October 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

Posted: October 2, 2012 in police, PSNP

1st- Today I had a training day at Alton Maltings Centre. Parking was a nightmare! I will take the motorbike next time!
Quite a good days training with new PACE updates and a refresher on the Proceeds of crime act.

2nd- I took part in a drugs operation today. I was part of the team at Basingstoke conducting interviews and strip searches for possible drugs concealments.

3rd- I crewed with PC Ian Hoile to patrol Popley, Oakridge and Rooksdown. We stop searched a number of people suspected to be involved in drugs offences, however, no drugs found.

4th- Rest Day.

5th- Tonight had no redeeming features! A foul, miserable and wet night. I patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury with other SNT officers. Roll on summer.

6th- After yesterday’s rain it was very nice to patrol albeit very cold! ASB was low across the town.

7th- Tonight I crewed up with PC Karen Binney after her return from holiday! We patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury. I located 2 males with cannabis in Orkney Close. Karen and I issued each male with an £80 fixed penalty notice.

In other news: We attended and dispersed youths from the car park in Aspire Place. This underground car park is currently insecure and youths have been causing a nuisance to residents. ASB officers at Sentinel have been informed.

8th- I was feeling a little under the weather today, so I drove a panda for a change. All the usual areas were patrolled in Oakridge and Popley and it was a very quiet evening. Later I crewed with PC Rich Harrison and we patrolled Popley and Kempshot. We attended a number of addresses for welfare checks.

9th- Rest Day.

10th- Rest Day.

11th- Another washout in Basingstoke. I assisted PC Rich Harrison with an attempt break in Hatch Warren.

In other news: Overnight the Popley Fields Community Centre was broken into. Beers were stolen from the fridge. Entry was gained via the rear of the centre. New security measures are being implemented. If you have info on who is involved let me know! I would like that arrest very much!!

12th- This morning a chap handed himself in at Basingstoke police station on a ‘Fail to appear warrant’ I arrested him and he will attend court today.

13th- Rest Day.

14th- Lovely weather for a cycle… Except, as soon as I got in for work today, I was targeted by the shift Sgt to assist with a warrant. Later I would arrest a male on suspicion of burglary and handling stolen goods.
No cycling for me, but a pretty good day all the same.

15th- Rest Day.

16th- Rest Day.

17th- Tonight I crewed with PC Karen Binney to patrol Popley and Oakridge. The worst night of rain I have ever witnessed in Popley, plus a spot of lightning. Nothing of note to report.

In other news: I had a bit of warrant training today. I will hopefully put the training to good use shortly.

18th- Another miserable and unproductive night! Not for want of trying of course! The weather just kept the trouble at bay. I patrolled with PC Rich Harrison again.

In other news: I assisted PC Mark Gallagher with an arrest of a male on suspicion of theft.

19th- I crewed up with PC Rich Harrison for patrols of Popley, Oakridge and Buckskin. After 19:00 hours the rain had stopped and we were able to get some good miles in on the hotspot areas.

In other news: PC Chris Brindley is moving off the Popley East beat. Chris will now be the beat manager for Winklebury. PC Karen Binney will be joining the Oakridge team. This means that I will be the beat manager for the whole of Popley (gulp) a big challenge, but I’m sure with my sidekick Robin… I mean PCSO Addison Maker, we will give it our best shot.

20th- Rest Day.

21st- Rest Day.

22nd- Normal patrols today.

In other news: I did arrest a male up at Basingstoke Hospital for suspected traffic offences… The male was soon de-arrested after more thorough checks were made. One hand shake later, I was on my way. 🙂

Also: I dealt with a contentious land issue in Popley East. This will be resolved through solicitors..fingers crossed..

23rd- Many miles of patrolling Popley, Oakridge, Winklebury. Just when I was totally exhausted and on route back to the station, I located a male wanted on a warrant, and in possession of cannabis. I arrested the male.
Late off 😦 Special thanks to my stooge PC Ian Hoile, for booking the male into custody, whilst I completed the handover.

24th- More miles of great cycling through all the hotspot areas in Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury. Between the cycling there were many call ons/re-assurance visits throughout Popley.

In other news: There has been a series of copper pipe thefts in the Popley area in recent weeks. If you have information on the subject please call in on tel: 101.

Also: PCSO Addison Maker held an open meeting at the Popley Fields community centre to discuss the ‘No Ball Games’ signs. Issues surrounding ball games in these areas, on Abbey Road, are a current priority.

25th- Today PC Ian Hoile and I drove Half way to Cardiff to pick up two young people that thought it would be funny to run away!!
It’s not funny or indeed safe.

In other news: A member of public reported a suspicious vehicle, apparently dumped in Pershore Road. I have reported this to the council: FixMyStreet

26th- Rest Day.

27th- Rest Day.

28th- Rest Day.

29th- Rest Day.

30th- Rest Day.

31st- I crewed up with PCSO Addison Maker for horrid Halloween patrols of Popley! See you next month 🙂

In other news: There has been many thefts of copper pipes from the Popley area. (More Information)


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