The August Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

4th- I arrested a male, in the Oakridge area, on suspicion of theft of meat. The job was handed to district CID.

5th- I arrested a male in the town centre for possession of class A drugs. The drugs were tested and found to be cocaine. Later the male was charged and remanded.

6th- I arrested a male in Church Hill Way West, on suspicion of drugs offences. The drugs were tested and proved positive for amphetamine. The male was charged and bailed to court.

9th- I crewed with PC Rich Harrison, as I often do, to patrol Popley. I located a male in Shetland Road smoking cannabis. The 17 year old male was issued with a ‘Youth Community Resolution’. Three bottles of whisky were also returned to his mother!

15th- I took a criminal damage report where a male had allegedly kicked The door off a bin shed in Shetland Road. I have some leads on the culprit!

15th- I arrested a male on suspicion of ‘conspiracy to commit a public nuisance’ That’s a first for me! Later I would further arrest the male on suspicion of possession of drugs.

16th and 17th- I along with SNT Sgt, Carl Holmes, took part in an operation with CID. I can’t tell you anymore! 😉

20th- I spent the majority of my duty looking after a male that had possibly swallowed, or plugged, drugs.

21st- I took part in a drugs operation, in Southampton, for the entirety of my duty.

22nd- Whilst on patrol with Sgt Carl Holmes, I arrested a youth in Shakespeare Road, for possession of cannabis. The male was later charged and bailed to court.

27th- I issued a youth with a ‘Youth Community Resolution’ for a criminal damage offence in Popley.

I also issued a £30 fixed penalty notice in Marnel Park for an unnecessary obstruction.


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