The May Bulletin 2013

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

1st- I issued a male with a cannabis caution on Sark Way. As you may be aware, drugs issues are currently a Popley priority.

Later I arrested a male on Norn Hill, on suspicion of possession of class A drugs. The male has been bailed for the drugs to be analysed.

Also… I spotted this little gem in the hallway of the police station!


This picture shows PCSO Addison Maker, and I, hard at work!

2nd- I have been crewing up with, Beat Manager, James Hope a lot lately. We have had some great proactive results. James seized cannabis off of a school boy today in Shakespeare Rd. 1 very sheepish lad, and one very miffed mum!

Other News: We have a new PCSO for Popley East (Steve Burgess) I haven’t managed to work with Steve yet, but he seems like a very nice chap!

Also.. Steve is dealing with an unauthorised camp fire between Everest Community College and Marnel Lodge: several youths who attend Everest will be visited shortly!


3rd- More lovely patrols in the sunshine. Pictured below is Beat Manager James Hope in the Holy Ghost Cemetery.


Late patrols of Popley and Oakridge.. I seized a bag of cannabis from a male on Oakridge Rd. I issued the male with a cannabis caution:


8th- I was on shift cover tonight. I arrested a male in Kings Clere on suspicion of assault, theft and threats to life. The male was too intoxicated for me to deal with so I handed the job over.

My colleague, PC James Hope located some rather expensive computer equipment in Rooksdown. We worked together to locate the owner.. We did find the owners and we will be shipping the items back to Dublin shortly.

PCSO Steve Burgess located two males, with cannabis, today near to Tasmania Close. One male was reported for summons and the other received a cannabis caution.


9th- Patrols of the regular hot spots were conducted today. Ball games are a current issue in Abbey Road with property and cars being damaged. A group of youths were asked to stop kicking a ball at the community centre and they were then asked to move to the football court.

13th- I arrested a male from Popley, on suspicion of ‘breach of non molestation order’.

In other news: There was a road traffic collision on Carpenters Down. Thankfully this resulted in minor injuries only.


14th- PC Addison Maker has retuned to the beats after 6 weeks off sick. It’s good to see him back!

18th- 28th: Holiday in Tenerife!!


31st- Today I crewed with PCSO Steve Burgess for patrols of Popley and Oakridge. We were handed some odd items from a garage roof in Abbey Road. We have appealed for any information on Twitter. Ref number: 44130195649.



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