The September Bulletin 2013 – PC Dan Carter Reports

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

6th- I located a male smoking cannabis in Cliddesden Road. I reported the male for summons.

Popley was fairly quiet during my patrols.

7th- I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison today. We patrolled Popley and Oakridge. Whilst on route back to the station for some grub, I located a male with cannabis in Gresley Road. The male was eligible for a cannabis street warning.


Later I also dealt with an ASB report in Abbey Road and another in Maldive Road.

8th- TPT cover

9th- I managed to get a few hours of patrolling around Popley. All the hotspot areas were patrolled, and I found them to be all in order.

18th- My first day back in Popley after various operations and rest days.

The travellers have returned to the grass area on Shetland Road.

23rd- The travellers are still on Shetland Road. Several reports of noise and mess received. I have spoken with a traveller liaison officer at the council. I have been informed that the wheels are in motion ref the site.


25th- What a lovely evening to patrol my beat. My first job of the day was an abandoned vehicle in Carter Drive. I have reported this to the council:

The travellers have vacated the Shetland Road site after a section 61 was issued by police.

Under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 powers can be considered by police in the following circumstances:

• Significant nuisance or criminal behaviour
• Unacceptable levels of damage to land or property to gain entry or remain
• Danger to travellers from the chosen site, such as environmental health factors

The council, as always, are doing a fab clean-up job.


Just a reminder.. The current community priorities are 1) Drugs issues 2) Trespass, Marnel Schools 3) ASB Carter Drive.
The Popley team have heavily patrolled the hotspot areas in Popley and we will continue to do so.

26th- I issued a male with a cannabis street warning in Darlington Road.

I assisted PCSO Addison Maker with a runaway dog in Abbey Road. Addison had used one of his shoelaces to tether the ferocious beast…


In other news: There was a report of a suspicious incident from Marnel Schools today. Police are very aware, and I will update you further when I can.
*update from the 30/09/2013:

Also.. We have had a number or reports of a homeless man camping out near Marnel Park, and knocking on doors. The male is known to myself and I have spoken to him today. The male has informed me that he won’t knock on anymore doors.

And.. Please be on the lookout for a stolen 125 motorbike. It has been seen regularly in Popley, 2-up, and in the area of Carpenters Down woods. Any information would be appreciated. Tel: 101.


30th- CSPO Paula James-Bailey has located and disposed of some 50 plus needles located in Lundy Close! This is a very irresponsible act considering the nearby schools and built up neighbourhood. I would be keen to know who is fly tipping these dangerous items.



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