The August Bulletin 2013 – PC Dan Carter reports

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

1st- Shift Cover

5th- I executed a warrant in Popley today. I arrested a male on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs. Thanks to PC James Hope and PC Rich Harrison who helped out as always! The male was charged, and he will attend court soon.

6th- It was my turn to help out the team today. I assisted at a drugs warrant, in Rooksdown, lead by PC James Hope. My role was to seize drugs and paraphernalia, plus, to photograph the drugs. Here I am, pictured, holding a rather large cannabis plant.


Who are the vandals, throwing stones at vehicles, on Popley Way recently?? A number of vehicles have been damaged. I would sure like to arrest those involved! Please call 101 if you have any information relating to this.

Also: Attempt robbery at approx 5pm in the Bermuda Close area. (Click for information)

7th- My 3rd duty change in a row to help out with a shoplifting early doors arrest. PC Rich Harrison had arrested a chap from Popley on suspicion of shoplifting in Kempshot. The male was charged.

Lots of files and paperwork today. Being part of a proactive team does, unfortunately, mean a fair or (unfair) bit of paperwork.

Later I managed to get out on the bike for the first time in a week. I patrolled the current priority areas and all was quiet.

9th- First job of the day was taking details of a serious incident reported at the front desk.. More details to come.

I then patrolled all the Popley hotspot areas tonight. I spoke to a group of approx 20 youths and asked a few of the group to stop playing ‘Kirby’ in the area. We receive many complaints about ball games in this area.

Later I patrolled Oakridge with APS Jim Charlton. We discovered two males with cannabis in Jefferson Road. The chap that I searched had one of the those so called ‘smelly proof’ drugs bags. It didn’t work again! I reported the male for summons as he had previously been arrested for drugs offences.


10th- I patrolled all the Popley hotspots as always. Tonight I was crewed with PC Wendy Austin, who is the, Brighton Hill beat manager. Abbey Road was quiet. We located a group of youths who had set up a small bonfire on the field at the top of Pershore Road. The fire was extinguished and the youths were verbally warned.

Later we would patrol Brighton Hill after several ASB reports. Brighton Hill was the busiest beat on the night!

11th- tonight I will committed with the prisoner transport van in Andover.

12th- TPT Cover. I managed to get into Popley for a short while. I verbally warned a male who had parked on a public crossing in Appleton Drive.

15th- Some early patrols of the hotspot areas.. Later I attended a few neighbour disputes. After, I warned some kids who were just about to play curby outside Melrose Community Centre. This is a no ball game zone. I don’t make the rules…

16th- Today I crewed up with an officer from one of shifts. I took park in the ‘Crime Car’.
This is a vehicle, and crew, dedicated to responding to crimes in progress and especially relating to burglaries, or theft. We had a little bit of excitement when a member of public called in a burglary in progress in Rooksdown.. Turns out it was a son and dad team taking down a shed. All legitimate.

27th- Today was the first day in a while that I got out on my beat. All the hotspots were patrolled.

28th- Tadley operation.

29th- Today I obtained a warrant, for an address, to search for cannabis. More info to come.




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