The December Bulletin 2015 – PC Dan Carter Reports:

Posted: December 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

5th- I issued a male with a cannabis street warning in Cross Street.


6th- Cannabis warning issued to male in New Road.

11th- Cannabis caution issued in Alencon Link.

And a photo of some of our team in the town centre. We are on patrols this weekend to keep folk safe and prevent troubles.


12th- I arrested a drunk and abusive male at the bus station. The male had allegedly made threats to kill a bus driver. The case is currently being investigated and the suspect is on bail.

13th- I arrested a male, in Deep Lane, on suspicion of going equipped for burglary and theft. *Update* The male was charged and remanded for court. *Further update* The male has been remanded, to prison, and he is awaiting his trial for various offences.

17th- I arrested a male for being drunk and disorderly on London Street. I’ve never been sworn at so many times in 20 seconds!! The male received an adult caution after he sobered up. The incident had come about after I had seized a bottle of whisky from the male.

18th- I arrested a male in Festival Place on suspicion of burglary. Updates to follow.

Then I issued a male with a cannabis caution near Eastrop Roundabout.

Later I arrested a male at the bus station on suspicious of possession of class A drugs.

In other news: I assisted PC Aiden Blackwell with several arrests for thefts of meat and alcohol. The gazette has printed a related news article: Food theft story


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