The July Bulletin 2013 – PC Dan Carter reports..

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1st- I got out early, on bike patrols, in Popley and Oakridge.

We are aware of the travellers on Carpenters Down and Priestley Road.


Whilst on my patrols, a disgruntled member of public pointed out a burnt out Quad bike in Carpenters Down woods. The resident informed me that it had been on fire at 13:00 hours yesterday.


Also along the same public pathway, that leads to the allotments, was lots of evidence of human excrement. I will be reporting this to the council:


At approx 10:30 today the travellers left the Carpenters Down site leaving a terrible mess behind. I have informed the council:


The travellers have moved back to Shetland Road, directly, from Carpenters Down.

2nd- I went out early again with PC James Hope. We patrolled Rooksdown then Popley and Oakridge. I note the travellers have moved on from Shetland Road. I also saw that the council have started the clean up operation in Carpenters Down.

3rd- I patrolled Popley, Oakridge, and Rooksdown with PC James Hope.

I issued a male with a cannabis caution after he was located by PCSO’s Addison Maker and Rob Nicklin. The male had been smoking a spliff outside the police station!!


4th- I reported a male for summons, in the ‘War Memorial Park’ after CSPO’s Sarah Ratcliff and Martin Lee located the male with a cannabis joint.

Minutes of tonight’s PSNP meeting

Dear PSNP members,

Many thanks for attending the meeting tonight. I think it was farely positive and well attended.

Members in attendance:

PC Dan Carter: Chair
PCSO Rob Nicklin: Guest
PCSO Addison Maker
Vik Kumar
Shaun Fishwick
Terry Jones
Jane Frankum
Tracey Southern
Bernadette Cole
Dawn Stanley
Carys Baptist
Vivien Washbourne

Apologies received from most other members for not attending.

Update given to PSNP members as per below attachment.

PSNP members voted in, three new priorities, for this quarter:

1) Drugs Issues

2) ASB Carter Drive and wooded area

3) Trespass on the Marnel Schools

Tasks from the meeting:

Jane Frankum will approach the Melrose Hall committee to request that they lock up the caged area outside the hall. This will prevent youths kicking balls at the community centre.

As always.. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any community issues. Also…—————>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Keep checking on the website for exciting and colourful updates 😉

PC Dan CARTER Updates for the PSNP (04/07/2013)

Sark Way:

The Team has patrolled this area heavily and I personally feel like there has been a big improvement. We have had far fewer reports of ASB and no damage reports that I am aware of.

Abbey Road Ball Games:

This area has caused the most issues for the residents and our team, so far, this year. PCSO Addison MAKER had set up a ‘good neighbourhood agreement’ in Abbey road after repeated ball games issues. This has seen some success but there are still issues at the location..

The area outside Melrose Walk has caused the biggest problem. We have had many reports from residents about youths playing football in the car park and kicking balls against resident’s properties. On a number of occasions this has caused damage to the buildings. CSPO Dan WHITE has heavily patrolled this area and has been gathering names of youths for possible ‘acceptable behaviour agreements’ in some instances we haven’t had the cooperation of parents when dealing with the issues. Representatives of Sentinel Housing have been updated in regards to these families. By not complying with the agencies and by allowing ASB to happen, it is possible that the resident is wilfully breaching their tenancy agreements.

I have personally moved on many youths playing football in the area. Often they use the ‘No Ball Games’ signs as a target.

I have advised Melrose Community Hall several times to lock up the gates outside the hall but this has never been done.


Based on intelligence received from Crimestoppers, I attended court and obtained a warrant to search an address in Marnel Park. SNT North members assisted me in the search and we located a cannabis factory with over 50 growing plants. The arrested male is currently on bail for me.

The Popley team have located many drug users in the last quarter. Recently, we are often coming across M CAT or Mephadrone. A class B drug that is crystalline in appearance.

Other Issues:


Popley has one again been targeted as a good spot for travellers to attend. This has obviously caused much frustration amongst the locals and agencies. A few weeks ago I reported human excrement in the underpass by the boots warehouse. This was near to the traveller site at Rutherford Road.
Recently travellers have moved between Carpenters Down/Near to the allotments and Shetland Road. A lot of damage and rubbish and human excrement was left behind. Inspector MAGINNIS has asked me to obtain the cost to clear the mess up. The travellers on these sites were ordered to move under section 61:
Under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 powers can be considered by police in the following circumstances:
• Significant nuisance or criminal behaviour
• Unacceptable levels of damage to land or property to gain entry or remain
• Danger to travellers from the chosen site, such as environmental health factors
A different set of travellers are currently occupying the land at the top of Priestley Road. A wooden post was simply removed for them to gain access.

6th- Prescription drugs stolen from Basingstoke pharmacy

Detectives are appealing for information after a quantity of diazepam tablets were stolen from a pharmacy in Popley, Basingstoke.

Sometime overnight between Saturday, July 6 and Sunday 7, unknown offenders broke into Lloyds Pharmacy inside Shakespeare House Health Centre in Shakespeare Road, Popley.

Once inside they stole about 30 packets of the tablets.

Detective Constable Andy Panter said: “Did you see any suspicious activity around the heath centre? Have you been offered these drugs for sale?

“These are prescription drugs and could be harmful to people if taken in large quantities.

“An alarm sounded at 12.30am so I am particularly keen to hear from anyone who was in the area at that time.”

Detectives are also investigating a burglary that happened on June 30, at Beggarwood Pharmacy in Broadmere Road. Officers are currently looking into any potential links between these incidents.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Det Con Panter at Basingstoke CID on 101 or call the charity Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111 where information can be left anonymously.


8th- I crewed up with PC Hope and Special Constable Whitcher today. We patrolled the usual hot spot areas. I issued a £30 fixed penalty notice in Marnel Park after some poor parking. The car is pictured, parked, on a dropped pedestrian crossing point.


Later we would find a man badly assaulted in, Cherry Tree Walk, Oakridge. Lots of blood and a pretty unpleasant site. If you were witness to this attack then please call in on 101 to report. Whilst I tended to the victim, PC Hope located two suspects and arrested them.

10th- I have heard some worrying reports of Popley youths getting mixed up with so called ‘synthetic drugs’ Who is supplying the kids?? Let me know on 101 or email me:

In other news: The travellers have left the Priestley Road site.

13th- Busy Busy night policing ‘Basingstoke Live 2013’

I issued a £90 fixed penalty notice, to a male, for possession of cannabis. Later, I arrested a male on suspicion of possession of class A drugs. The male was charged with possession of cocaine and he was bailed to attend court.



14th- Another really busy day but very enjoyable. PC James hope and I started the day at the Rooksdown community fair. We mingled and ate ice cream! Can’t be bad!


After fun and games in Rooksdown, we assisted at the Basingstoke Live event once more. I issued a male with a cannabis caution. The drugs he had were in a special ‘anti police’ bag!! The bag didn’t work very well though 😉


I also issued a drunk and abusive male with an order to leave the ‘Basingstoke Live’ area. This was under section 27 of the ‘Violent Crime Reduction Act’ The final straw was when the male dropped his trousers! Thanks to the CSPOs at the event for their excellent support, and often first hand dealings, with tricky situations.

15th- hot and sweaty patrols on the bike today! I crewed up with PC Karen Binney to Patrol Popley, and Oakridge. We patrolled the current hotspots, including Carter Drive. I saw evidence of alcohol misuse, and the remains of a campfire. We will continue to patrol the area to try and identify those responsible.


We also patrolled Abbey Road and requested a large group of youths play football elsewhere. This was a priority in the last quarter but obviously still an issue.

18th- Bed watch duty.

19th- I arrested a male on a ‘Fail to appear warrant’
The male had failed to attend Basingstoke magistrates court.
Later whilst patrolling Marnel Park, I located a car parked partially on a public crossing in Appleton Drive. I issued the car owner with a verbal warning. Photo added to the ‘Rogues Gallery’.


In other news: PCSO Steve Burgess and PCSO Tarren Porter heavily patrolled Marnel Park, and Carter Drive, due to recent issues. A group of, model plane, enthusiasts were located but all in order. PCSO Porter also spoke to a friendly group having a BBQ without alcohol! So no issues noted.

20th- Shift Cover.

23rd- Email sent to the Marnel and Merton Community Group Facebook Account. Carter Drive/wooded area:

Dear residents. On the 4th of July 2013, The ‘Popley Safer Neighbourhood Panel’ met to discuss and vote on Popley issues for the quarter. The team voted in Carter Drive and the wooded area as an issue to tackle.

When possible, Police, Police Community Support Officers and Community Safety Patrolling officers will patrol the area. We will also deal with ASB and offences as we see them. Where there is evidence from residents to point towards a specific offender, then we will speak to them directly.

Unless you are in the wooded area or looking at the park all day you won’t necessarily see us patrolling but I can assure you that regular patrols are taking place.

On the 7th of August, representatives from the police and council will meet with environmental services and the ‘Marnel And Merton Community Group’ to discuss issues and to see what all the agencies/residents are able to due to resolve the current issues.

Marnel Park remains a low crime area in Popley and we are determined to work with you to solve the long term problems.

Please feel free to contact me directly with community issues or visit our local website.

My personal email address is:


PC 20686 Dan Carter

24th- I conducted evening patrols of Marnel Park and Carter Drive/wooded area as did other members of the Popley team. All in order tonight.

25th- Shift Cover.

I verbally warned a driver for parking on the junction of Cleeve Road and Barrington Drive.


I know it’s not Popley, but whilst on shift, I attended a job where a parked vehicles handbrake had failed. The car had rolled into a house. An unfortunate job that the insurance companies will need to thrash out. Thankfully nobody was hurt!


26th- I conducted late patrols of the hotspot areas. I issued a £30 fixed penalty to a vehicle/owner for parking on the pavement on Popley Way.


29th- All hotspots patrolled and found to be all in order. I verbally warned a driver who had parked in front of a pedestrian crossing (Hewitt Road)


31st- Shift Cover.


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