The September Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

1st- This year is flying by for me. Today was my first day back after rest days. I was on a scene guard, out of Basingstoke, for the duration of my duty. Itv news report

Lukily Luke was found during my duty.

2nd- I took part in a drugs operation ‘with other ‘Safer Neighbourhood Officers’ in the Basingstoke area.

5th- I crewed up with PC Jim Charlton to patrol Chineham, and Popley. A quiet evening!

6th- I conducted hi vis ‘re-assurance patrols in Calshot and surrounding areas. Op Biscotti

7th- I crewed with PC Rich Harrison for some late patrols. We were called to attend several beats for various issues.

I arrested a male in Oakridge on suspicion of a ‘breach of non-molestation order’. The male was intoxicated so I completed a handover for an officer to interview him in the morning.

8th- I was on bedwatch, in Aldershot, for the duration of my duty.

9th and 10th rest days.

11th- I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison to patrol Popley. I took a theft report from the Tesco Express on Carpenters Down. On exiting the store I soon bumped in to the suspect. On seeing me, the suspect ran through gardens in Pitcairn Close. The male even cheekily ran through a residents house to evade me! PC Harrison, and I, eventually caught up with the male in Carpenters Down woods after an exciting cycle Chase. I arrested the male on suspicion of two shoplifting offences. The job was handed to District CID to investigate further.

12th- PC Rich Harrsion and I patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Hatchwarren.

13th- I gathered further evidence of begging outside the shops on Shakespeare Road.

In the afternoon, PC Rich Harrison and I were involved with a scene guard in Popley.

17th- I spent a very interesting morning patrolling Popley with delegates from Botswana, and the United Emirates. These high ranking officers are in the country, for two months, learning about British policing.

23rd- I spent the morning in Basingstoke Magistrates Court. I had added a criminal damage case to a male that had attended court in relation to several shop lifting offences. The male admitted all offences, and he was bailed for a pre-sentence report from probation.

Later, I issued a female with a cannabis street caution on Eastrop Lane.


25th- I located another male on Eastrop Lane smoking cannabis today. This is a bit daft, just around the corner from the police station. The male received a cannabis caution.

For the remainder of my duty, PC Rich Harrison and I looked after a suspect in A&E.

29th- I had a pretty interesting day today. I arrested a male on suspicion of breach of ASBO. later I arrested a male on suspicion of two thefts from Toys R Us. I handed both jobs over to District CID. I have statements coming out of my ears!


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