The October Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

1st- I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison for patrols of Popley, Oakridge and Kempshot. I issued a male with a cannabis street caution, for smoking cannabis, in Tweedsmuir Close. A very friendly chap! I almost felt guilty seizing his spliff, and grinder.

4th- Whilst patrolling Abbey Road, I located a familiar smell emanating from a male. I issued the male with a cannabis street caution.

11st- I obtained a statement in relation to thefts from the One Stop on Shakespeare Road. Suspect known.. Arrest to follow. *Update* A female was arrested, charged, and remanded for these offences and more!

12th- I obtained a statement from a taxi driver in Pershore Road after his taxi was broken in to overnight. Possible lines of enquiry. Update to follow.

15th- District Commander Simon Dodds, and I, patrolled Marnel Park today. I explained the parking issues, to my boss, as I see them.

Later I took a statement from a lady in Timor Close. For some unknown reason a person had thrown a mug through her cars rear window. I have seized fragments of the mug for fingerprint checks. I will update you on the investigation when I can.

Even later I chaired the, Popley Safer Neighbourhood Panel, quarterly meeting. It has been agreed that drugs issues will continue to be a priority. The other priority will be ASB, drugs misuse, harassment and ball games in Abbey Road. The area of greatest concern is outside the Melrose Community Centre.

16th- I located a male on Chaucer Close with cannabis. The male was issued with a £90 fixed penalty notice.
The same male was also riding a moped without insurance or indeed a driving licence. A hefty fine and one seized scooter…

17th- Whilst on routine evening patrols, in Tasmania Close, I spoke to a female who appeared under the influence of drugs. The female had a crack pipe, in her possession, and traces of cocaine on a wrap. The female was issued with a verbal warning.
Even later, I located a male, in Bermuda Close, with a rather large bag of cannabis. The male informed me that he had just paid £100 for the stash! The male was issued with a cannabis street warning.

20th- I attended Alton Maltings center for refresher training today. The training included human trafficking, and body worn video.

21st- Today was out of the norm! I attended Microsoft head office, in Reading. I took part in a kind of ‘think tank’. The topic was possible future tech for frontline officers. You may be aware that I am a gadget geek, so I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thanks to Microsoft for the hospitality, knowledge, and lovely food!

22nd- I arrested a female, in the town centre, for breaching her bail conditions. The female had originally been arrested for assault. The female will spend the night at the station, and she will attend court in the morning.

23rd- I was patrolling solo today. I patrolled some known, drug misuse, hot spot, areas. I located a female with cannabis in Glebe gardens. The female had previously received a cannabis caution last year. I issued the female with a £90 fixed penalty notice.

27th- PC Rich Harrison, and I, crewed up for patrols today. We must have patrolled 20 miles today across several best areas.

28th- I took part in a warrant out of Basingstoke today. I started at 04:00 hours!

29th- I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison again today. We dealt with a dangerous dog report in Popley, a concern for welfare in Cliddesden, and a concern for welfare in Popley. Later we assisted with an area search, in Rooksdown, for a missing person. We didn’t find the missing chap but I did find a male smoking cannabis in Park Prewett Road. The male had already received a cannabis caution last year. This time around I issued the unhappy fellow with a £90 fixed penalty notice.


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