The November Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

1st- I took a statement from a victim, in John Hunt Drive, tonight. The poor chap has had trees stolen from his front lawn. After the second time, the victim installed CCTV. The third theft was captured on CCTV. The suspect male is described as white and aged 50 to 65 with a slim build. The suspect wore a flat cap and a coat with buttons at the front. The suspect also had a dog with him. Do you recognise the male? Please call 101, or crime stoppers, if you do. Quote reference: 44140382626.

2nd- I patrolled Marnel Park, and the roads in and around John Hunt Drive, late last night. I am hoping to locate the dog walker as reported yesterday. I patrolled the same areas again tonight, but so far, I haven’t located the male. *Update* A name was put forward as a suspect, however, the male has now been eliminated from the investigation.

In other news: I continue to patrol Marnel Park in relation to the parking issues. Appropriate action has been taken as necessary.

Other jobs include.. A male lost in Popley, and returned home near the town centre, drug searches in Popley Way, and neighbour dispute enquiries. A pretty standard Sunday.

There have been a number of vehicles, broken in to recently, in the area of Marnel Park. There has been 12 theft from vehicle reports, in Popley, in the last month. Please remain vigilant, and remove all valuables from your car.

3rd- Whilst on route to Popley, I came across two crashed cars on Churchill Way. Luckily nobody was hurt.

Later, I took a criminal damage report, in Abbey Road. A male had intentionally kicked a ball at a house causing a wall tile to smash.

Even later, I assisted with a concern for welfare, at an address near the town centre. We had concerns that a person inside the address was unwell. I gained entry to the property with the enforcer. (Also known as the big red key) The occupant was escorted to hospital by the ambulance service.

5th- I ordered some new business cards today. I was running out of ink writing my email address!

6th- I attended Training Headquarters in Netley today. I received training in relation to the future of ‘Neighbourhood Policing’. There are some interesting changes coming from April 2015. From then we will be known as the ‘Neighbourhood Policing Team’. I will give you more information nearer the time.

9th- I took part in the town centre ‘Remembrance Parade’ A very good turn out. Lots of due respect shown.

Later, I attended Falkland Road. Neighbours reported that several vehicles in the street had been damaged, by fireworks. This had occurred last night. I will be speaking to those resposible to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

12th- Travellers are currently on the green area between Carpenters Down, and Maldive Road. This is now council land. The council have given the travellers notice to leave the site, by noon, on Friday the 14th of November 2014.

14th- A silver bike and a scooter have been recovered in Popley and are possibly stolen. Any info please call tel: 101. Quote reference number: 44140405085.

In other news: The travellers have failed to vacate the site off of Carpenters Down. Tonight, I along with other officers, have issued the travellers with a section 61 warning (Criminal justice and public order act 1994)

Whilst in the area, I investigated reports of excrement, and tissue paper, in the underpass leading to Crockford Lane. I have reported this to the council: ‘The Report’

17th- In the news: Popley male banned from driving

18th- I took part in a drugs warrant, today, in Oakridge. I arrested a male on suspicion of breach of bail. The male will attend court today.

In other news: A male was arrested in Melrose Walk, on suspicion of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply. The male was charged, and remanded, for court in the morning.

Sgt Carl Holmes, is pictured with a bag of Class A drugs, seized from the male.

24th- Whilst patrolling Abbey Road, I located a male with two bags of white crystal like powder. The male attempted to swallow one of the bags of drugs. The male was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs. The male was later cautioned for possession of class B drugs.

26th- Young girl hit by car in Popley.

28th- Tonight, I joined other ‘Safer Neighbourhood Officers’ to take part in a warrant in Oakridge. The team lead by Sgt Carl Holmes, recovered a stolen bike. PC Jim Charlton arrested a male and he was later charged with theft.

I also issued a male with a cannabis street caution in Oakridge:

29th- I located a male in Phoenix Park Terrace with cannabis. The male had previously received a cannabis street caution. I issued a £90 fixed penalty notice.

30th- I issued a fixed penalty in Penton Way. A vehicle had been parked on a public crossing. The vehicle owner had been warned previously.


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