The February Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

1st- I arrested a male today on suspicion of threatening to kill his ex partner. I handed the job over to district CID. Later the male would be released without charge.

2nd- The PC’s from SNT took part in an operation to locate and arrest a burglary suspect. After a dramatic standoff in South Ham area, the male was arrested. The male was charged. Later, our team arrested a male on a train, at Basingstoke train station. The male was wanted, on suspicion of assault, in the Salisbury area.

5th- I arrested a female for failing to appear, at court, for the original offence of theft.

Later I issued a verbal warning to a youth, who had been smoking cannabis, in Mallory Road. The male had disposed of his cannabis joint prior to police arrival.

6th- A team of SNT police officers made arrest attempts in the evening. One female was arrested on suspicion of drugs offences. I drew the short straw, and kept constant observations on a male, in police custody. The male was suspected of drugs offences. 5 hours and a numb bum later, it was home time.

7th- I crewed up with Inspector Maginnis for a patrol of Marnel Park. Whilst in Marnel Park, I located a male smoking cannabis. The male was issued with a ‘Community Resolution’.

11th- Today I issued a male with a ‘Community Resolution’ for possession of cannabis in Melrose Walk.


12th- I took part in a plain clothes operation today. Very busy day.

Interesting news article from the BBC mentioning ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Teams’

13th- I was on ‘constant observations’, of a suspect, for my entire duty.

17th- I returned back to work today and I managed to get straight out on patrol. I noted a tree down behind Pershore Rd. The tree is totally blocking the footpath. I have reported this to the council: ‘The Report’

Whilst patrolling on the footpath behind the Boots Warehouse, I located a very pungent mess on the path. I have reported this to the council: ‘The Report’


18th- I went out early again on bike patrols of Popley. All the hotspot areas were covered, and found to be all in order.

20th- Whilst patrolling Popley Way, I located two suspicious males. After much deliberation, the males were escorted to the police station for strip searches. Due to the circumstances surrounding the males, I suspected they might be in possession of drugs. No drugs were located on the males, and they were released.

Later I took details of an on-going knock and run nuisance report. A group of teenagers are currently running amok in Popley. This old school prank has been taken too far, and any offences will be dealt with robustly!

21st- I patrolled Popley in the late evening. I located a 14 year old male with cannabis and a grinder in Chineham Park Court. The male was taken home and issued with a ‘youth community resolution’.


There was several ASB reports ref youths smashing bottles and trespassing. Patrols will continue to identify those responsible.

I also dealt with a drunk and confused female. The female had attempted to climb the large fence into Everest Community Academy. I walked her home in the right direction.

22nd- I was covering the shift officers tonight. I arrested a 15 year old in Oakridge, on suspicion of criminal damage, and common assault.

I also dealt with a threats to life job and a missing persons report.

23rd- I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of fraud by false representation x 5..
I further arrested the male in custody for other offences. The male was charged with 4 making off without payment offences. This relates to fuel.


24th- It was my birthday today. And the sad truth is, I was at work 🙂
I crewed up with Sgt Carl Holmes and we patrolled most of Popley and Oakridge. I also managed to complete the file for the job yesterday. It contained the longest interview plan, of my career, to date!

26th: In other news:


27th- I arrested a male on suspicion of breaching his community punishment order. The male will be put through to the next available court..

28th- The police officers from the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Team’ lead by Sgt Carl Holmes, took part in a drugs raid today in Brighton Hill. A male and female were arrested. A cannabis factory was shut down.



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