August 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

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1st- I was by myself this evening for patrols of the Popley area. I assisted with searching for a missing person.
Later, and whilst on-route to Popley fields community centre for a brew, I located a wanted male on Popley Way. I recognised the male and arrested him for breach of his licensing conditions with a recall to prison. This chap will spend the night at Basingstoke police station before going back to prison.

I never did get that brew!

2nd- Lonely patrols again today! I attempted and failed to capture a male on a mini scrambler riding across Popley Fields. I lost him somewhere up Crockford Lane. I got a good look at him however so it’s not over yet!

Whilst cycling down Shetland Road, I witnessed two youths on the roof of Marnel Junior School. I have sent trespass warning letters to their parents.

Later I crewed up with PCSO Richard Strauss to patrol Oakridge and Popley. We never made it to Popley as I located a male with cannabis in Doswell Way, Basingstoke. See the photo gallery for a picture of the drug. The male accepted a £80 Fixed penalty notice for possession of the drug.

In other news: I spoke to another resident today whom has parking issues in Marnel Park. Advise and an update offered.

3rd- Rest Day.

4th- Rest Day.

5th- Rest Day.

6th- I got out and about early today and attempted an arrest for one of my jobs. This was negative, but I will keep trying.

Later I crewed with PCSO Addison Maker. Whilst patrolling along The pathway between Priestley Road and Popley, I located a male with cannabis. I issued the male with an £80 fixed penalty. See the photo gallery for a picture of the drug.

In other news: I attended the Melrose Community Hall for a catch up with the residents. I also had a nice brew to set me up for the day.

7th- I was in Popley by 08:05 hours this morning. Later I crewed with PCSO Addison Maker.
All the hotspots were covered and found to be all in order.

There was concern for a female located on a bridge between Popley and Oakridge. I assisted in ensuring her well being and she was escorted safely away.

In other news: We both attended the Popley fields community centre for our monthly beat surgery. As always nobody turned up. Hopefully that means all is well in Popley.

Also.. PCSO Addison Maker and I attended the wooded area behind Carters Drive and near to Everest Community College. We received a report of a bonfire and a large tent. On attendance it was clear that youths had set up a camp site. The fire brigade were already on site and were putting the fire out. See the photo gallery.

8th- More early patrols of Popley today. I located a male in Abbey Road smoking a cannabis joint for breakfast. The male had already received a cannabis street warning so I issued him an £80 fixed penalty notice.

Later I arrested a boy on suspicion of criminal damage and causing a danger to road users. The boy is alleged to have thrown an object from a bridge in Popley in June. The object hit a vehicle causing damage. The boy was charged with both offences. (Gazette Link)

9th- Rest Day.

10th- Tonight I was committed with something we affectionately call ‘poo watch’. This is when a person is suspected to have plugged drugs. Two officers keep constant observations on the person, in custody, until they pass the drug. Not the most pleasant job in the world but necessary.

In other news: The Popley team are investigating a strong smell of cannabis coming from a flat in Longbourne Place, Priestley Road. Some people are under the illusion it is ok to smoke the drug in their home. It’s still a class B drug and a criminal offence to possess the drug.

11th- Shift Cover. Tonight I was allocated van driver and missing person hunter extraordinaire! I didn’t locate the two kids who had intentionally run away. I did cover many miles however, searching many places, and making many enquiries.

12th- Back to my beat work today in Popley. I further investigated the cannabis smell in Longbourn Place. I am narrowing the gap to who is stinking out the place!

In other news: A male ran from me and into the alleyways off of Shetland Road. After a textbook chase, using by trusty new bike ‘The Carthorse 2’, I located the male hiding in a residents back garden. Sweating like crazy and breathing very heavily, the male informed me he had ran because he thought he was wanted. According to the police system he wasn’t, so I let him go. I did get a rare apology though for wasting my time!

13th- I got absolutely drenched during my patrols today! I arrested two people on suspicion of theft in Oakridge. Later I would de-arrest them and contemporaneously interview them. I then reported the couple for the offence of theft.

In other news: Issues in Melrose Walk have now calmed to an acceptable level. We had been receiving many reports reference ASB and criminal damage but things have improved. We will continue to patrol however to ensure things stay calm.

14th- Rest Day.

15th- Rest Day.

16th- Today PC Ian Davies started his 1 month attachment with me. This is his final attachment in his training. The first job of the day was to assess his cycling abilities. He passed with flying colours. Later we attended Marnel Park for a walkabout and to discuss parking issues with varies agencies. See my 11th beat blog for the full story. (Click Here)

In other news: CSPO Alan Wilkinson had located a male with cannabis in the War Memorial Park. PC Ian Davies and attended and seized the drug. See the photo gallery. The male was arrested for possession of cannabis by PC Davies.

17th- A great days cycling today in the sun. 20 miles in total. In the morning a female handed herself in at the front counter at Basingstoke police station. I arrested the female for failing to attend court.

In other news: later I would attend Hackwood Road on the request of the CSPO’s. CSPO Alan Wilkinson had detained a male with cannabis. I issues the male with a cannabis street warning.

Also: A red Volvo has been dumped on Oxford Way, at the junction of Marston Walk. I have reported the car to the council for pick up. (Fix My Street Report)

18th- Rest Day.

19th- Another 20 mile’r in the glorious sunshine today. All the hotspot areas were patrolled. No issues or news of note today.

20th- Today I crewed up with PCSO Pete Windust for Patrols of Popley and Oakridge. We had spoken to CSPO Paul Bowman in Oakridge and updated him with people we were looking for.
A short while later CSPO Paul Bowman called me up to inform me that he had seen a boy from my list. I attended the area and I located the boy on Vyne Road. I arrested the boy on suspicion of theft from a motor vehicle. Good team effort from the Popley team.

21st- Rest Day.

22nd- PC Ian Davies and I crewed up again this evening for patrols. We decided to go via the ‘War Memorial Park’ on the way to Popley. Not our greatest plan… A member of public flagged me down to inform me that a male had been lying face-down in a field for a number of hours. I checked on the welfare of the male. He was fine, but told me that he was wanted! Sure enough, a few minutes later I has arrested the male on suspicion of making threats to kill, and threats to cause criminal damage. A short while later I had also arrested the male on suspicion of breaching his restraining order. For the males safety he had to be under constant observation whilst at Basingstoke Police Station. PC Davies and I took it in turns looking after him.

In other news: I did manage a few hours patrolling my beat. All the relevant areas were patrolled and found to be all in order.

23rd- This evening I was drafted in to guard a scene in Southampton. (More Info)

24th- PC Ian Davies and I conducted late patrols of Popley and Oakridge. It was a very quiet evening.

PC Davies did seize some strong cider from a young girl in Abbey Road! That’s as good as it got on this wet and windy night.

25th- Rest Day.

26th- Rest Day.

27th- Rest Day.

28th- Rest Day.

29th- Summer is over!! Horrid weather to start the day. It brightened up a bit later. I crewed with PCSO Addison Maker to patrol all the Popley hotspots. I very quiet evening and nothing to report.

In other news: PCSO Maker and I, did a call-on in Pitcairn Close following reports of youths riding motorbikes in Carpenters Down woods. The youths were under the mistaken illusion that this was legal. They were warned, that if it happened again, they risk losing their bikes and attending court. See the photo gallery for the bikes. Call 101 if you see the bikes out and about.

Also: I met with Carys Baptist of Sentinel Housing to discuss a problem address in Marnel Park. On-going work is being conducted to resolve the issues.

30th- I patrolled Popley and Oakridge with PC Ian Davies and PCSO Addison Maker. As always we patrolled the hotspots. Marnel Park was patrolled and although there were cars parked on pavements, none were parked dangerously.

In other news: I attended the council offices to help sign up a ‘Dog Owner Control Contract’ following issues with a dog in Melrose Walk.

Also.. Two vehicle owners have been verbally warned in Carpenters Down. The two white vans were parked on a cycle and pedestrian path near to crossing points and in my option in a dangerous position. The two owners were compliant and moved the vans.

31st- Rest Day. See you in September.


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