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Marnel Park, parking Issues

Posted: August 16, 2012 in parking

This parking blog is now closed. All future updates will be on the police system. Please read below though for my views.

Since Marnel Park was built there have been parking issues. There are 1. something car spaces, per address, with many residents owning 2 or more cars. The residents are also, obviously, visited by friends and family, in their cars. Unfortunately this means that there will be residents/visitors, forced to park on the streets… Except, the residents are choosing to park on the pavements rather than the streets. For the record, nobody has been given permission to park on the pavements.
At times, in the evenings, I have counted up to 50 vehicles parked on pavements, and near to junctions and parallel parked, etc. In my opinion, due to the design of the estate and lack of parking provisions, residents/visitors are parking on pavements. Of course there will always be some residents who have the means to park in/on a parking space, but choose to park lazily. I am told that having fewer parking spaces is meant to encourage people to lift share, catch a bus, or have fewer cars. I will leave it for you to decide if that is a good move. *June 2014: There have been 4 reported traffic accidents in Marnel Park in three years. None of the accidents involved pedestrians, and no one was injured.

We have received many complaints about Marnel Park, and the parking situation via twitter, Facebook, email and word of mouth. In-fact, a disproportionate amount of complaints. I say this as when compared to what is going on in other areas of Popley, Marnel Park enjoys less crime, and less issues.
Last year, after many complaints, I delivered letters to residents requesting sensible parking.
I have issued a number of £30 fixed penalty tickets to vehicle owners, who in my opinion have parked dangerously. Many badly parked vehicles appear to belong to visitors. I have also conducted several call ons to car owners addresses, to ask them to park more considerately. I have had a number of emails from residents asking why I can’t just issue tickets to all residents parked on pavements etc. This is not possible for a number of reasons. I will highlight a few:

1) The residents are parking on the pavements to keep the road clear, and to allow access to other vehicles, including fire engines and other emergency vehicles. Until the roads are adopted and yellow lines are down, this will continue.

2) Although Popley has a Safer Neighbourhood Team, I am the only officer within the team with the power to issue parking tickets. Police Community Support Officers, and Community Safety Patrolling Officers, cannot. I simply cannot afford to spend large amounts of time issuing tickets and calling on residents to park more sensibly. Popley is one of the busiest beat areas in Basingstoke, and crime, and ASB issues must take priority. I am a police officer after all, and not a traffic warden.

I keep a regular online diary of my work on the PSNP WEBSITE. Although I do drink a lot of tea, I am also a busy crime fighter.

What can you do as a resident to help?

Please be more considerate with your parking.

I would encourage neighbours to communicate with each other. This is happening more and more on the ‘Marnel and Merton Community Group’ Facebook page.

I am also aware that residents have started to speak to each other, and offer advice, about bad parking. This is great news.

The future from my perspective:

When possible, I will continue to patrol Marnel Park, and when I deem it is necessary, and proportionate, I will issue fixed penalty notices, or offer advice.

I am always open to suggestions, and new ideas, about solving long term community issues. If you would like to have your say about the issues that matter to you, then let me know: My email address is:

Tickets/warnings I have issued in Marnel Park and other news:

21st- Parking advice leaflet created. This will distributed in various ways.

New advice leaflet left on vehicle in Englefield Way. Not a local.

Leaflet drop to 112-121 Appleton Drive following complaints.

20th of June 2014: Advice/Warning given in Appleton Drive and Kew Close.

15th of June 2014: Gazette article about things people like to moan about in Basingstoke. 5 and 8 are Popley classics.

13th of June 2014: Advice/Warning given in Appleton Drive.

10th of June 2014: Advice/Warning given in Ilsley Road.

9th of June 2014: I issued 3 warnings plus gave advise in Appleton Drive and Carter Drive.

30th of May 2014: Verbal warning/advice given to a car owner who had parked across a public crossing. (Appleton Drive)

18th of May 2014: Verbal warning to driver on Penton Way (Parked on the junction)

17th of May 2014: Patrols of Marnel Park to identify bad parking.

6th of May 2014: Vehicle owner advised ref parking complaint in Appleton Drive.

30th of April 2014: Vehicle owner advised ref poor parking on Hewett Road.

5th of March 2014: Vehicle owner advised ref poor parking on Penton Way.

4th of March 2014: Parking news from the Gazette, Popley mentioned: (Gazette Article)

1st of March 2014: The Marnel and Merton community group posted on Facebook, reference a badly parked vehicle. I attended the area but saw that the vehicle had moved. I called on approx 10 addresses but couldn’t locate the driver. I have left a note for the driver to contact me. Later I spoke to the vehicle owner and gave words of advice.

7th of February 2014: I crewed up with Inspector Maginnis for a patrol of Marnel Park. The parking seemed sensible on the night. Whilst in Marnel Park, I located a male smoking cannabis. The male was issued with a ‘Community Resolution’.

10th of Jan 2014: Interesting parking news from the BBC: parking enforcement news

25th of November 2013: Verbal warning issued to a vehicle owner in Illsley Road for parking on a public crossing.

Oct 2013. I have heard that double yellow lines are planned for Marnel Park in early 2014.

12th of August 2013: Verbal warning issued to driver partially blocking a pedestrian crossing.

29th of July 2013: Verbal warning issued to a vehicle owner who had parked across a pedestrian crossing facing Hewitt Rd..

25th of July 2013: Verbal warning issued to a vehicle owner who had parked on a dangerous bend.. Barrington Drive/Cleeve Road.

19th of July 2013: Verbal warning to a vehicle owner who had parked partially on a public crossing. (Appleton Drive)

8th of July 2013: £30 FPN unnecessary obstruction (Appleton Drive)

21st of Nov 2012: £30 FPN unnecessary obstruction (Barrington Drive)

19th of Nov 2012: £30 FPN unnecessary obstruction (Barrington Drive)

8th of Sept 2012: £30 FPN unnecessary obstruction. (Ilsley Road)

16th of August 2012, I attended a multi agency meeting along with representatives of Traffic Management, road adoptions, and the highways team from Hampshire County Council. We met at the roundabout off of Barrington Drive, then did a walkabout around the estate. It is possible that from this meeting, measures will be drawn up for yellow lines at some point in the future but that is not a definite. Also mentioned was a possible survey to see who owns what driveway and if the driveway is used appropriately. I will update you further when I receive further information. During the walkabout I pointed out the areas of concern from a police perspective. A representative of David Wilson Homes was invited to the meeting but didn’t turn up.

27th of July 2012: £30 FPN unnecessary obstruction. (Barrington Drive)

22nd of July 2012: £30 FPN unnecessary obstruction. (Barrington Drive)

Examples of badly parked vehicles in Marnel Park: