The December Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

1st- I located a male in Houndmills Road with cannabis. My colleague thinks I should have been a sniffer dog! The male received a cannabis street warning.

Later, PC Rich Harrison, and I, assisted in Woolverton with a missing person. An elderly female was reported missing in the woods. Rich and I joined an officer, and his dog, from the ‘Hampshire search and rescue team’. At the time Rich and I finished, at 04:00 hours, the female was still missing. *update* The female was found, safe,
in the woods, this morning. (2/12/2014)

4th- The post office on Priestley Road intercepted a strange smelling parcel. You guessed it.. Weed! or cannabis as I call it. I am currently investigating this. *Update* I later interviewed a suspect, but he was released without charge.

5th- I attended a meeting with the PSNP deputy Chair (Terry Jones) Terry currently has a visitor staying with him from overseas. Ira is a teacher from Minsk. Ira and I discussed the differences between policing in the UK and in Minsk. We had an interesting chat.

Much later whilst patrolling Popley, I became involved in a job off of Tortuga Walk. 3 males were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences and thefts of peddle cycles. I will update more when I can. *Update* Three males are currently on bail.

This bike was seized and suspected to be stolen. Is this your bike? Call 101 and leave a message for me.

11th- I assisted with a drugs job off patch. Cannabis was smelt coming from an address in Wiltshire Cresent. Two people were arrested but later de-arrested. A female was given an £90 fixed penalty notice for possession of cannabis.

Later I was back on the beat. I arrested a male on John Hunt Drive on suspicion of theft of a push bike. I also arrested the male on suspicion of possession of class A drugs. The drugs were later tested and found to be heroin. I completed a prisoner handover as I was late off.
*Update* The male was charged and remanded.

12th- I assisted shift with a male detained under a European arrest warrant. The male had attempted to run from police and had possibly broken his foot. I looked after the prisoner at NHH whilst he received Xrays and triage.

13th- Taxi Driver robbed in Popley

16th- I arrested a male, in Oakridge, for failing to return on bail. The male was charged with 6 theft offences.

I reported an abandoned caravan, in Falkland Road, to the council via Fix My Street

17th- I arrested a male, in Popley, on suspicion of theft of a peddle cycle. The job was handed over, to District CID, to interview the male. I will update more tomorrow.

22nd- It was quiet in Popley so I patrolled other areas. I located a child rolling a cannabis joint in Glebe gardens. One, pretty upset mum, updated. The female will receive a ‘Youth Community Resolution’. The female will also be required to undertake prevention work.

In other news: Do you want crime and community alerts, with local info, emailed to you or sent to you via text? Have a think about joining Hampshire Alerts.

24th- I assisted with the arrest of a male, in Brighton Hill, on suspicion of handling stolen goods. The male also disclaimed a set of knuckle dusters. There is no need for these in civilised society.

27th- I hope you all had a nice Xmas. My first day back after the feasting. I issued a male with a £90 fixed penalty for possession of cannabis in Oakridge.

Later, I arrested a male, in the War Memorial Park’ on suspicion of possession of class A drugs. It turned out that the drugs were in fact illegal class C drugs.
The male was already on bail for drugs offences. The male was charged with the new offence, and bailed to court.

28th- PC Rich Harrison and I crewed up. We arrested a male, on warrant, in Oakridge. After some fun and games we had eventually located the male in his loft. It was rather chilly up there!

Have a Happy New Year.. See you in 2015.


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