November 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

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1st- Rest day.

2nd- I patrolled Popley with PC Addison Maker initially. During the evening, we were called to a report of youths running around Falkland Road with baseball bats. We had a search for the youths, but we couldn’t locate them. Luckily there were no reports of anyone getting assaulted via baseball bat etc whilst I was on duty.

In other news: I assisted PC James Charlton by testing some drugs he had seized. I am the only ‘EDIT’ (Examination of drugs identification testing) trained officer in The Safer Neighbourhoods Team, so I get used now and again 😉 It’s nice to feel wanted. The drugs proved to be amphetamines and cocaine.

Also: I wisely wore my neck warmer or snood, as some call them, as it was bitterly cold out on the bike. Ice is on the way I fear! 😦

3rd- I crewed up with CSPO Paul Bowman tonight for patrols of Popley. All the usual areas were patrolled, including the current hotspot areas. All seemed calm, and the radio was quiet all night.

In other news: I stop searched two lads who smelt of cannabis in Bermuda Close, but they had already smoked the treasure! This caused much mirth from them!!

4th- More freezing patrols! I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison tonight for a bit of variety.

In other news: On the way back to the station, I heard a report that a male matching the description of a shop-lifter was on Church Street. I attended the area, and I located the male. It transpired that the male was not related to the theft and I de-arrested him. Two de-arrests in the last month!! I hope I’m not losing my touch!

5th- I crewed up with Police Community Support Officer, Dan Banks, tonight. Dan is the new Popley East PCSO. It was quiet in Popley and Oakridge tonight. Not surprising since lots of people would have attended the War Memorial Park for the fireworks display.

In other news: Marnel Park was patrolled in the late evening, after recent reports of vandalism. All was in order..

Also: (PCSO Dan Banks, question time)

6th- Rest Day.

7th- Rest Day.

8th- I assisted with shift cover today. I attended several jobs including, 2 parking disputes, 2 non dwelling burglaries, and 1 public order incident!! I issued a £30 Fixed penalty notice, in town, for one of the worst unnecessary obstructions ever!

In other news: Once again, Popley Fields community centre was broken into in the last week. Who is responsible?? Call 101 with information, and I will dedicate the arrest(s) to you!

9th- A pretty slow day for me. In the morning I sought CPS advice over a case of mine.
This takes a while and can be a bit technical. I won’t bore you with the details 🙂

In other news: I made arrest attempts after a member of public reported being racially abused in the early hours of the 8th of November. The incident happened in Falkland Road. If you have any info, please call me on 101.

10th- My first job of the day, was to assist shift officers by, attending the Red Lion Hotel. There was a report that a male had slept on the steps of the fire escape. Not very wise! The male was warned via his hostel manager.

In other news: I arrested a male, this morning, on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. (Falkland Road job) The suspect was charged and he will attend court in December. I will be working with Sentinel Housing to take this matter even further.

Also: A robbery took place this morning on the footbridge between Popley and Oakridge. (Radio Basingstoke news link)

11th- I took part in the ‘Remembrance Day Parade’ at Old Basing today. Very chilly. SC Kev Dinsey, was also there in his tunic, looking very smart. See the photo gallery for a picture from the day.

In other news: I took part in a large area search of Chineham, for missing female, Cheri-Ann Lopez. Luckily she was located safe and well in Festival Place.

12th- Rest Day.

13th- Rest Day. I had just been to the gym, and had done a spot of shopping, when…. I saw a chap that was wanted for failing to appear at the police station. I don’t normally arrest people on my rest days, but hey ho. I completed a statement and a verbal handover.. Right, back to my rest days 🙂

14th- After my very relaxing days off, I was ready to get stuck in… That was lucky!! As soon as I entered the building, I was ambushed to test some drugs for PC Rowan McComb. The drugs tested positive for cocaine.

In other news: I assisted with a premises search in Newbury, searching for drugs. A hellish road trip in heavy traffic! By the time I got back it was too late to patrol Popley 😦

15th- Afternoon and late patrols for me! I started by delivering a summons letter in Shakespeare Road. I then patrolled Marnel Park as I often do. No evidence of traffic offences today! I then patrolled all the Popley hot spot areas.

In other news: Popley fields community centre, and Melrose community hall had polling stations set up today (PCC Elections). There had only been 40 people at the Melrose community hall voting between 07:00 to 14:30 hours.

Also: The PSNP did have it’s own Facebook page for a short time.

16th- I crewed up with PC Karen Binney today for late patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Whilst cycling along Carpenters Down, I saw a male cycling with no lights. The particular area he was in is also known for drugs. I simply asked the male if he had drugs on him to which he replied “I have a bit of Percy” I said “I better have it then” The male handed over a block of cannabis resin. As I was examining the drug, he actually put his hand out, as if I was going to give it back!! Some people! The male received a cannabis caution and some advice about cycling with no lights.

Later I located another male with cannabis in Eastrop Way. The male was issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice.

In other news: My plan for a PSNP Facebook page needs re-thinking. It was my intention that it would be an information only page. Unfortunately people were able to comment on posts. It would be too time consuming to monitor and respond to these in a timely fashion, thus I have deleted the account. I’m sorry if this upsets anyone, but we still have the PSNP website etc. And of course anyone can email me direct to discuss community concerns.

Also: I had posted a link on the Facebook site in relation to abduction fears in Popley. We have received reports of suspicious incidents, however in the 6 years I have worked in Popley, there hasn’t been an actual child abduction. I pray it stays that way! If you do have concerns then please contact me on tel: 101 or email:

17th- Rest Day.

18th- Rest Day.

19th- This morning PCSO Dan Banks and I crewed up. First job of the day was to assist ‘Trading Standards’ with a suspected illegal fireworks trading issue.

Later I patrolled all the Popley hotspots. I issued a £30 fixed penalty notice for an unnecessary obstruction on Barrington Drive.

20th- PC Nick Hillary joined me today for the start of his 5 weeks attachment. My first priority was getting Nick back on the saddle. Nick hadn’t ridden a bike for over 15 years until today!!! After a shaky start down Eastrop Park, we were off!

In other news: We attended a reported criminal damage, in Melrose Walk, to an abandoned address. Further work is being conducted to identify the home owner.

Also: CSPO’s Paul Bowman, Paula James-Bailey and Dan White, attended Basingstoke police station for a catch up, and to discuss the child abduction rumours currently circling Popley and surrounding areas. Unfortunately my healthy salad lunch went to waste after Paula brought two large boxes of doughnuts to the meeting!!

21st- I crewed up with PCSO Dan Banks today. We patrolled Marnel Park after recent ‘knock and run’ ASB reports. All was quiet, however, we did locate a very badly parked car, causing an unnecessary obstruction. We tried calling on a few addresses to see if we could locate the owner. Unfortunately we couldn’t, so I issued a £30 FPN on the windscreen.

Later I crewed with PC Ian Hoile for late patrols of Popley. A group of rowdy youths were ejected from the rear/private grounds of the Popley Fields Community Centre.

22nd- In the morning I assisted PC Ian Hoile with a vulnerable witness interview. I was in charge of the recording machine. More tricky than it sounds!

Also: New photo gallery linked in the Marnel Parking Blog. (The link)

23rd- Rest Day.

24th- Rest Day.

25th- Rest Day.

26th- Another wash out today. New cycle shoes made my day though!

27th- A pretty quiet, rainy, boring day.. Well, that was until I located a male in Jacobs Yard, breaching his ASBO conditions. Thanks to Festival Place security for guiding me in on CCTV.

28th- I recovered a stolen mountain bike worth £2000 today! The bike was located on Bilton Road, and it was locked up! If you stole this bike then please get in touch. Tel 101. Thanks to the gent who leant me the bolt croppers.

30th- A very cold night. Jobs included: Efforts to locate suspects, noise nuisance complaints, and a bail check. Lots of coffee and an unspecified quantity of mince pies! Well it is nearly Christmas.


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