The April Bulletin 2015 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

1st- Town Centre fight involving Popley males. Gazette Article

2nd- Today was my first day back for some weeks. I crewed up with PC Tom Bailey. Tom is on an attachment, with our team, for a few weeks. Whilst patrolling Popley, I searched a male on suspicion of possession of drugs. I located over 30 wraps of suspected class A drugs on the male. I arrested the male, and he will be interviewed tomorrow morning by district CID.


4th- Both PCSO’s Rob Nicklin and Addison Maker have now left Popley. The new team now covering Popley and Oakridge are:

Neigbourhood Team Managers:

PC Dan Carter:


PC Kerry Hayman:


PC Karen Binney:


Police Community Support Officers:

PCSO Rebecca Mason:


PCSO Richard Green:


Tel: 101

4th- I had a pretty decent late shift. Several NPT managers crewed up for hotspot patrols. My first job was to issue a male with a community resolution. The male had been urinating near the bridge between Oakridge and Shakespeare Road.

Later, whilst patrolling near Shakespeare Road, I stop searched a male in suspicious circumstances. Shortly after I arrested the male on suspicion of possession of class A and class B drugs, with intent to supply. DCID will interview the male in the morning.


8th- I had a lovely patrol in the sunshine with PC Tom Bailey.

After lunch I arrested a male, in Oakridge, on suspicion of theft.

9th- I had another great patrol, in Popley and Oakridge, in the sun. I issued a male with a cannabis street caution in Shetland Road.

10th- PC Tom Bailey arrested a Popley male, in the town centre, on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

Later, whilst patrolling Popley, I searched a male in Shakespeare Road. The male was in possession of cannabis. I arrested the male on suspicion of possession of cannabis with intent to supply. The male was interviewed by DCID and bailed for further enquiries.


13th- PC Tom Baileys last day with me. We had fun!

I issued a male with a £90 fixed penalty notice for possession of cannabis. The male had been located in Church Street.

14th- I patrolled Popley and it was very warm!
I arrested a male for possession of cannabis. The male, later, received a caution.

15th- I arrested a male on Vyne Road for failing to comply with his bail conditions. The male was originally arrested for theft.

16th- My only job of note today was… I asked a rather drunk male, wearing a Darth Vader suit, to behave himself and move on. The Jedi had been waving his light saber about in the town centre.

17th- Whilst patrolling near Winklebury I located a male with a suspected class A drug. I arrested the male. The male was wanted for a separate offence and he was later arrested on suspicion of burglary.


20th- Travellers have moved on to the grass area near Shetland Road/Maldive Road. I have emailed the council tonight.

21st- I have reported human excrement in the underpass off of Carpenters Down (The Link).

25th- I was on a plain clothes operation in the town centre today. I arrested a male on suspicion of several thefts. A stolen item was recovered. The job was handed to DCID to investigate. Update to follow.

27th- Whilst patrolling the ‘War Memorial Park’ in the town centre, I located two youths with cannabis. The youths will receive a ‘Youth Community Disposal’.



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