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2nd- Gazette News Report (Knife wielding drug addict apologises for threatening passer by)

4th- I arrested a male on suspicion of making threats to commit criminal damage. The Metropolitan police had requested the arrest. An officer from London will attend Basingstoke station to deal with the job.

5th- I spotted this little gem whilst patrolling Popley. New outdoor gym.

8th- News Report from the Gazette. House fire tragedy.

9th- PC Rich Harrison and I crewed up. We recovered a stolen vehicle near Roman Road.

In other news: I met with ASB officer, Matt Tatum, at Sentinel Housing. We discussed various on-going Popley cases.

Finally for today.. You may have noticed a re-designed website. This is to reflect the new changes in my role, and beat areas. From April 2015, I along with a team of PC’s and PCSO’s, will be covering Popley and Oakridge. I will update you more, with the way things will work, just as soon as I know for sure.

11th- I assisted with a scene guard in Andwell.

Later, I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of assault. The job was handed to District CID to investigate.

12th- I attempted several warrant arrests today. All negative 😦

16th- and 17th- I patrolled Marnel Park with, ex traffic officer, PC Harrison. We are continuing with efforts, to educate poor parkers, in the area.

In other news: Whilst patrolling Carpenters Down, I located a male smoking cannabis. The male was issued with a cannabis caution.

18th- A heavy metal bar was located in suspicious circumstances, yesterday, in Sark Way, Basingstoke. If you recognise this item, please get in touch on tel: 101.

In other news: I arrested a male, on Norn Hill, on suspicion of theft. The job was handed to District CID to investigate.

21st- PCSO Addison Maker collected some found drugs, from a member of public, in Chineham today. Call 101 if you know the owner, or call crime stoppers.

30th- Hand grenade scare in Popley. Basingstoke Gazette Article.

I have just returned from a fab trip to Cyprus. The police were pretty friendly also!

1st- Well here it is folks.. The chilly run up to Xmas. What will happen this month on the beat?
I crewed up with PC Nick Hillary again tonight for patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Very few people were out due to the cold.

In other news: last night at 23:00 hours a male was assaulted, by a group, in the park area on Bermuda Close. Please contact police on 101 if you have any information. Reference number: 44120466595.

2nd- I patrolled most of Popley tonight. Youths were playing knock and run again in Marnel park. Who are these youths? Please email me directly if you know:

In other news: At 17:20 hours, a group of rowdy youths were reported to have thrown a wine bottle at the front of a property in Banbury Way. It is believed that the same group had also been verbally abusive to another member of public shortly after. If you have any information then please call 101 reference number: 44120468390.

3rd- PC Nick Hillary and I patrolled Popley and particularly Marnel Park. I took a statement in relation to a harassment in Banbury Way. (The incident from yesterday)

In other news: PC Hillary and I arrested a male in Falkland Road for failing to surrender. Basically, he hadn’t turned up at the police station as per his police bail. The male was charged with the original offence and bailed to court.

Also: Both Nick and I are suffering with a cold!! Luckily we have two days off to recoup.

And: I trialled a new police bike today. See the photo gallery. I much prefer my cube!.

4th- Rest Day.

5th- Rest Day.

6th- I had two meetings today. The first was with a chap from the housing association ‘Home-group’. My second meeting was hosted by the housing association ‘Sovereign Kingfisher’ We discussed a particular ASB case and possible solutions.

In other news: I did manage some patrols in Popley and all was in order.

7th- I crewed with PC Nick Hillary for some good patrols in and out of Popley and Oakridge.

In other news: I verbally warned two drivers who had parked their vehicles on the bend of Penton Way and Barrington Drive. The vehicles were soon parked more appropriately.

8th- Better weather today! PC Nick Hillary and I put in some good miles through all the hotspot areas.

In other news: We patrolled through Carpenters Down Woods, searching for a stolen Piaggio scooter. The scooter was stolen from Shakespeare Rd between the 6th and 7th of December. If you have any info call 101. Reference number: 44120474445.

Also: I wish I hadn’t eaten a massive bag of chips and a jumbo battered sausage for lunch! 2 hours of stomach cramps on the bike 😦

9th- In the Morning PC Nick Hillary and I assisted PC Karen Binney with an arrest in Oakridge.
We then got out for some great miles on the bikes.

In other news: We saw Chase Armitage and some other free runners in Taverner Close. One of the chaps was wearing a Santa outfit!

Also: I arrested a male on suspicion of theft in Trinidad Close. Late off 😦

10th- Rest Day.

11th- Rest Day.

12th- I was single crewed tonight. Very cold patrols of Popley and Oakridge. No issues of note.

13th- Tonight I was called to Gibbons Place, where a group of lads were smoking cannabis from a car. The males were searched, however, all the cannabis was smoked. The males were asked to leave.

14th- I attempted a very old warrant in Popley tonight. The surprised resident at the address informed me that she had lived at the address since 2009!! She wasn’t our lady so I resumed. I crewed up with PC Nick Hillary again for many miles of patrols. We had a bit of excitement with a chase around Winklebury for a wanted male. It was negative for the male but positive for the bike exercise!

I’m off for two so have a good weekend.



17th- Beautiful patrolling weather today.
I located a male with Cannabis on Falkland Road. The male received a cannabis street warning.

In other news: I verbally warned a driver who had parked poorly on Penton Way. The vehicle was on the junction, on a blind bend and near to a crossing

18th- I took part in, an out of Basingstoke, drugs warrant today. An early start but a satisfying day.

19th- Back to patrolling in the horrid rain! Many miles patrolled in and around Popley. Marnel Park, Oxford Way and Banbury Way were patrolled very heavily following ASB reports. PC Nick Hillary located a male on Melrose Walk with cannabis. The male was reported to court. It is Nicks last day with me on his attachment tomorrow. Will he buy cakes??

In other news: We’re aware of concerns in Popley and Oakridge about children being approached by unknown men.
All reports are being investigated, but none are being treated as attempted abductions. Rumours and speculation on social media sites is not always accurate and sometimes causes more alarm. We will always share as much information with parents as we can as quickly as possible. However, we have to carry out various enquiries to establish the circumstances. (Suspicious Incident)

If you know anything about these incidents, or you have any concerns, please call us on 101.

20th- PC Nick Hillary failed to bring cakes in for his last day!! It didn’t matter too much as there was plenty of cakes in the office today!
Take a look at Nicks Q&A’s

In other news: All of the Popley hotspots were patrolled as always. Pretty quiet out today.

Also: I issued two youths with ‘Youth Restorative Disposals’ after a theft from Everest Community College.

I’m on leave now until the 28th of December. I hope you all have a great Christmas. Cheers.

28th- First day back after an interesting week off!
I helped out PC Mark Gallagher with a warrant in South Ham.
I then patrolled Popley with PC Ian Hoile. I’m loving this weather.. Character building.

29th- Tonight I patrolled Popley and Oakridge. A fairly quiet Saturday night.

In other news: I broke the rear derailleur off of the trial bike!

30th- I patrolled Popley and Oakridge with PC Karen Binney. Another uneventful night for us. Good in some ways I suppose!

In other news: I assisted shift officers with a drugs identification and statement.

31st- I crewed up with PC Karen Binney tonight in a panda. We dealt with a number of drink related jobs. People still assault each other the night before the new year. Imagine waking up in a cell on New Years Day! Things can only get better right!??!?

In other news. As the clock struck midnight, PC Karen Binney and I were in feathers lane dealing with a premises alarm going off. We could hear ‘Old Lang Syne’ in the distance. I have had worse NYE’s ! πŸ™‚

Anyway… Happy new year.

1st- Rest day.

2nd- I patrolled Popley with PC Addison Maker initially. During the evening, we were called to a report of youths running around Falkland Road with baseball bats. We had a search for the youths, but we couldn’t locate them. Luckily there were no reports of anyone getting assaulted via baseball bat etc whilst I was on duty.

In other news: I assisted PC James Charlton by testing some drugs he had seized. I am the only ‘EDIT’ (Examination of drugs identification testing) trained officer in The Safer Neighbourhoods Team, so I get used now and again πŸ˜‰ It’s nice to feel wanted. The drugs proved to be amphetamines and cocaine.

Also: I wisely wore my neck warmer or snood, as some call them, as it was bitterly cold out on the bike. Ice is on the way I fear! 😦

3rd- I crewed up with CSPO Paul Bowman tonight for patrols of Popley. All the usual areas were patrolled, including the current hotspot areas. All seemed calm, and the radio was quiet all night.

In other news: I stop searched two lads who smelt of cannabis in Bermuda Close, but they had already smoked the treasure! This caused much mirth from them!!

4th- More freezing patrols! I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison tonight for a bit of variety.

In other news: On the way back to the station, I heard a report that a male matching the description of a shop-lifter was on Church Street. I attended the area, and I located the male. It transpired that the male was not related to the theft and I de-arrested him. Two de-arrests in the last month!! I hope I’m not losing my touch!

5th- I crewed up with Police Community Support Officer, Dan Banks, tonight. Dan is the new Popley East PCSO. It was quiet in Popley and Oakridge tonight. Not surprising since lots of people would have attended the War Memorial Park for the fireworks display.

In other news: Marnel Park was patrolled in the late evening, after recent reports of vandalism. All was in order..

Also: (PCSO Dan Banks, question time)

6th- Rest Day.

7th- Rest Day.

8th- I assisted with shift cover today. I attended several jobs including, 2 parking disputes, 2 non dwelling burglaries, and 1 public order incident!! I issued a Β£30 Fixed penalty notice, in town, for one of the worst unnecessary obstructions ever!

In other news: Once again, Popley Fields community centre was broken into in the last week. Who is responsible?? Call 101 with information, and I will dedicate the arrest(s) to you!

9th- A pretty slow day for me. In the morning I sought CPS advice over a case of mine.
This takes a while and can be a bit technical. I won’t bore you with the details πŸ™‚

In other news: I made arrest attempts after a member of public reported being racially abused in the early hours of the 8th of November. The incident happened in Falkland Road. If you have any info, please call me on 101.

10th- My first job of the day, was to assist shift officers by, attending the Red Lion Hotel. There was a report that a male had slept on the steps of the fire escape. Not very wise! The male was warned via his hostel manager.

In other news: I arrested a male, this morning, on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. (Falkland Road job) The suspect was charged and he will attend court in December. I will be working with Sentinel Housing to take this matter even further.

Also: A robbery took place this morning on the footbridge between Popley and Oakridge. (Radio Basingstoke news link)

11th- I took part in the ‘Remembrance Day Parade’ at Old Basing today. Very chilly. SC Kev Dinsey, was also there in his tunic, looking very smart. See the photo gallery for a picture from the day.

In other news: I took part in a large area search of Chineham, for missing female, Cheri-Ann Lopez. Luckily she was located safe and well in Festival Place.

12th- Rest Day.

13th- Rest Day. I had just been to the gym, and had done a spot of shopping, when…. I saw a chap that was wanted for failing to appear at the police station. I don’t normally arrest people on my rest days, but hey ho. I completed a statement and a verbal handover.. Right, back to my rest days πŸ™‚

14th- After my very relaxing days off, I was ready to get stuck in… That was lucky!! As soon as I entered the building, I was ambushed to test some drugs for PC Rowan McComb. The drugs tested positive for cocaine.

In other news: I assisted with a premises search in Newbury, searching for drugs. A hellish road trip in heavy traffic! By the time I got back it was too late to patrol Popley 😦

15th- Afternoon and late patrols for me! I started by delivering a summons letter in Shakespeare Road. I then patrolled Marnel Park as I often do. No evidence of traffic offences today! I then patrolled all the Popley hot spot areas.

In other news: Popley fields community centre, and Melrose community hall had polling stations set up today (PCC Elections). There had only been 40 people at the Melrose community hall voting between 07:00 to 14:30 hours.

Also: The PSNP did have it’s own Facebook page for a short time.

16th- I crewed up with PC Karen Binney today for late patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Whilst cycling along Carpenters Down, I saw a male cycling with no lights. The particular area he was in is also known for drugs. I simply asked the male if he had drugs on him to which he replied “I have a bit of Percy” I said “I better have it then” The male handed over a block of cannabis resin. As I was examining the drug, he actually put his hand out, as if I was going to give it back!! Some people! The male received a cannabis caution and some advice about cycling with no lights.

Later I located another male with cannabis in Eastrop Way. The male was issued with an Β£80 fixed penalty notice.

In other news: My plan for a PSNP Facebook page needs re-thinking. It was my intention that it would be an information only page. Unfortunately people were able to comment on posts. It would be too time consuming to monitor and respond to these in a timely fashion, thus I have deleted the account. I’m sorry if this upsets anyone, but we still have the PSNP website etc. And of course anyone can email me direct to discuss community concerns.

Also: I had posted a link on the Facebook site in relation to abduction fears in Popley. We have received reports of suspicious incidents, however in the 6 years I have worked in Popley, there hasn’t been an actual child abduction. I pray it stays that way! If you do have concerns then please contact me on tel: 101 or email:

17th- Rest Day.

18th- Rest Day.

19th- This morning PCSO Dan Banks and I crewed up. First job of the day was to assist ‘Trading Standards’ with a suspected illegal fireworks trading issue.

Later I patrolled all the Popley hotspots. I issued a Β£30 fixed penalty notice for an unnecessary obstruction on Barrington Drive.

20th- PC Nick Hillary joined me today for the start of his 5 weeks attachment. My first priority was getting Nick back on the saddle. Nick hadn’t ridden a bike for over 15 years until today!!! After a shaky start down Eastrop Park, we were off!

In other news: We attended a reported criminal damage, in Melrose Walk, to an abandoned address. Further work is being conducted to identify the home owner.

Also: CSPO’s Paul Bowman, Paula James-Bailey and Dan White, attended Basingstoke police station for a catch up, and to discuss the child abduction rumours currently circling Popley and surrounding areas. Unfortunately my healthy salad lunch went to waste after Paula brought two large boxes of doughnuts to the meeting!!

21st- I crewed up with PCSO Dan Banks today. We patrolled Marnel Park after recent ‘knock and run’ ASB reports. All was quiet, however, we did locate a very badly parked car, causing an unnecessary obstruction. We tried calling on a few addresses to see if we could locate the owner. Unfortunately we couldn’t, so I issued a Β£30 FPN on the windscreen.

Later I crewed with PC Ian Hoile for late patrols of Popley. A group of rowdy youths were ejected from the rear/private grounds of the Popley Fields Community Centre.

22nd- In the morning I assisted PC Ian Hoile with a vulnerable witness interview. I was in charge of the recording machine. More tricky than it sounds!

Also: New photo gallery linked in the Marnel Parking Blog. (The link)

23rd- Rest Day.

24th- Rest Day.

25th- Rest Day.

26th- Another wash out today. New cycle shoes made my day though!

27th- A pretty quiet, rainy, boring day.. Well, that was until I located a male in Jacobs Yard, breaching his ASBO conditions. Thanks to Festival Place security for guiding me in on CCTV.

28th- I recovered a stolen mountain bike worth Β£2000 today! The bike was located on Bilton Road, and it was locked up! If you stole this bike then please get in touch. Tel 101. Thanks to the gent who leant me the bolt croppers.

30th- A very cold night. Jobs included: Efforts to locate suspects, noise nuisance complaints, and a bail check. Lots of coffee and an unspecified quantity of mince pies! Well it is nearly Christmas.

October 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

Posted: October 2, 2012 in police, PSNP

1st- Today I had a training day at Alton Maltings Centre. Parking was a nightmare! I will take the motorbike next time!
Quite a good days training with new PACE updates and a refresher on the Proceeds of crime act.

2nd- I took part in a drugs operation today. I was part of the team at Basingstoke conducting interviews and strip searches for possible drugs concealments.

3rd- I crewed with PC Ian Hoile to patrol Popley, Oakridge and Rooksdown. We stop searched a number of people suspected to be involved in drugs offences, however, no drugs found.

4th- Rest Day.

5th- Tonight had no redeeming features! A foul, miserable and wet night. I patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury with other SNT officers. Roll on summer.

6th- After yesterday’s rain it was very nice to patrol albeit very cold! ASB was low across the town.

7th- Tonight I crewed up with PC Karen Binney after her return from holiday! We patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury. I located 2 males with cannabis in Orkney Close. Karen and I issued each male with an Β£80 fixed penalty notice.

In other news: We attended and dispersed youths from the car park in Aspire Place. This underground car park is currently insecure and youths have been causing a nuisance to residents. ASB officers at Sentinel have been informed.

8th- I was feeling a little under the weather today, so I drove a panda for a change. All the usual areas were patrolled in Oakridge and Popley and it was a very quiet evening. Later I crewed with PC Rich Harrison and we patrolled Popley and Kempshot. We attended a number of addresses for welfare checks.

9th- Rest Day.

10th- Rest Day.

11th- Another washout in Basingstoke. I assisted PC Rich Harrison with an attempt break in Hatch Warren.

In other news: Overnight the Popley Fields Community Centre was broken into. Beers were stolen from the fridge. Entry was gained via the rear of the centre. New security measures are being implemented. If you have info on who is involved let me know! I would like that arrest very much!!

12th- This morning a chap handed himself in at Basingstoke police station on a ‘Fail to appear warrant’ I arrested him and he will attend court today.

13th- Rest Day.

14th- Lovely weather for a cycle… Except, as soon as I got in for work today, I was targeted by the shift Sgt to assist with a warrant. Later I would arrest a male on suspicion of burglary and handling stolen goods.
No cycling for me, but a pretty good day all the same.

15th- Rest Day.

16th- Rest Day.

17th- Tonight I crewed with PC Karen Binney to patrol Popley and Oakridge. The worst night of rain I have ever witnessed in Popley, plus a spot of lightning. Nothing of note to report.

In other news: I had a bit of warrant training today. I will hopefully put the training to good use shortly.

18th- Another miserable and unproductive night! Not for want of trying of course! The weather just kept the trouble at bay. I patrolled with PC Rich Harrison again.

In other news: I assisted PC Mark Gallagher with an arrest of a male on suspicion of theft.

19th- I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison for patrols of Popley, Oakridge and Buckskin. After 19:00 hours the rain had stopped and we were able to get some good miles in on the hotspot areas.

In other news: PC Chris Brindley is moving off the Popley East beat. Chris will now be the beat manager for Winklebury. PC Karen Binney will be joining the Oakridge team. This means that I will be the beat manager for the whole of Popley (gulp) a big challenge, but I’m sure with my sidekick Robin… I mean PCSO Addison Maker, we will give it our best shot.

20th- Rest Day.

21st- Rest Day.

22nd- Normal patrols today.

In other news: I did arrest a male up at Basingstoke Hospital for suspected traffic offences… The male was soon de-arrested after more thorough checks were made. One hand shake later, I was on my way. πŸ™‚

Also: I dealt with a contentious land issue in Popley East. This will be resolved through solicitors..fingers crossed..

23rd- Many miles of patrolling Popley, Oakridge, Winklebury. Just when I was totally exhausted and on route back to the station, I located a male wanted on a warrant, and in possession of cannabis. I arrested the male.
Late off 😦 Special thanks to my stooge PC Ian Hoile, for booking the male into custody, whilst I completed the handover.

24th- More miles of great cycling through all the hotspot areas in Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury. Between the cycling there were many call ons/re-assurance visits throughout Popley.

In other news: There has been a series of copper pipe thefts in the Popley area in recent weeks. If you have information on the subject please call in on tel: 101.

Also: PCSO Addison Maker held an open meeting at the Popley Fields community centre to discuss the ‘No Ball Games’ signs. Issues surrounding ball games in these areas, on Abbey Road, are a current priority.

25th- Today PC Ian Hoile and I drove Half way to Cardiff to pick up two young people that thought it would be funny to run away!!
It’s not funny or indeed safe.

In other news: A member of public reported a suspicious vehicle, apparently dumped in Pershore Road. I have reported this to the council: FixMyStreet

26th- Rest Day.

27th- Rest Day.

28th- Rest Day.

29th- Rest Day.

30th- Rest Day.

31st- I crewed up with PCSO Addison Maker for horrid Halloween patrols of Popley! See you next month πŸ™‚

In other news: There has been many thefts of copper pipes from the Popley area. (More Information)

Members in attendance::

1) PC Dan Carter: (Chair) πŸ™‚
2) PCSO Addison Maker
3) Mrs Southern (Resident)
4) Mr Stockley (Resident)
5) Terry Jones (Resident)
6) Nina Egg-Daborn (Sentinel Housing)
7) Dawn Stanley (Sentinel Housing)

PSNP members/apologies: Due to other commitments:

1) Jane Frankum
2) Paul Frankum
3) David Potter
4) Mr Kumar

Update on previous core priorities:

1) Drugs issues.. Drugs continue to feature on the radar in Popley and surrounding beats. The panel have once again voted this in as an issue to tackle.

2) Jersey Close/Guernsey Close garage breaks. The patrolling officers have been hitting this area hard at all times of day. Sentinel had warned the residents in the area via news letters. Some residents have secured their garages. There has been a significant drop in issues.

3) School trespassing… The team have been patrolling in and around the schools to ensure the safety of youths, and to prevent damage being caused to the schools. A number of youths have been located trespassing and letters have been sent home to parents.

The PSNP voted from a list of 5 current issues:

1) Fires being set in Carpenters Down Woods

2) Motorbike nuisance in Carpenters Down Woods

3) ASB involving ball games in Abbey Road in (No ball game areas).

4) Drugs issues.

5) ASB in Aspire Way and Sark Close.

The PSNP voted for the following 3 issues:

1) ASB involving ball games in Abbey Road in (No ball game areas).

2) Drugs issues.

3) ASB in Aspire Way and Sark Close.

These issues will be in place until the end of the year.

Other matters of note:

Mr Stockley informed the panel that there were many trucks passing through the area near to Everest Community College. There are sometimes many trucks per day. This is causing congestion near Oxford Way and the surrounding area. Plus there are speeding issues with Barrington/Appleton Drive.

September 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

Posted: August 30, 2012 in police

1st- Rest Day.

2nd- Rest Day.

3rd- PCSO Addison Maker and I crewed up with PC Ian Davies for Patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Lovely sunshine again! Nothing of note.

In other news: I attended Chineham business park after reports that travellers had moved into the Limes Park area. I met with the traveller liaison office (Geoff Scrutton) at the site. Tomorrow, the council will serve the travellers with papers to leave the area.

4th- Patrols of all the Popley hotspots, including Carpenters Down Woods, after recent reports of motorbikes riding around. Check out the photo gallery for some posey pictures of PC Ian Davies, and PCSO Addison Maker, in Carpenters Down Woods.

In other news: I arrested a male at the front of the train station. The male was wanted for breaching a court order. Unfortunately for him, it was too late to attend court so, he will be with us until the morning then off to court.

5th- PC Ian Hoile and I assisted with shift cover today. Not a bad day. We dealt with a domestic assault, a possible breach of bail conditions, and a lady who was receiving unwanted sexual text messages.

In other news; Later in the day PCSO Addison Maker and I attended the War Memorial Park for a photo shoot! Looks like we will have our ugly mugs plastered around the police station! I do hope the force photographer captured my best side!

6th- Rest Day.

7th- I crewed up with PC Ian Davies and PCSO Addison Maker to patrol Popley, and Oakridge. It was so quiet in Popley, and Oakridge, that I decided to try Winklebury. Whilst on route, I located a male with a large bag of herbal cannabis in Priestley Road. I arrested the male for possession of cannabis. Later the male was interviewed and charged with the offence. See the photo gallery for a picture of the drug. I normally don’t arrest people for possession of cannabis, however it was a large amount and the chap had no fixed address. This would have meant that I couldn’t summons him, as you need to know where to send paperwork etc.

In other news: I’m sure you have all heard the expression: ‘The wheel came off’ This time it was my pedal. After a Frankenstein repair job I was good to go!

8th- late patrols of Popley and Oakridge again. It was so quiet out on the beats that I decided to help out shift officers in the town centre. I assisted with an arrest where a male had allegedly head butted and smashed an internal window at Censo bar.

In other news: I issued another Β£30 fixed penalty notice due to a vehicle parked on a pedestrian crossing in Ilsley Road, Marnel Park. PC Ian Davies also assisted by asking a vehicle owner to move his car after it was seen parked on the curb and bend of Ilsley Road creating a blind spot.

9th- A typical Sunday.. Quiet and relaxing.. well if you count the 30 miles PC Ian Davies and I cycled relaxing!!. It was PC Ian Davies last day with me today. Ian is a good egg and I will miss patrolling with him. Ian promises me that he will type a blog of his attachment soon!

In other news: I verbally warned a vehicle owner who had parked her entire car on the pavement along Appleton Drive. I don’t think it will happen again.

10th- I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile this evening. He’s a good old boy πŸ˜‰
We patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Rooksdown. We were called to a report of a collapsed and drunken male in Falkland Road. I woke him up and he stumbled to his feet. We helped the male look for his lost trainer before he walked home a bit worse for wear.

In other news: I met with housing officers from Sentinel to discuss a nuisance address in Marnel Park. There is further work to be done.

Also: I issued a Β£30 fixed penalty notice after a car was seen parked fully on the footpath along Carpenters Down. The path is clearly marked pedestrian and cycle only! And yes I do have better things to do, however it was a quiet day and parking in this area is a current topic of some debate.

11th- Rest Day.

12th- Rest Day.

13th- I patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury today with PC Rich Heard and PC Karen Binney.

In other news: We assisted with a male who appeared to be drunk and collapsed in Oakridge. An ambulance was called to assist with the males welfare.

14th- All hotspots covered and nothing of note to report.

15th- Evening patrols with PCSO Addison Maker. Popley and Oakridge hotspot areas were covered as always :). We attended an abandoned 999 call in Pershore Road. Turns out it was a young lad messing about on the phone as is often the case.

In other news: I seized a large bottle of cider from a young girl near Pershore Road.

Also: I assisted with a drunk and violent male in the rear yard of the Police station. The male had been arrested after an incident in Popley.

16th- Just lovely Sunday patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Once again, no issues of note. I hope next week will be busier.

17th- Rest Day.

18th- Rest Day.

19th- I patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury with PCSO Addison Maker. We assisted with a public order incident in Winklebury and a nuisance parking issue in Oakridge.

Later, I attended Carpenters Down woods after a report of a fire. Nobody responsible for the fire was around, however I did ask the fire brigade to attend, to put it out. There have been several fires in the park in Carpenters Down wood of late and I am keen to speak to those responsible.

In other news: I took a report of a public order incident in Abbey Road. I will complete some follow up work tomorrow.

20th- In the early afternoon I cycle trained, new PCSO recruit Rob Wrightson, down at Eastrop Park. After, I completed my yearly work related evidence, for competency! Basically selling myself to the bosses to make sure I’m doing a good job!

The beats were very quiet tonight. I patrolled many miles alone and all seemed still in most parts.

In other news: I patrolled Marnel Park, and the parking looked reasonable. Well as reasonable as it gets in that place!

21st- I conducted evening patrols of Popley and Oakridge and ASB was very low in these areas.

In other news: I assisted with a public order incident in Marnel Park. A boy was arrested but later released without charge.

22nd- Rest Day.

23rd- Rest Day.

24th- The weather was appalling this morning! I did manage a short patrol prior to coming off my bike! No injuries luckily!

In other news: A chap handed himself in at the front counter of Basingstoke police station. I arrested the male on suspicion of fraud and then street bailed him to allow for the right people to interview him.

25th- I crewed up with PCSO Tarren Porter and PCSO Chris Phillips today. We patrolled Oakridge and Popley. Whilst patrolling Montserrat Road in Popley, I located a male wanted on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs. The male was arrested.

26th- This evening I patrolled Popley and Oakridge without incident.

In other news: I chaired the PSNP meeting. Click the link for the minutes: PSNP minutes

27th- I assisted with shift cover today. I dealt with a few interesting jobs. I arrested a male on suspicion of making threats to take the life of another! This sort of crime, wether genuine or not, will always be taken seriously. I have a few days off now thank goodness πŸ˜‰ I need them to recharge the old batteries. Have a good weekend, and see you next month.

28th- Rest Day.

29th- Rest Day.

30th- Rest Day.

On the 22nd of July 2012, five Safer Neighbourhood Officers took part in the ‘Big Wheel’. We all wore yellow T-Shirts with #FedsOnPeds @BasingstokeCops emblazoned on the back.
The yearly cycle event is for charity. This year, St Michaels Hospice received the charity funds. The five SNT officers taking part were: Sgt Paul Markham, PC Rich Heard, PCSO Pete Windust, PCSO Tarren Porter, and I!
We started the event at Down Grange, and there was a good turnout. PCSO Rose Hewson and others had set up an SNT stand, to offer general crime advice and, to security mark bikes. 116 bikes in total were marked up and registered with ‘Immobilise’. After a few bananas, and water, we were off.
The course was mostly through lovely rural settings. Working in Basingstoke, you sometimes forget how much greenery is just on your doorstep. The first 51 miles, of the 52 miles route, were the hardest in my opinion!
My personal ride was dedicated to the memory of Ken Frankum. Ken was the devoted husband of Popley’s, Hampshire County Councillor, Jane Frankum. Ken sadly passed away a year ago. When I was finding it tough going, I reminded myself of Ken and his family and that got me through. Throughout the ride there was great banter between the team, and it made me realise how close we had all become. I would trust anyone from the team, to help me, in a tricky situation. Although the day was a happy occasion it was also the final ride out with Sgt Paul Markham. Sgt Markham has been promoted to acting inspector for the Andover Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Sgt Markham is the most pro-active and best Sgt I have ever worked with. We are all very sad to see him go.
The team of #FedsOnPeds arrived back in Basingstoke in just under five hours. When we arrived, a police response car escorted us onto the Down Grange field. We received a warm receptions from members of the public who had gathered at the finishing line. We were all given a nice little medal and more water. At the time of typing this we raised near on Β£500 for charity. I’m pleased with that! You can still sponsor us as the sponsor page will be open for another month (St Michaels Hospice)

Sunday is the quietest day of the week, for the police, in Basingstoke. When I arrived at work this morning, I checked the various police computer systems. Everything was together, including my paperwork. I decided that it may be a good idea to complete the all beats, hotspot challenge. My mountain bike “The Cart-horse” was all clean and ready for action.


The below chart, lists most of the current hotspot areas.


PC Karen Binney and I, completed the first 15 miles in an hour and 15 minutes. When we arrived in Oakridge, PC Rich Heard joined us. It was important to me, to attend all the hotspot areas, for each beat. These are the areas that residents have highlighted as causing them the most issues.

Karen, and I, finished the 30 miles in 3 1/2 hours. We did stop now and again, to chat to residents, so we could have been quicker πŸ™‚

The below map highlights the route we took:


Cycling on the beats (All Weathers) isn’t for everyone, however, in my opinion it is the most rewarding work. We get to keep fit, look after the vulnerable, target the unsavoury, and we work with some great people.

1st- Read all about New Years Eve into the 1st of January 2012 in my new (Beat Blog 7)

5th- First day back for me in the new year. I still had a load of emails to wade through. Was I the only one with time off!!? I started the day with an energetic cycle into Popley. (The wind and rain was uncalled for) I had promised to attend the Melrose Community Hall coffee morning for 10 am. After a good chin wag, and putting the world to rights over parking issues, I patrolled Marnel Park. All was quiet. I then took a statement in relation to the arrest I had made, just after New Years Eve. Later I met with Education Welfare Officer, Caroline Hams, up at Everest Community Academy. Caroline handed me some cannabis seized from a boy in the school. I booked the drug in for destruction. Even later, I contemporaneously interviewed a boy in Popley, and then I completed a Narey file. A Narey file is also know as a first hearing file. Just enough evidence to convict, if the suspect pleads guilty. If the suspect denies the offence, then the file may be upgraded to a full file. A busy day, and not the gentle transition I had imagined, coming from 4 days off. Oh well, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

In other news: I’m trying to cut down on caffeine. I have stocked up with gross tasting mint tea, to kick start my healthy year! (Maybe)

6th- I met with Peter Trafford, of Sentinel Housing, on Selby Walk today. Pete had asked me to attend an address, to keep the peace, during an eviction. (Photo). All went well and the house was boarded up by “mitie” acting on behalf of Sentinel Housing. PC Karen Binney and CSPO Dan White had also attended to offer support. The bailiffs were professional and calm. When I think of bailiffs, Grant and Phil Mitchell, wearing black leather jackets, spring to mind! It wasn’t like that today. The local beat team have been working closely with the residents, Sentinel Housing, and other agencies, in the run-up to the eviction. I have spoken to a number or residents in the area since the eviction to provide reassurance.

In other news: There have been a number of reports of drugs misuse in Longbourne Place, Priestley Rd. I am conducting on-going work, along with Sentinel Housing, to resolve these issues. Any info, please call 101.

7th- My first job of the day was, to locate two boys with a suspected firearm. I located the boys near Everest Community College. The gun was an “Air Soft” type. These fire white plastic pellets. Apart from the orange coloured barrel, a pretty realistic looking imitation firearm! The boys didn’t cause harm and were just being boys, however, they are not allowed to have such a thing in public for obvious reasons. I spoke to the mother of the gun slinger and she was fully supportive. I don’t think we will see a repeat incident.

In other news: boys have been playing knock and run at the vicarage on Pershore Road, as well as being verbally abusive. The joke has worn thin now. Several boys are to be warned and if continued, formal action will be taken.

I was at the Popley Fields Community Centre, at 12 am, for the monthly beat surgery. Only one person tuned up, however, we did have a good chat. This year, you may see, online beat surgeries! Watch this space.

8th- The all beats hotspot challenge: (Beat Blog 8)

11th- PC Miriam King, attended Basingstoke Station to visit me. ‘Mims’ is a lovely lady from the rural beat just outside of Basingstoke. Part of her patch ‘Sherborne St John’ comes into Popley (Oxford Way end) I will be training Mims up on twitter shortly. There had been recent ASB reports, which we needed to discuss. later I cycled out into Popley with PCSO Peter Windust, of the Oakridge SNT. There has been a number of arsons, mainly to bins, in Popley East. We patrolled all the likely areas of trouble, but it was quiet. (Fires). I attended Basingstoke fire station with PC Chris Brindley, and CSPO Dan White, to discuss the latest issues. On-going work is being done to prevent, locate, and identify those responsible.

In other news: please could you take a look at this (Survey) in relation to the new (Crime Reports) website.

I was also invited to the Marnel and Merton community group, monthly meeting. New ties have been made, and our groups will assist each other in the future.

PC Rich Heard has secured more dates for Operation Slipstream in the town centre. I have volunteered for quite a few. More live tweeting from the town centre no doubt!

12th- A number of north and south team, Safer Neighbourhood Officers, took part in a warrant today. I lead the Operation to recover stolen items in Popley East. I arrested a male on suspicion of handling stolen goods. The male has been bailed for further evidence. I will update you more when I can. I might even blog it!

Later I attended the PSNP meeting at the Popley Fields Community centre. The meeting was well attended, and it was great to see some new faces.
The PSNP voted the following new priorities in: 1) Arson in Popley 2) ASB is Sark Way and Tortuga Walk 3) Drug misuse in Pitcairn Close. The last priority is a continuation from the last quarter.

In other news: As I was just finishing work, I heard reports of ASB on the radio. The ASB was in the Marnel Park area. We have recently referred a youth for an ABC after several reports of ASB in the area. I will do some follow up work tomorrow to see if we have any offences I can deal with.
I had raised the area as an issue for the PSNP but it wasn’t voted in. That’s not to say we won’t be working in the area. I intend to be very robust with offenders in the Marnel Park area. I think the residents have had quite enough!

13th- I came in to work a bit early to complete some paperwork. I completed the minutes of last nights PSNP meeting.

Later I took a statement from an aggrieved in Marnel Park, following from an ASB issue in the estate. Further work is to be carried out.

It was very cold out and about, subsequently there were very few people out.

In other news: PCSO Tarren Porter, and I, attended the Popley Fields Community Centre for the Mencap youth club. (PCSO Porter pictured with some of the youths) (DJ Workshop link)

15th- Today I was invited to a meeting/cake session with the lovely folk of the Marnel and Merton Community Group (Lovely cupcake)

16th- Today was a very cold day! (Frosty photo)

I attended an address in Abbey Road to take a burglary report. The incident occurred at 07:00 hours this morning. Items stolen included a black kindle e-reader and a black, nokia mobile phone. Some of the stolen items were located near the bridge that leads to Oakridge. As a coincidence, the same location as I had taken the “Frosty photo” prior to attending the address. If you have any information about the incident then please get in touch on 101.

17th- I crewed up with PCSO’s, Tarren Porter, and Pete Windust today. We patrolled Oakridge and Popley. A very quite, and cold day today. A member of public tweeted about an abandoned car on Marl’s Lane. (Photo).

In other news: CSPO Paul Bowman located another arson behind the free running site on Carpenters Down. (Photo).

18th- I assisted PC Ian Hoile today with his new “Rooksdown Safer Neighbourhood Panel” (RSNP Website)

19th- I patrolled all the hotspot areas today. I located a male smoking cannabis outside the shops on Madeira Close. The male was eligible for a cannabis street warning.

I member of public reported a burnt out motorbike (Info on twitter) The bike had been stolen and burnt out.

In other news. I took an ASB4 report from a resident who has been at the receiving end of a number of anti-social behaviour incidents. There may be further work to conduct to ensure the residents safety.

20th- I attended Marnel Park after reports
of rowdy behaviour. Several youths were warned. Popley was quiet apart from that.

In other news: Later I took part In Op Slipstream in the town centre.

21st- At 3am I arrested a female in the town centre, after she was found to be breaching her bail conditions. I didn’t finish work until 06:00 hours. A draining 15 hour shift!

In other news: I assisted other officers and CSPO’s with a large disorder incident in Bourdillon Gardens, in Popley East. A male teen had organised a birthday party via Facebook. Well over 100 people turned up at the address. The youths were dispersed.

22nd- I took part in Operation Slipstream again. I arrested a male in Wote street, whom had been found in possession of herbal cannabis.

23rd- This morning, I arrested a girl, after a series of ASB incidents in Marnel Park. The girl received a “Youth Restorative Disposal”

25th- I took part in Operation Nemesis today with other members of the team. The theme of the night was drugs. I arrested a male in Oakridge, on suspicion of possession of cannabis, with intent to supply.

In other news: I conducted patrols in Popley but all was quiet.

26th- unfortunately, there were several burglaries in Popley, and Oakridge overnight. One in Pitcairn Close and another in Abbey Road. We are being extra vigilant, and are conducting operations, to catch the offenders.

27th- Op Slipstream weekend started again. The town was very quiet.

In other news: Patrols were conducted in the Popley hotspots but all seemed in order.

28th- A very busy night for the #FedsOnPeds I made an arrest in Oakridge of a male who had a large amount of cannabis on him.

Q) What is your current profession?
A) I am the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for Popley. I have been doing this role since 2006 and have been a part of the PSNP since it originated in 2007.

Q) How did you get the job?
A) After a career in Musical Instrument repairs I decided that I needed a new challenge. After some research I discovered the role of a PCSO and felt like I could really give something to this role. After various interviews, assessments and forms I completed my training at Police HQ before completing my tutorship in Whitchurch.

Q) Describe a typical day for you?
A) One of the best features about being a PCSO is that no two days are ever the same. Generally however I will start my shift by checking through what has occurred in Popley since I was last in the office. This is usually followed up by essential crime and Anti-Social behaviour enquiries. After this I kit up and cycle out to Popley where I spend the remainder of my shift tackling Anti-Social Behaviour, Meeting with multi-agencies, Offering crime prevention and re-assurance and dealing with our current Popley Priorities.

Q) What has been your most memorable experience in Popley?
A) Returning to Popley after a brief hiatus to cover the Basingstoke Rural SNT.

Q) What’s been your most embarrassing moment?
A) Falling off my Police Bike in front of some children I had just told to be careful on their bikes.

Q) What is your best quality?
A) My patience.

Q) What is your worst quality?
A) My attention can sometimes go away after a long training day.

Q) What makes you happy?
A) My Dog, My Family and Cheering on my favourite sports teams.

Q) If you could go back in time, where would you go?
A) there are too many to choose from. I would like to go back to May 1st 1994 at the San Marino GP. Somehow I would stop Ayrton Senna driving that F1 car.

Q) What would you spend a lottery win on?
A) I would buy myself and my parents a nice house, spend over a million pounds on a McLaren sports car and build a charity Dog shelter for unwanted Dogs in Hampshire.

Q) Tell us one thing about yourself that nobody else would know?
A) I have some involvment in the professional Wrestling business.