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September 2011 (PSNP) results

Posted: September 1, 2011 in community, NHW

1st- I attended the Popley fields community centre with PCSO Sarah Danks. I met with many friendly residents from Speckled Wood Road. 28/47 residents have shown an interest in a NHW scheme for the Road. I have submitted the paperwork to my Sgt who will then send on the paperwork to the Inspector to sign as approved.

2nd- PCSO Phil Rapley detained a male that had run off from Police earlier in the day. The male was wanted for breach of bail and breaching his tagging conditions.

5th- CSPO Paul Bowman informed me that unknown person(s) had thrown books onto a bonfire overnight by the free-running site on Carpenters Down. Paul also informed the council so they are able to clear the mess left behind. Paul had assisted by removing the larger items from the fire. Later in the day, Paul located 3 youths, setting a small fire, on the field opposite the Abbey Road entrances. The youths were verbally warned, and their details were taken. It is not known if the fires were connected.

8th- PCSO Phil RAPLEY issued an £80 FPN to a youth, whom was being abusive to security, at Tesco Express. The shop on Carpenters Down has been been a Previous PSNP priority, due to anti social behaviour towards the staff, and members of public.

11th- the PSNP site got another upgrade with a video link. Keep an eye on this for future videos relevant to Popley.

14th- PCSO Phil Rapley submitted the monthly community article to the Popley Matters Newspaper.

21st- I crewed up with PC Mark Gallagher to conduct patrols as part of Operation Nemesis. The morning, through to the evening was fairly quite. We did however locate some cannabis on Winchester Road. I have booked the cannabis in for destruction. See the link for more info on Operation Nemesis in the latest addition of frontline magazine: Nemesis Link

21st- Popley resident, Mr Kumar joined the PSNP. Mr Kumar is very community minded, and a great addition to the team. Today I returned from annual leave. Im Looking forward to getting stuck in.

22nd and 23rd, I along with several SNT officers, took part in Operation Swarm. This Operation was in relation to ASB and criminal damage (Oakridge).

23rd- Today I was given access to Crime Reports. This website has been up and running for a while in America. The site is due to go live in the UK shortly, I have however been testing out before its launch date. It looks pretty good so far. If you have an iPhone there is an app, and you can also try out the site in participating states of America. This will give you a heads up of what’s coming: CrimeReports. Later I crewed up with CSPO Paul Bowman to conduct patrols. During the evening, it was reported that youths were trespassing on the building site in Wheeler Way. We attended the site but the youths had dispersed prior to our arrival. A short while later, we located a large group of youths gathered on the field, next to the Popley Fields Community Centre. A few youths star burst, and it was apparent that alcohol was involved. Most of the youths were well behaved however.
Whilst Patrolling Abbey Road Paul and I located an address stinking of cannabis. The home owner was given suitable words of advice. Later Paul located a male smoking cannabis on Alencon Link. The male received a cannabis street warning.

24th- SNT officers were involved with a serious incident, located between Popley, and Oakridge. A male had been robbed. Various work in relation to the job kept us all on until 6 am (15 hour duty) *A male was later arrested on suspicion of committing this offence*

25th- About a month ago, I reported graffiti to the council. This was located on the bus shelter, in Shakespeare Road, outside the shops. This has now been cleaned up: Cleaned Shelter

26th- I met with the new Buckskin Beat Manager, Rich Cousins. I cycle assessed Rich down at Eastrop Park. Rich passed, however I fell off the bike!
Whilst out patrolling I stop searched two males On Doswell Way in Oakridge. One of the males had herbal cannabis on him. The male received a cannabis street warning. The drug was seized for destruction.

27th- Today I assisted other officers, after a male, wanted on warrant, ran from police in Winklebury. The male was soon located by beat officers. Sgt Paul Markham arrested the male. A short while later, I arrested a male, by appointment, on suspicion of the: “Act of outraging public decency” x 3 and on suspicion of sexual assault. The male has been bailed for further enquiries. More info. Later I crewed up with PC Mark Gallagher, to conduct patrols in relation to, Operation Nemesis.

28th- Following a tip from a member of public, I attended the War Memorial Park. I located a male with a small bag of cannabis. The male received a Youth Restorative Disposal. Later I assisted PC Heard, with the arrest of a male in South ham, whom was wanted on warrant, by the Metropolitan Police. I also assisted shift officers who were very busy. It was one of those evenings, when I struggled to get on the radio.

29th- The PSNP met to vote on 3 new priorities for the last quarter of the year. The new priorities are:
1) Anti Social Behaviour – Tesco Express (Carpenters Down)
2) Drugs issues (Pitcairn Close)
3) ASB (Shakespeare Road)
After the PSNP meeting I crewed up with PC Mark Gallagher to patrol the south of Basingstoke for Operation Nemesis.

30th- PC Gallagher and I arrested two people on suspicion of wounding with intent. Basingstoke CID are currently dealing with the handover. A great month for the team.

Approximately 6 months ago, a resident from Speckled Wood Road expressed an interest to the Police, in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Although it is not necessary to set up a scheme with the Police, we are happy to help out. The whole estate was letter dropped with details of NHW and 12 of the 47 addresses have now shown an interest. I have once again letter dropped the whole estate, inviting them to a potential NHW set up meeting. Ideally more than 12 residents will wish to join and there should be a scheme coordinator and a deputy. The meeting will take place at the Popley Field Community Centre on the 1st of September 2011 from 19:00 hours till 20:00 hours. Popley currently has one NHW scheme, and that is “Austen Court NHW” scheme in Priestley Road. Attempts by the local Police team, in the past, have failed to generate enough interest to set up more schemes. This was true of Chineham Park Court, where initial interest in the scheme, soon fizzled out. I am hopeful that we can get a scheme up and running in Speckled Wood Road. Watch this space for updates.

01/09/2011 *Update* the meeting went great tonight. Lovely to meet nice residents. I hope Speckled Wood NHW will be very successful. We now have 28/47 residents signed up. This is more than the 50% ideal. In addition two chaps have stepped forward to be the schemes coordinator and deputy. They have both been checked against the PNC and are suitable for the roles. I look forward to working with them in the future. They have also promised me I will be invited to any street partied they arrange.

02/09/2011 *Update* Inspector Winter has signed up the relevant NHW paperwork. Once I return from annual leave I will get in touch with residents and complete the rest of the required paperwork etc.
21/09/2011 *Update* I forwarded all paperwork to Bob Hills NHW Chairman. Once Bob gets the information, he should then issue the scheme with a number. Once the scheme is up, the signs will be ordered.
20/10/2011 I have sent another email to Bob Hills for an update.
24/10/2011: Update received. The scheme has been accepted. Signs have been ordered.