The April Bulletin 2013

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

4th- PSNP Meeting minutes.

Members in attendance:

Popley Fields Community Centre
PC Dan Carter (Chair)
David Potter (Councillor)
Dawn Stanley (Housing Officer)
Vivien Washbourne (Councillor)
Dan White (CSPO)
Shaun Fishwick (Popley Resident)
Paul Frankum (Popley Resident)
Jane Frankum (Hampshire C/Councillor)


PC Dan Carter updated PSNP members on the previous 3 priorities:

Drugs issues throughout Popley: Popley has been quiet for reported drugs issues this quarter but patrols have continued to identify suspects.
ASB in and around Sark Way. The area has been patrolled heavily by the patrolling agencies and several issues have been highlighted. On the 10th of April, PC Dan Carter will meet with Dawn Stanley to discuss the various issues in and around Sark Way. One family in particular has been causing issues in the area and intervention work is currently underway to ease the issues.
ASB and Criminal damage in Marnel Park has greatly reduced in the last quarter. Many patrols have been made my police, PCSO’s and CSPO’s.


The PSNP members were asked to vote on three new priorities from a list. Due to a very quiet first quarter in Popley there are currently only two real issues for the PSNP to focus on.

These are:

ASB in and around Sark Way
Youths playing ball games in the vicinity of the Popinjay pub and Melrose community centre, causing damage.

If a 3rd issue is identified as a realistic task, I will inform PSNP members as soon as possible. As always, please let me know what’s going on out there!


Jane Frankum and Paul Frankum, informed members that a bus service was imminent in the Marnel Park Area. This will be poignant for residents due to the on-going parking issues surrounding the site. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Let me know if you hear of any horror stories or good news!
Jane also mentioned a PSNP information stand at the Popley Festival. I will discuss with Dawn, at our meeting, if we can tag on to the Sentinel Stand.

David Potter mentioned plans to keep residents informed in the Sark Way and surrounding areas ref ASB and security measures. Dawn Stanley highlighted some limitations with the current parking barriers, however issues have improved somewhat in that regards.

It was generally discussed that although issues have been reduced in the 1st quarter, it has been an exceptionally cold period, perhaps forcing issues indoors!

5th- Whilst patrolling Norn Hill, PC Karen Binney and I stumbled across 3 males in a dark area of a bridge. One of the males started to walk away at speed. A few seconds later the male had assaulted my colleague and knocked me off my bike! We are still looking for the suspect… Glad I was wearing my helmet. You can’t see it very well in the photo, but the back of the helmet is cracked in a number if places!


8th- I issued a male with a cannabis caution in Soper Grove, Oakridge. I also arrested a male on suspicion of theft in Vyne Road..

10th- I arrested a male at the train station on suspicion of assault.

21st- I assisted with reassurance patrols in Tadley following a recent serious incident in the area.

22nd- I assisted with shift cover tonight. I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of criminal damage, and arson with intent to endanger life. The male had also breached his ASBO. Two hours late off after a big handover :/
The male received a 14 week imprisonment sentence.

25th- ASB panel meeting, at BDBC, to discuss issues in Sark Way and Jersey Close.

Bourdillon estate walk-around with housing officer Tim Purr of Sovereign Kingfisher.


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