July 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

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2nd- I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile again today. We patrolled Popley and Oakridge in the rain! All the usual hotspot areas were patrolled.

In other news: I patrolled In and around Everest Community College after reports of trespass and drugs misuse. Nothing untoward located today, but I will keep trying.

3rd- It was another rainy, and miserable, summer day in Basingstoke. I decided to do a spot of early patrolling to get the full experience. Within half an hour of leaving the police station I had arrested three males near Edison Road, on suspicion of being illegal immigrants. I had cycled towards the area after reports of three men exiting a truck on Edison Road. The men were very hungry after a long ride from France. You wouldn’t believe the paperwork involved with this job!! Oh well, it kept me dry ;). *update* the three men were here illegally and were all deported.

4th- In the early afternoon I attended Whitchurch police station. I completed the second part of my work Blackberry training. I am now able to access my work folders and take evidential photos using the device.

Later I crewed with PC Ian Hoile for patrols of Rooksdown. We didn’t make it into Popley as there were a couple of incidents of note. We heard reports of a large scale disorder near Water Tower Way. On attending we could see lots of people shouting and grouped together. It was clear something big and bad had taken place. We managed to separate several parties and take down details. The investigation is on-going. Whilst I was in the middle of the commotion, a member of public reported to me that her child had been approached by a male who made lewd remarks. I conducted an area search, but I couldn’t locate the male. I am the investigating officer for this job now, and I have several lines of enquiry. (Gazette Article)

5th- In the early afternoon I retuned to work. I still had a fair amount of paperwork to complete after yesterday’s Rooksdown incident.

In other news: I took two statements in relation to a criminal damage that occurred on the 27th of June 2012. On that date a person had thrown a large piece of wood off a bridge between Popley and Oakridge. Luckily nobody was hurt, however damage was caused to a vehicle.

Also.. Tonight I attended Popley fields community centre for the quarterly ‘Popley Safer Neighbourhood Panel’ meeting. The new priorities for Popley are: 1) Drugs issues in Popley 2) Garage breaks in Popley 3) Trespass on school grounds. These will be priorities until the end of September 2012.
You can view community priorities in the ‘Crime Reports’ website. This will show updates from the team, including patrols, and public updates.
The contentious issue of parking was also a big discussion during the PSNP meeting. I explained to members that PC Chris Brindley and I would do what we can, however we must focus our attention on criminal matters that affect the whole community. Marnel Park is an example of too few car parks and too many cars. No amount of penalty tickets will change that. We will however issue tickets when deemed appropriate.

6th- Rest Day

7th- Rest Day. Although it was a rest day, I attended the Merton School summer fete. The weather was rubbish, however lots of people turned up, and spirits were high! I won a prize at the pitch and putt, and a lolly in the raffle, so a highly successful police/community operation in my opinion! CSPO Dan White also attended the event. Check our mug shot on the PSNP gallery.

In other news: On the 22nd of July 2012, I will be taking part in the ‘Big Wheel’. This charity event will hopefully see me and the team, complete a 52 mile bike ride, around Basingstoke. My ride will be dedicated to the memory of Ken Frankum who died on the 21st of July 2011. Ken was a pillar of the community, and a loyal husband to our own, Jane Frankum. You can Sponsor the #FedsOnPeds by clicking the link: (St Michael’s Hospice)

8th- Rest Day

9th- I got out early on patrol and headed straight to Marnel Park. Everyone appeared to have parked sensibly the night before. No tickets today! I then patrolled the schools of Popley East and West looking for trespassers.

10th- Today I crewed up with PCSO Addison Maker to conduct patrols across Popley. We completed several call-ons. All the hotspots were patrolled.

11th- Well, what a day! I was lucky enough to represent the #FedsOnPeds during the Olympic torch relay today in Basingstoke. Massive crowds gathered to witness the event. Nobody was hurt and most had a great time. Traffic was chaos though but it doesn’t happen often so…
See the PSNP gallery for a couple of photos from the day.

12th- Rest Day

13th- ‘Farnborough Air Show’ A great first day for me.. Lots of cycling and some great planes. See the photo gallery.

14th- ‘Farnborough Air Show’ My second day! No incidents of note so just a great day!

15th- Today I was back on my beat and patrolling with PCSO Pete Windust. In the morning we patrolled Marnel Park. This area has been heavily patrolled in recent months due to ASB and bad parking reports. Although there were many residents parked on pavements today, none were parked dangerously in my opinion. I am aware that there are some residents who believe issuing tickets to all on pavements is the answer.. I don’t however.
In the afternoon PCSO Windust and I assisted with safety patrols around ‘Basingstoke Live’ Everyone appeared to be having a good time.

16th- In the morning, PCSO Addison Maker patrolled Marnel Park. There were no obvious signs of cars parked dangerously.
Later I patrolled Popley. I also took two statements in relation to the bridge incident on the 27th of June where a piece of wood was thrown from the bridge, hitting a vehicle.

In other news: A member of public reported that a large number of cars were parked on grass verges outside the Everest Community Academy. There had apparently been a large event at the school and the outside of the school had been used as an overspill. I will be liaising with the head teacher over the matter.

17th- Rest Day

18th- Rest Day

19th- I crewed up with Karen Binney for patrols of Popley and Winklebury. No issues today.

In other news: A ‘Parking’ meeting has been arranged by Ben Howard of the ‘Strategic Transport Group’ from Hampshire County Council. This meeting will take place at or near the Barrington Drive Roundabout, sometime in August 2012. This follows several complaints from residents with reference to traffic issues in Marnel Park. The issues include parking on pavements and speeding through the estate.

20th- In the morning I attended ‘Costello Tech College’ to take a statement from a pupil in relation to a criminal damage.
Later I crewed with PC Ian Hoile to conduct patrols of Popley and Rooksdown. I patrolled the Popley ‘free running site’ and met with (Chase Armitage).
Chase is a very well known ‘free runner’ and athlete, and was filming some of his moves up at the site. It is such a shame that the site recently experienced Arson.

In other news: I received my new bike today.. The (Carthorse 2) I will be using my old bike until after the ‘Big Wheel’ on the 22nd of July.

21st- I attended an address in Brighton Hill on the request of the shift Sgt. As an ‘enforcer’ trained officer I occasionally smash doors down. An elderly lady had fallen in her address and the ambulance service had requested we attend to enforce the door. I managed to gain entry without too much damage, and the lady was safe and well.

In other news: I attended the ‘Winklebury Carnival’ to assist with traffic control along Winklebury Way. I was in a police-car (panda) for a change. See the photo gallery for a picture from the event.

22nd- I took part in the ‘Big Wheel’ today. The team from the #FedsOnPeds consisted of Sgt Paul Markham, PC Rich Heard, PCSO Pete Windust, PCSO Tarren Porter and I. We completed the 52 miles in just under 5 hours. Great day and great weather for it. The ‘Carthorse 1’ is now retired and from now on, I will be using my new bike. See the photo gallery for photos from the day. *update* (Blog of the event)

In other news: Sgt Paul Markham has been promoted, and today was his last day with the #FedOnPeds from Basingstoke. Sgt Markham has been a fantastic boss for our team and I wish him all the best for the future. Sgt Markham will start his new role as acting Inspector in Andover from Wednesday. Andover are lucky to have him!

23rd- Rest Day

24th- Rest Day

25th- What a scorcher! It felt like the hottest day of the year to me.
I patrolled all the Popley hotspots including the schools. I took a statement in relation to a suspected illegal dog breed incident. The dog had allegedly killed a pet rabbit in Popley East.
I also conducted several call ons in relation to ongoing work on my account.

In other news: Evening patrols of Marnel Park were conducted. No dangerous parking seen today.

26th- I patrolled most of Popley today in the beautiful sunshine. A member of public reported seeing a snake in Shakespeare Road. On attendance I located the snake and owner. The snake, a Boa Constrictor named ‘Bo’ currently has a skin condition, and the owner was letting the snake soak up the moisture from the grass. The snake was in the middle of a field and far from the public so I was happy nobody was going to get hurt. See the photo gallery for a picture of ‘Bo’
Later I was patrolling Melrose Walk when I cycled up behind a youth smoking a cannabis joint. The male was reported for reprimand. See the photo gallery for a pic of the cannabis and grinder.

27th- Tonight I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile to patrol the Popley and Rooksdown hotspots.

In other news: Whilst conducting patrols in Marnel Park, I located a car parked in Barrington Drive, causing an unnecessary obstruction. I tried to locate the owner, however I couldn’t so I issued a £30 Fixed Penalty Notice on the windscreen.

28th- Rest Day

29th- Rest Day

30th- I crewed up with PCSO Pete Windust today. We patrolled many miles through Popley and Oakridge. No real issues today.

In other news: We assisted in the search for missing 80 year old, Francis Ebbs.

Also… I checked in on the Melrose Community Centre. The residents were having a coffee morning.

31st- A great day for cycling today. I covered many miles. PCSO Paul Bowman located a male with cannabis in Basing View. Paul called me on my police radio and I attended from Popley and issued the male with a cannabis street caution.

In other news: I met with housing officer Louise Brown, to discuss two addresses of note in Popley.


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