September 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

Posted: August 30, 2012 in police

1st- Rest Day.

2nd- Rest Day.

3rd- PCSO Addison Maker and I crewed up with PC Ian Davies for Patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Lovely sunshine again! Nothing of note.

In other news: I attended Chineham business park after reports that travellers had moved into the Limes Park area. I met with the traveller liaison office (Geoff Scrutton) at the site. Tomorrow, the council will serve the travellers with papers to leave the area.

4th- Patrols of all the Popley hotspots, including Carpenters Down Woods, after recent reports of motorbikes riding around. Check out the photo gallery for some posey pictures of PC Ian Davies, and PCSO Addison Maker, in Carpenters Down Woods.

In other news: I arrested a male at the front of the train station. The male was wanted for breaching a court order. Unfortunately for him, it was too late to attend court so, he will be with us until the morning then off to court.

5th- PC Ian Hoile and I assisted with shift cover today. Not a bad day. We dealt with a domestic assault, a possible breach of bail conditions, and a lady who was receiving unwanted sexual text messages.

In other news; Later in the day PCSO Addison Maker and I attended the War Memorial Park for a photo shoot! Looks like we will have our ugly mugs plastered around the police station! I do hope the force photographer captured my best side!

6th- Rest Day.

7th- I crewed up with PC Ian Davies and PCSO Addison Maker to patrol Popley, and Oakridge. It was so quiet in Popley, and Oakridge, that I decided to try Winklebury. Whilst on route, I located a male with a large bag of herbal cannabis in Priestley Road. I arrested the male for possession of cannabis. Later the male was interviewed and charged with the offence. See the photo gallery for a picture of the drug. I normally don’t arrest people for possession of cannabis, however it was a large amount and the chap had no fixed address. This would have meant that I couldn’t summons him, as you need to know where to send paperwork etc.

In other news: I’m sure you have all heard the expression: ‘The wheel came off’ This time it was my pedal. After a Frankenstein repair job I was good to go!

8th- late patrols of Popley and Oakridge again. It was so quiet out on the beats that I decided to help out shift officers in the town centre. I assisted with an arrest where a male had allegedly head butted and smashed an internal window at Censo bar.

In other news: I issued another £30 fixed penalty notice due to a vehicle parked on a pedestrian crossing in Ilsley Road, Marnel Park. PC Ian Davies also assisted by asking a vehicle owner to move his car after it was seen parked on the curb and bend of Ilsley Road creating a blind spot.

9th- A typical Sunday.. Quiet and relaxing.. well if you count the 30 miles PC Ian Davies and I cycled relaxing!!. It was PC Ian Davies last day with me today. Ian is a good egg and I will miss patrolling with him. Ian promises me that he will type a blog of his attachment soon!

In other news: I verbally warned a vehicle owner who had parked her entire car on the pavement along Appleton Drive. I don’t think it will happen again.

10th- I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile this evening. He’s a good old boy 😉
We patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Rooksdown. We were called to a report of a collapsed and drunken male in Falkland Road. I woke him up and he stumbled to his feet. We helped the male look for his lost trainer before he walked home a bit worse for wear.

In other news: I met with housing officers from Sentinel to discuss a nuisance address in Marnel Park. There is further work to be done.

Also: I issued a £30 fixed penalty notice after a car was seen parked fully on the footpath along Carpenters Down. The path is clearly marked pedestrian and cycle only! And yes I do have better things to do, however it was a quiet day and parking in this area is a current topic of some debate.

11th- Rest Day.

12th- Rest Day.

13th- I patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury today with PC Rich Heard and PC Karen Binney.

In other news: We assisted with a male who appeared to be drunk and collapsed in Oakridge. An ambulance was called to assist with the males welfare.

14th- All hotspots covered and nothing of note to report.

15th- Evening patrols with PCSO Addison Maker. Popley and Oakridge hotspot areas were covered as always :). We attended an abandoned 999 call in Pershore Road. Turns out it was a young lad messing about on the phone as is often the case.

In other news: I seized a large bottle of cider from a young girl near Pershore Road.

Also: I assisted with a drunk and violent male in the rear yard of the Police station. The male had been arrested after an incident in Popley.

16th- Just lovely Sunday patrols of Popley and Oakridge. Once again, no issues of note. I hope next week will be busier.

17th- Rest Day.

18th- Rest Day.

19th- I patrolled Popley, Oakridge and Winklebury with PCSO Addison Maker. We assisted with a public order incident in Winklebury and a nuisance parking issue in Oakridge.

Later, I attended Carpenters Down woods after a report of a fire. Nobody responsible for the fire was around, however I did ask the fire brigade to attend, to put it out. There have been several fires in the park in Carpenters Down wood of late and I am keen to speak to those responsible.

In other news: I took a report of a public order incident in Abbey Road. I will complete some follow up work tomorrow.

20th- In the early afternoon I cycle trained, new PCSO recruit Rob Wrightson, down at Eastrop Park. After, I completed my yearly work related evidence, for competency! Basically selling myself to the bosses to make sure I’m doing a good job!

The beats were very quiet tonight. I patrolled many miles alone and all seemed still in most parts.

In other news: I patrolled Marnel Park, and the parking looked reasonable. Well as reasonable as it gets in that place!

21st- I conducted evening patrols of Popley and Oakridge and ASB was very low in these areas.

In other news: I assisted with a public order incident in Marnel Park. A boy was arrested but later released without charge.

22nd- Rest Day.

23rd- Rest Day.

24th- The weather was appalling this morning! I did manage a short patrol prior to coming off my bike! No injuries luckily!

In other news: A chap handed himself in at the front counter of Basingstoke police station. I arrested the male on suspicion of fraud and then street bailed him to allow for the right people to interview him.

25th- I crewed up with PCSO Tarren Porter and PCSO Chris Phillips today. We patrolled Oakridge and Popley. Whilst patrolling Montserrat Road in Popley, I located a male wanted on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs. The male was arrested.

26th- This evening I patrolled Popley and Oakridge without incident.

In other news: I chaired the PSNP meeting. Click the link for the minutes: PSNP minutes

27th- I assisted with shift cover today. I dealt with a few interesting jobs. I arrested a male on suspicion of making threats to take the life of another! This sort of crime, wether genuine or not, will always be taken seriously. I have a few days off now thank goodness 😉 I need them to recharge the old batteries. Have a good weekend, and see you next month.

28th- Rest Day.

29th- Rest Day.

30th- Rest Day.


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