The May Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

1st- I crewed up with Sgt Carl Holmes for patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Whilst on route back to the station we cycled through Glebe Gardens. I located a male smoking a cannabis joint. I issued the male with a community resolution.


2nd- Male located with cannabis in the ‘War Memorial Park’.
PCSO Tarren Porter had located the male whilst completing an enquiry for a different job. I took over and seized the cannabis. I will issue the male with a ‘Youth Community Resolution’ at a later date.


6th- Whilst patrolling today some unsightly graffiti was spotted on the side of a property. I have reported this to the council: ‘Fix my street’


7th- Did you notice a lot of police activity in Popley today? (Here’s why)


In other news: I met the new land lady of the Popinjay today (Christine Jones). She sounds like the right sort to turn around the fortunes of the pub! The Popinjay has a new (Facebook page)

8th- Tonight I crewed up with Sgt Carl Holmes and PC Kerry Hayman. We were on plain clothes patrols in Oakridge and Popley. A number of people were stop searched. Kerry arrested a male, in Oakridge, for a fail to appear warrant.

10th- A young male was assaulted in Popley Gazette news story

Efit of suspect:


12th- Whilst patrolling Popley, I arrested a male on suspicion of possession of a knife in public. I also arrested the male on suspicion of making threats to kill. The male was charged and bailed to attend court.

13th- I took part in a work related fitness test today at Police training college (Bramshill) I passed! 😉

14th- I had issued a parking ticket In March for Unnecessary obstruction. The vehicle owner has elected to attend court.. I completed the file. I will let you know how that turns out!

16th- Whilst on patrol in Oakridge I located a stolen bike. I was able to return the bike to a happy owner.

17th- More patrols of Marnel Park today to check on the parking. I issued a verbal warning for some bad parking in Penton Way.

Later I met with Christine who is the new manager of the Popinjay. She has had a very busy start to her pub career!

Even later, I arrested a male, on suspicion of Affray, in Oakridge.

Lots of paperwork and a busy Sunday.

21st- I attended ‘coroners court’ in Alton yesterday in relation to a sudden death incident in February.

23rd- I arrested a male on suspicion of theft of a push bike and possession of cannabis. The male was charged with possession of cannabis. In relation to the bike.. The male was released without charge.

29th- I located a 14 year old, on Shakespeare Road, with cannabis. I issued the male with a ‘Youth Restorative Disposal’


30th- Whilst patrolling Marnel Park, I located a badly parked vehicle, on Appleton Drive. I gave the car owner words of advice not to park across a public crossing.



Patrols of the drug hot spots continue.

Patrols of Abbey Rd continue and there has been a reduction in criminal damage. There has also been a reduction, in youths playing football, in the no ball game area by the shops.


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