The June Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

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2nd- It was my first day back this month and Popley was quiet. Thus I patrolled other areas including Oakridge and Glebe Gardens. I located a male in suspicious circumstances in Glebe Gardens. I searched the male and located a deal bag containing cocaine.


I arrested the male and he was later cautioned.

3rd- I arrested a male in town on suspicion of GBH. I have handed the job over to CID to continue the investigation. The male has been bailed for further enquires.

In other news: PCSO Addison Maker is back in Popley. I’m glad to have him back on the team.


Later I decided to search the town centre for a wanted male. I saw the male, and arrested him on suspicion of criminal damage. I handed the job to CID to continue with the investigation. The male was later charged and bailed to court.

4th- Whilst patrolling Pershore Road, I spoke to a male who appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs. I searched the male and I located a deal bag containing white powder. I also seized 8 blue tablets suspected to be Valium. I arrested the male on suspicion of possession of class A and class C drugs. Late off again. TPT kindly accepted the handover. The male was charged, with possession of a class B drug, in the end.

5th- Today I arrested a male, in Goat Lane, on suspicion of breaching his ASBO conditions.

I further arrested the male on suspicion of damaging my cuffs! 10 years of faithful service. 😭 I have ordered a new pair.


I have handed the jobs over to district CID. Thanks once again to them. Update* The male was charged with breach of ASBO, theft and criminal damage.

7th- My life isn’t all about police work!
I attended Families day at police headquarters today. Good fun.


I also met this Safer Neighbourhoods Officer. He must have been from a rural beat as we have the upgraded bikes in Basingstoke!


9th- I verbally warned and educated 3 vehicle owners ref bad parking in Marnel Park. (Marnel Park Parking Blog)

Later I assisted Sentinel Housing with an eviction in Pershore Rd. The address has been linked to drugs and ASB and has now been closed down.
The address was in a poor state with a number of broken windows.


In other news: I issued a female with a cannabis street caution in Oakridge. PCSO Rich Green had initially located the female enjoying a summer puff!

11th- I arrested a male in Marnel Park on suspicion of burglary. Later I further arrested the male on suspicion of handling stolen goods. Do you know who owns this bike? Call me on tel 101.


14th- I arrested a male in Milton Close on suspicion of possession of a monster cannabis spliff. The male was later charged. The male will attend court next month.


15th- I arrested a male in Council Road on suspicion of theft. As Basingstoke custody is currently closed, the male was taken to Aldershot custody.
The male will be interviewed tomorrow. The male was bailed for further evidence gathering.

17th- Popley news from the Gazette: Two men wanted

Man arrested in flat.

19th- I took part in an operation in the morning. I arrested a male on suspicion of indecent assault.

Later I patrolled Popley.

I issued a male with a cannabis caution in Melrose Walk. I also issued a £90 fixed penalty to a male on Carpenters down. The male was smoking cannabis.


20th- In the morning I patrolled Marnel Park as I often do. Two vehicle owners were advised about their parking.

I had a much more productive afternoon taking part in a warrant. I recovered suspected stolen items.

The highlight of my day was Sgt Carl Holmes buying me an ice lolly!


21st- This morning I crewed with my good buddy PC Rich Harrison. Rich arrested a violent offender, and the male was recalled to prison.

Later I arrested a male on London Rd on suspicion of breaching his ASBO.

24th- I took part in a plain clothes operation today. My crew mate for a very short time was PC Jim Charlton. After only 15 minutes of patrolling we found a male in Oakridge, with a baseball bat down his trousers! PC Charlton arrested the male on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

Later I stop checked 3 male in the town centre after they had been smoking cannabis. One male attempted to run but was soon captured. The male will receive a ‘Youth Restorative Disposal’ in due course.


Even later I took part in a drugs warrant where two were arrested.

27th- Enjoying a nice trip to Brno, Czech with my friend PCSO Taz Porter.. Soon to be PC Porter. We met one of the local police officers.


Very busy month!

Results: 10 x arrests for various offences.

2 x cannabis street cautions.

1 x £90 ticket for possession of cannabis.

1 x ‘Youth Community Resolution’ for possession of cannabis.


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