The January Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

3rd- Whilst searching for a missing person in Buckskin, I located a male smoking cannabis. I issued the male with a cannabis street caution.

Today whilst patrolling Popley I located a fallen tree, on the footpath, off of the park in Trinidad Close. I reported this to the council.
Trinidad Close tree down

4th- I assisted with several statements in the Buckskin area, after many cars were broken into overnight/early morning.

Festival place security directed me to a male smoking cannabis on Churchill Way. The male had recently received a cannabis caution. I reported the male for the offence. The male will attend court, soon, to explain his actions.

9th- Tonight I chaired the PSNP meeting.

Minutes of the first PSNP meeting of 2014:

PSNP members in attendance:

PC Dan Carter Chairing meeting

Jane Frankum
Tony Frankum
David Potter
Vivien Washbourne
Terry Jones
Dawn Stanley
Mr Kumar
Dan White

PC Dan Carter gave an overview of the previous issues in Popley.

There has been a sharp drop in reported issues in the Sark Way area of Popley. PCSO Steven Burgess has worked with several youths causing issues in Abbey Road. A number of ‘Acceptable Behaviour Agreements’ have been implemented and issues in Abbey Road have lessened.

The PSNP voted on the 3 new priorities for Popley for the first quarter of 2014:

These will be:

1) ASB in Abbey Road
2) Drugs issues in Abbey Road
3) Thefts and ASB from Tesco Express Carpenters Down.

All three have been previous Popley issues.

Other issues: Parking complaints were discussed in relation to Falkland Road and Marnel Park.

ASB has been less noticeable lately in most areas of Popley. I’m sure the weather plays a part in that, as well as agency work/patrols.

If you have community issues that you would like to discuss, please feel free to make contact on tel:101 or email

In other news: Unfortunately, PCSO, Steven Burgess has left the Popley team. Steve was a great asset to Popley, and he will be missed. This means that we go back down to half a police team. PCSO Addison Maker and I will cover both parts of Popley. Of course, CSPO’s Dan White, and Paula James-Bailey, will also be patrolling Popley when possible.

10th- Tonight was very busy with lots of jobs coming across the airwaves. Whilst looking for a suspected burglar, I located a male in Black Dam Way with cannabis. The male received a community resolution.


In other news: I arrested a male on Melrose Walk for breach of bail.

14th- I attended Winchester Crown Court in relation to a cannabis factory. I had originally arrested a male in June for the offence. The male pleaded guilty at court.

16th- I arrested a female in the Job Centre, on Winchester Road, on suspicion of assault.

20th- £90 Fixed penalty issued to a male for wasting police time.

25th- whilst patrolling near Hatchwarren community centre, I issued a male with a cannabis caution.


26th- whilst patrolling Abbey Road, I arrested a male on suspicion of theft. The male was later released without charge.

30th- Whilst patrolling Shakespeare Road, I located a male and arrested him on suspicion of 2 x shopliftings. On searching the male, I located a locking knife. This is also an offence. The male was further arrested for possession of a bladed or sharply pointed article.

The male was later charged with 3 shoplifting offences and possession of a bladed article.

31st- whilst patrolling Ascension Close, I located a male suspected of shoplifting. I arrested the male. My colleague PC Paul Moss, arrested the co-accused.


1) Cannabis cautions x 2

2) Community resolution for possession of cannabis

3) Male reported for possession of cannabis

3) PND for wasting police time

4) 7 arrests for various offences


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