The #FedsOnPeds ride ‘The Big Wheel’ (Beat Blog 10)

Posted: July 24, 2012 in PCSO, police

On the 22nd of July 2012, five Safer Neighbourhood Officers took part in the ‘Big Wheel’. We all wore yellow T-Shirts with #FedsOnPeds @BasingstokeCops emblazoned on the back.
The yearly cycle event is for charity. This year, St Michaels Hospice received the charity funds. The five SNT officers taking part were: Sgt Paul Markham, PC Rich Heard, PCSO Pete Windust, PCSO Tarren Porter, and I!
We started the event at Down Grange, and there was a good turnout. PCSO Rose Hewson and others had set up an SNT stand, to offer general crime advice and, to security mark bikes. 116 bikes in total were marked up and registered with ‘Immobilise’. After a few bananas, and water, we were off.
The course was mostly through lovely rural settings. Working in Basingstoke, you sometimes forget how much greenery is just on your doorstep. The first 51 miles, of the 52 miles route, were the hardest in my opinion!
My personal ride was dedicated to the memory of Ken Frankum. Ken was the devoted husband of Popley’s, Hampshire County Councillor, Jane Frankum. Ken sadly passed away a year ago. When I was finding it tough going, I reminded myself of Ken and his family and that got me through. Throughout the ride there was great banter between the team, and it made me realise how close we had all become. I would trust anyone from the team, to help me, in a tricky situation. Although the day was a happy occasion it was also the final ride out with Sgt Paul Markham. Sgt Markham has been promoted to acting inspector for the Andover Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Sgt Markham is the most pro-active and best Sgt I have ever worked with. We are all very sad to see him go.
The team of #FedsOnPeds arrived back in Basingstoke in just under five hours. When we arrived, a police response car escorted us onto the Down Grange field. We received a warm receptions from members of the public who had gathered at the finishing line. We were all given a nice little medal and more water. At the time of typing this we raised near on £500 for charity. I’m pleased with that! You can still sponsor us as the sponsor page will be open for another month (St Michaels Hospice)


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