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1st- Read all about New Years Eve into the 1st of January 2012 in my new (Beat Blog 7)

5th- First day back for me in the new year. I still had a load of emails to wade through. Was I the only one with time off!!? I started the day with an energetic cycle into Popley. (The wind and rain was uncalled for) I had promised to attend the Melrose Community Hall coffee morning for 10 am. After a good chin wag, and putting the world to rights over parking issues, I patrolled Marnel Park. All was quiet. I then took a statement in relation to the arrest I had made, just after New Years Eve. Later I met with Education Welfare Officer, Caroline Hams, up at Everest Community Academy. Caroline handed me some cannabis seized from a boy in the school. I booked the drug in for destruction. Even later, I contemporaneously interviewed a boy in Popley, and then I completed a Narey file. A Narey file is also know as a first hearing file. Just enough evidence to convict, if the suspect pleads guilty. If the suspect denies the offence, then the file may be upgraded to a full file. A busy day, and not the gentle transition I had imagined, coming from 4 days off. Oh well, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

In other news: I’m trying to cut down on caffeine. I have stocked up with gross tasting mint tea, to kick start my healthy year! (Maybe)

6th- I met with Peter Trafford, of Sentinel Housing, on Selby Walk today. Pete had asked me to attend an address, to keep the peace, during an eviction. (Photo). All went well and the house was boarded up by “mitie” acting on behalf of Sentinel Housing. PC Karen Binney and CSPO Dan White had also attended to offer support. The bailiffs were professional and calm. When I think of bailiffs, Grant and Phil Mitchell, wearing black leather jackets, spring to mind! It wasn’t like that today. The local beat team have been working closely with the residents, Sentinel Housing, and other agencies, in the run-up to the eviction. I have spoken to a number or residents in the area since the eviction to provide reassurance.

In other news: There have been a number of reports of drugs misuse in Longbourne Place, Priestley Rd. I am conducting on-going work, along with Sentinel Housing, to resolve these issues. Any info, please call 101.

7th- My first job of the day was, to locate two boys with a suspected firearm. I located the boys near Everest Community College. The gun was an “Air Soft” type. These fire white plastic pellets. Apart from the orange coloured barrel, a pretty realistic looking imitation firearm! The boys didn’t cause harm and were just being boys, however, they are not allowed to have such a thing in public for obvious reasons. I spoke to the mother of the gun slinger and she was fully supportive. I don’t think we will see a repeat incident.

In other news: boys have been playing knock and run at the vicarage on Pershore Road, as well as being verbally abusive. The joke has worn thin now. Several boys are to be warned and if continued, formal action will be taken.

I was at the Popley Fields Community Centre, at 12 am, for the monthly beat surgery. Only one person tuned up, however, we did have a good chat. This year, you may see, online beat surgeries! Watch this space.

8th- The all beats hotspot challenge: (Beat Blog 8)

11th- PC Miriam King, attended Basingstoke Station to visit me. ‘Mims’ is a lovely lady from the rural beat just outside of Basingstoke. Part of her patch ‘Sherborne St John’ comes into Popley (Oxford Way end) I will be training Mims up on twitter shortly. There had been recent ASB reports, which we needed to discuss. later I cycled out into Popley with PCSO Peter Windust, of the Oakridge SNT. There has been a number of arsons, mainly to bins, in Popley East. We patrolled all the likely areas of trouble, but it was quiet. (Fires). I attended Basingstoke fire station with PC Chris Brindley, and CSPO Dan White, to discuss the latest issues. On-going work is being done to prevent, locate, and identify those responsible.

In other news: please could you take a look at this (Survey) in relation to the new (Crime Reports) website.

I was also invited to the Marnel and Merton community group, monthly meeting. New ties have been made, and our groups will assist each other in the future.

PC Rich Heard has secured more dates for Operation Slipstream in the town centre. I have volunteered for quite a few. More live tweeting from the town centre no doubt!

12th- A number of north and south team, Safer Neighbourhood Officers, took part in a warrant today. I lead the Operation to recover stolen items in Popley East. I arrested a male on suspicion of handling stolen goods. The male has been bailed for further evidence. I will update you more when I can. I might even blog it!

Later I attended the PSNP meeting at the Popley Fields Community centre. The meeting was well attended, and it was great to see some new faces.
The PSNP voted the following new priorities in: 1) Arson in Popley 2) ASB is Sark Way and Tortuga Walk 3) Drug misuse in Pitcairn Close. The last priority is a continuation from the last quarter.

In other news: As I was just finishing work, I heard reports of ASB on the radio. The ASB was in the Marnel Park area. We have recently referred a youth for an ABC after several reports of ASB in the area. I will do some follow up work tomorrow to see if we have any offences I can deal with.
I had raised the area as an issue for the PSNP but it wasn’t voted in. That’s not to say we won’t be working in the area. I intend to be very robust with offenders in the Marnel Park area. I think the residents have had quite enough!

13th- I came in to work a bit early to complete some paperwork. I completed the minutes of last nights PSNP meeting.

Later I took a statement from an aggrieved in Marnel Park, following from an ASB issue in the estate. Further work is to be carried out.

It was very cold out and about, subsequently there were very few people out.

In other news: PCSO Tarren Porter, and I, attended the Popley Fields Community Centre for the Mencap youth club. (PCSO Porter pictured with some of the youths) (DJ Workshop link)

15th- Today I was invited to a meeting/cake session with the lovely folk of the Marnel and Merton Community Group (Lovely cupcake)

16th- Today was a very cold day! (Frosty photo)

I attended an address in Abbey Road to take a burglary report. The incident occurred at 07:00 hours this morning. Items stolen included a black kindle e-reader and a black, nokia mobile phone. Some of the stolen items were located near the bridge that leads to Oakridge. As a coincidence, the same location as I had taken the “Frosty photo” prior to attending the address. If you have any information about the incident then please get in touch on 101.

17th- I crewed up with PCSO’s, Tarren Porter, and Pete Windust today. We patrolled Oakridge and Popley. A very quite, and cold day today. A member of public tweeted about an abandoned car on Marl’s Lane. (Photo).

In other news: CSPO Paul Bowman located another arson behind the free running site on Carpenters Down. (Photo).

18th- I assisted PC Ian Hoile today with his new “Rooksdown Safer Neighbourhood Panel” (RSNP Website)

19th- I patrolled all the hotspot areas today. I located a male smoking cannabis outside the shops on Madeira Close. The male was eligible for a cannabis street warning.

I member of public reported a burnt out motorbike (Info on twitter) The bike had been stolen and burnt out.

In other news. I took an ASB4 report from a resident who has been at the receiving end of a number of anti-social behaviour incidents. There may be further work to conduct to ensure the residents safety.

20th- I attended Marnel Park after reports
of rowdy behaviour. Several youths were warned. Popley was quiet apart from that.

In other news: Later I took part In Op Slipstream in the town centre.

21st- At 3am I arrested a female in the town centre, after she was found to be breaching her bail conditions. I didn’t finish work until 06:00 hours. A draining 15 hour shift!

In other news: I assisted other officers and CSPO’s with a large disorder incident in Bourdillon Gardens, in Popley East. A male teen had organised a birthday party via Facebook. Well over 100 people turned up at the address. The youths were dispersed.

22nd- I took part in Operation Slipstream again. I arrested a male in Wote street, whom had been found in possession of herbal cannabis.

23rd- This morning, I arrested a girl, after a series of ASB incidents in Marnel Park. The girl received a “Youth Restorative Disposal”

25th- I took part in Operation Nemesis today with other members of the team. The theme of the night was drugs. I arrested a male in Oakridge, on suspicion of possession of cannabis, with intent to supply.

In other news: I conducted patrols in Popley but all was quiet.

26th- unfortunately, there were several burglaries in Popley, and Oakridge overnight. One in Pitcairn Close and another in Abbey Road. We are being extra vigilant, and are conducting operations, to catch the offenders.

27th- Op Slipstream weekend started again. The town was very quiet.

In other news: Patrols were conducted in the Popley hotspots but all seemed in order.

28th- A very busy night for the #FedsOnPeds I made an arrest in Oakridge of a male who had a large amount of cannabis on him.