The March Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

1st- Today, in Popley, I arrested a male on suspicion of supplying cannabis. On searching the males address, I located a sizeable amount of cannabis.
I seized many cannabis plants and cocaine.
Another cannabis factory, was shut down, in Popley! A great team effort lead by Sgt Holmes. Locating the cannabis factory late in the day meant that we were many hours late off. I thank my team, and supporting officers, for their commitment. The suspect is currently on police bail.



In other news:

Basingstoke Gazette article, reference a job of mine, from last year. Cannabis Factory shut down in Marnel Park. This is a reminder of what was seized:


3rd- News article with reference to last weeks drug hauls. Basingstoke Gazette Article

4th- Today I took part in a drugs warrant in the Oakridge area. I arrested a male on suspicion of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply.

7th- Interesting Gazette article reference drugs raid in Abbey Road. Three, Popley residents, charged: Click for article
Drugs issues are a current PSNP priority.

In other news: I took part in a plain clothes drugs warrant today. The warrant in South Ham would lead to a female receiving a cannabis caution, and a male being arrested, and remanded, for being concerned in the supply of drugs. (Gazette news article)

10th- Whilst patrolling Glebe Gardens I located a male with cannabis. The male had previously received a youth community resolution for drugs offences. The drug was seized and an appropriate outcome will be explored.


11th- £30 fixed penalty issued in Falkland Road, for unnecessary obstruction. I have previously warned the vehicle owner about blocking the road with his vehicles.


17th- I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of a sexual assault.

Later I would arrest a male on suspicion of harassment. Both jobs were handed over to CID to continue with the investigation.

18th- I arrested a male for breaching court bail x 2. The male will attend court today.

20th- Today, the officers from the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, took part in a drugs warrant in Oakridge. One of my roles was to breach the door of the target address. Two people were arrested at the address.


In other news: Ex Popley male locked up for horrific attack. (Gazette Article)

Also: DC Andrew Wright is appealing for witnesses to an Oakridge robbery. The suspects allegedly ran in to Popley, after the incident, on the 13th of March. (Gazette Article)

21st- I arrested a female, on suspicion of assault, in the Oakridge area. The female received an adult caution.

I am now on annual leave until the 10th of April. I know.. lucky me!


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