The September Bulletin 2015 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

1st- Whilst patrolling the town centre, I located a male whom was wanted for two thefts, and a burglary in Birmingham. I arrested the male. *Update* The male was charged with the shoplifting offences. Police from Birmingham collected the male, in order to interview him, for the burglary allegation.

In other news: Travellers have moved on to Shetland Road. The travellers were given a notice to leave by the police.

Nearby in the underpass, human excrement is strewn across the path. I have updated the council. (Fix my street)

3rd- I had a very busy day. In the morning, I arrested a male on suspicion of theft from Asda. *Update* The male was charged and remanded to attend court.

Later, I reported a male for theft from Tesco Express, Popley. The male had allegedly stolen, 24 cans of lager, whilst drunk! The cans would have cost £30.
*Update* The male received fines totalling over £300!

Even later, I arrested a male on Church Street on suspicion of theft, and criminal damage. *Update* The male was charged and remanded for court.

4th- Overnight, the travellers moved, from Shetland Road, to Chineham Park. The travellers were moved on again today.
Later I arrested a male on New Road for possession of cannabis.
*Update* The male was charged, and he will attend court in due course. You may be thinking that is harsh for a small mount of cannabis, however, due to the males age, and repeated drugs use, it is necessary.

7th- Whilst out on patrol in Oakridge, I located a male on Vivian Road with cannabis. I had previously issued the male with a cannabis caution. This time the male received a £90 fixed penalty.

Later, I arrested a male, on warrant, in the ‘War Memorial Park,’ for failing to attend Winchester Crown Court. The male will attend court in the morning.

8th- I arrested a male, on Shakespeare Road, for possession of cannabis. The male was charged and bailed to court.

9th- I took part in a drugs warrant in Flaxfield Road. I issued one male with a cannabis caution.

In other news: A new parking leaflet has been created to reduce parking issues.

12th- I located a Youth in the ‘Holy Ghost Cemetery’ rolling a cannabis joint… as you do!
The boy was issued with a ‘Youth Community Resolution’.

13th- I crewed with PCSO Bex Mason for part of the day. Bex has been tackling poor parking issues in Warton Road. I issued one resident with a fixed penalty notice for parking on the pavement. I had previously warned the resident about parking in that location. Bex issued one of the new parking advice leaflets to a second car parked on the pavement.

14th- Cannabis seized in Glebe Gardens. Two males verbally warned.

18th- I issued a male, with a cannabis street warning, in Church Street.


19th- I took part in ‘night time economy’ patrols in the town centre. I arrested a male on suspicion of sexual touching and breach of bail. The male was charged with several offences and remanded.

20th- Early in the morning, I arrested a male for breaching a dispersal order, and for being drunk and disorderley. The male received an adult caution.

In the afternoon, I issued a parking leaflet, to a vehicle parked on the path, in Warton Road.

In the evening, on New Road, I arrested a female on suspicion of theft, and drugs offences. The female was charged for theft, and for attempt possession of a class C drug. The female was remanded. Pictured is a rap of Subutex, an opiate.
*Update* The female received a two weeks prison sentence.

23rd- A very quiet day of sunshine patrols.

I did report an abandoned bike to the council (The Report)

24th- I had a strange old day today! I spent hours searching for a wanted male, I seized a bike, I issued a £90 fixed penalty for possession of cannabis in the War Memorial Park, and last job of the night was arresting a male, in the town centre, on suspicion of assault, section 4 public order, threats to kill and threats to commit criminal damage!!


25th- I arrested a male on, Houndsmill Roundabout, on suspicion of breaching his bail conditions.

28th- I arrested a male on suspicion of rape. The job was handed to CID to investigate.

29th- I arrested a male on Church Street for breaching one of his bail conditions.

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