The June Bulletin 2013 – PC Dan Carter reports..

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3rd- high vis patrols with PCSO Steve Burgess in Popley.


PCSO Stephen Burgess Q&A’S:

Q) What is your current profession?
A) I am a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for Popley. I have just been transferred to Basingstoke after completing my PCSO training this March, I then completed a 5 weeks tutoring period in Bitterne, Southampton before moving to Basingstoke.

Q) How did you get the job?
A) I am looking to become a police officer in the near future and I noticed that a lot of forces require PCSO or Special Constable experience beforehand. I looked into both roles, and decided to go for the PCSO role. The process was quite extensive, it included an application form, interviews and an assessment day……..needless to say research is a must.

Q) Describe a typical day for you?
A) The day normally begins with us all coming to the station, checking our emails and looking at what has happened in our area (Popley) over the previous day(s). Once I’ve checked all my jobs, I’ll head out to Popley on my bike with another officer if available. I will then carry out my jobs, making sure I have planned in advance. My main role is offering reassurance to the public, and ensuring I show a visible presence in the area. I will therefore aim to get to most parts of Popley each day. Finally I will also deal with any relevant job that is called in by the public via the control room.

Q) What’s been your most embarrassing moment?
A) I used to work for Go Ape before joining the constabulary. Part of my role was taking customers around the forest on off-road segways, one session I took a stag group out and tried to show-off, the root I hit had other ideas, sending me over the handlebars and in to a big puddle…………it kept the stag group happy though.

Q) What is your best quality?
A) I am able to communicate with a wide variety of people.

Q) What is your worst quality?
A) My mood when England lose to Australia at Rugby.

Q) What makes you happy?
A) England smashing Australia at Rugby.

Q) If you could go back in time, where would you go?
A) Roman Empire, Rome.

Q) What would you spend a lottery win on?
A) Buy Plymouth Albion Rugby club (My home town), and make them a decent team again!

4th- I charged a male today for possession of class B drugs (Methedrone) and for attempt possession of class B drugs. I had originally arrested the male on Norn Hill some weeks ago, but had bailed him, for the drugs to be analysed.

5th- I took part in a rural operation in Tadley tonight. I have nothing exciting to report.

6th- I was tasked with driving the Andover prisoner van for the duration of my duty.

7th- Regular patrols, of the current community priorities, continue. I am currently reviewing several drugs intel links.

Issues have been better in the area of Aspire Place and Sark Way.

There has been fewer issues with ball games in the Abbey Rd area, however we are working with a few families to ensure harmony within the community.
PCSO Addison Maker has letter dropped a number of houses in Abbey Road with a reminder of the ‘good neighbourhood agreement’. This was set up last year to ensure all residents in a particular area, respected each others rights to a peaceful life.

10th- I arrested a male from Popley in relation to a racially aggravated public order incident. The male was charged and will attend court.

14th- I arrested a male in May Place on suspicion of breaching his ASBO. The male was very drunk. I also used my ‘body worn video’ for the first time during the arrest. This new gadget is very easy to operate and films in High Definition! Hopefully this tool will help in various ways.


15th- I assisted with shift cover tonight. My first job was to search for a missing person. I found her on the bridge between Popley and Oakridge. The female jumped off, but to the relative safety of a muddy bank. Luckily there was only minor injuries and the ambulance crew whisked her away. Also during the shift I took two assault statements and spoke to a female with reference to a telephone nuisance job.

16th- PCSO Steve Burgess article for the Popley Matters:

First of all, I’d like to say hello to the people of Popley. PC Dan Carter mentioned me in the previous issue of Popley Matters, however here goes again, my name is Steve Burgess and I am the new PCSO for Popley East, together with Dan and PCSO Addison Maker we form your safer neighbourhood team. I’ve been working on Popley beat since the 22nd April of this year and have already met some key individuals which make up your community. However, I am sure there still plenty of you who I have yet to meet. If you do see me out and about (normally on my bike), please feel free to stop me, say hello introduce yourself and let me know of anything that is of concern in your area.
I have recently been working alongside Everest Academy Year 8 groups, interacting with pupils and giving presentations on Anti-Social Behaviour, the affects it has on individuals as well as communities So far the feedback has been good, and myself and Everest are looking to branch this involvement with police out to year 9 as well.
We have continued to concentrate our patrols around your priorities, on the 8th June whilst on patrol I encountered a male smoking Cannabis in the Montserrat Road area, he was detained where an officer attended and dealt with the male by means of an £80 fine. Other than that, myself, Dan and Addison have targeted our patrols around known areas and have not encountered any issues.
We have received a number of calls from residents of Aspire Place expressing concerns for bin sheds to the rear of the flats, in particular youths breaking in the sheds and congregating within them. We have advised Sentinel of this, and asked if they could look in to securing the bins more appropriately.
Football games still appear to be an issue in and around the area of Abbey Road, a number of complaints have been received revolving around this. We all continue to patrol the area, and have offered words of advice to anyone playing football in the street. Please can we remind all parents there are plenty of fields and play parks in and around Popley where football would be more suitable and they can play stress free.

16th- Whilst patrolling Popley with PC James Hope today, we were disgusted to find human faeces and urine littering the underpass near the Boots warehouse. I have reported this mess to the council.
Link to the report I sent

19th- Proactive patrolling by PCSO Steven Burgess lead to him locating a male smoking cannabis in Falkland Rd today. The male received a cannabis caution.

21st- Today SNT managers from the north team, took part in a drugs warrant in Marnel Park. I seized 48 cannabis plants along with hydroponic equipment. Thanks to Dawn Stanley of Sentinel housing for her cooperation and organisation of an electrician and lock smith.

Also: PCSO Steve Burgess has located another two males smoking cannabis in Shakespeare Road. The males received cannabis cautions.

22nd- From the drugs warrant yesterday… Today the suspect handed himself in at Basingstoke police station. I arrested the male on suspicion of production of cannabis and being concerned in the supply of cannabis. The male has been bailed pending further enquiries.


23rd- The local team are aware of the latest traveller site in Popley. This site is situated on Carpenters Down opposite the church. We are working with other agencies to ensure that community tensions remain low until the travellers move on.


24th- Purse snatch in Popley

27th- Whilst out patrolling today I located a male wanted for theft. I arrested the male in the Holy Ghost Cemetery and handed the job over to district CID.

28th- Tonight I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of making threats to kill another male.


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