youth, for summons, after he was seen commiting several traffic offences, in Buckskin Lane.

Later whilst on a break at Costa, Worting Road… A drink driver pulled up at the drive through#! I arrested the male and he was found to have twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

Thanks to the member of public for the tip off 😉


20th- I reported a male, for summons, for failing to pay his train fare. This is a regular occurrence.

23rd- I arrested a male in Oakridge on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

*Update* The male received a 9 months YRO and a £50 fine.

24th- I arrested a male, at Basingstoke train station, for failing to attend court following his bail.

Later, I arrested a second male near the train station, for breaching a court order.

27th- Whilst patrolling Church Street, with Sgt Carl Holmes, I saw a suspicious male try to evade me. The male had two large joints of meat down his jumper! I arrested the male on suspicion of shoplifting. The male was later charged.

After I had booked the male in the police station, I went back to Church Street. I encountered a rather drunk female crying, and sat on the floor. The female had two bags with her containing stole M&S food.. 160 pounds worth. I arrested the female and she was later charged.

29th- I attended Winchester Crown Court in the morning. The suspect, on remand, refused to leave his prison cell, so the case couldn’t go ahead!

Later, I arrested a male at the top of town for failing to appear at court.

Even later, I arrested a male in Festival Place on suspicion of burglary. I handed the job over to district CID.

Drugs raids in Popley: (Click for the news story)

31st- I crewed up with new PCSO, James Headen. We patrolled all over Basingstoke, and we cycled more than 17 miles. One of the jobs, we got involved in, was a concern for welfare in Oakridge. A lady in her 90’s had gone missing. Luckily she was located at hospital.

Later, I located a male smoking cannabis in Winklebury. I will issue a ‘Youth Community Resolution’ at a later date.

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