June 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

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1st- I assisted with shift cover today. At the start of the shift, I dealt with an elderly shop lifter at Wilkinson’s. I issues the female with a community resolution. The first time offender was very apologetic. The wrinkle cream was returned to the shelf!
I also helped locate a missing child. Or rather, a defiantly late home child!

2nd to the 5th- Rest days plus bank holiday.

6th and 7th- I attended Winchester Crown Court on both days, for the start of a trial, relating to a job I investigated last year.

8th, 9th and 10th- Rest Days.

11th- Today PC Ian Hoile and I assisted shift with a flood on the A33. We stood guard at the Chineham shopping centre roundabout. The flood was by the Audi garage and near the red man roundabout. Highways informed us that the road could be blocked for up to 24 hours! The day was a total washout!!
I also learnt that my brand new boots weren’t waterproof!!

12th- Training day. MDT or ‘mobile data terminal’ training at Whitchurch.

13th- I took part in ‘Operation Nemesis’ today. It was a very proactive and fruitful day! I issued 3 cannabis cautions in Oakridge. I also issued another cannabis caution in Popley and I reported a male for summons for possession of cannabis. Unfortunately, the harder you work, the more paperwork you attract!!!

In other news: There has been a number of ‘ASB’ reports about kids playing knock and run on Melrose Walk. Other issues include, criminal damage to motor-vehicles. The multi agencies are looking into this.

Also… Complaints about inconsiderate parking in Marnel Park continue. Further work is underway to find a partial resolution. This type of issue is very difficult to resolve for a number of reasons. in the past the local team has conducted letter drops in the relevant areas, and call on’s, with advice to the car owners. Consideration will be given to issuing fixed penalties if matters cannot be resolved in other ways.

14th- Rest Day.

15th- I was on standby this evening for ‘Football Patrols’, incase there were issues in the town centre, following the England match. As it turned out we beat Sweden 3/2 and all was well!

In other news: Patrols were conducted to prevent issues in Melrose Walk. One youth was taken home, and spoken to with his parents, following criminal damage, and knock and run incidents. I also took a statement from a resident of Melrose Walk in relation to his car getting keyed. Work to identify suspect(s) is underway.

Also…. A letter has been drawn up to deliver to residents in a number of streets in Marnel Park. Residents will be requested to park more considerately. The letters will hopefully be delivered by the CSPO’s as soon as possible. Failing that, I will deliver them myself, when I can.

16th- I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile and PC Karen Binney for evening/late ASB patrols of several beats. A very quiet evening, however some ASB reported in Bermuda Close, and an address in Winklebury.

In other news: I have received a work blackberry phone!! ‘Gadget alert’ I will soon be able to access work emails and update jobs on the go. Hopefully this will mean I can spend longer in the community whilst staying in touch.

17th- Due to a couple of serious incidents in the Brighton Hill/Kempshot area, I was asked to conduct high Visibility patrols today. I crewed with PC Karen Binney, and we covered 28 miles on bike, in the drizzle.

In other news: As you may have gathered, I have been busy with various different operations, and work not related to Popley. I haven’t forgotten you all, and I will get back to Popley as much as possible. We are still down 2 x PCSO’s.

18th- I was all by myself today! Normally I double crew on late duties for obvious reasons. Today my usual crew mates were on a course. I managed to get some good patrolling in, in Popley. On my way back to the station I located a male smoking cannabis on the path near Priestley Road. I had seized cannabis from this male before! He cheekily asked me..

‘couldn’t you have just rode past me’

I guess I could, but it’s not likely. The male also had a bag of cannabis in his trousers. By this time he was getting desperate and stated “I thought you could only search someone if there were two of you” My reply was “You need to get off the weed” 🙂

In other news: I patrolled all the Popley hotspots. I have also booked the next PSNP meeting for early July.

19th and 20th- Rest Days.
20th- CSPO Paula James-Bailey delivered letters to the relevant areas of Marnel Park today. The letters are to plead with residents to park more considerately.

21st- Today I attended Whitchurch police station for ‘Crime Reports’ training. You can check crime reports out yourself at http://www.crimereports.co.uk

In other news: In the afternoon, I completed the summons file for the chap from the 18th.

22nd- For the next run of lates I will be on ‘football duties’
I will however still get the opportunity to patrol my beat unless the wheel comes off. Tonight I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile and we conducted patrols in Popley. Especially the hotspot areas. Marnel Park was patrolled and most vehicles were parked safety. I did however issue a £30 FPN to a vehicle parked on the junction of Barrington Drive/Penton Way.
As Ian is the Rooksdown beat manager we patrolled a bit of Rooksdown. As soon as we got to Watertower Way I located a male with a familiar and pungent smell!! No not his socks.. Cannabis! This male had already received a cannabis warning a few months back, however as luck would have it, he was eligible for an £80 fixed penalty notice. An expensive bag of weed his friends jested.. See the photo gallery on the PSNP site to see the drug.

23rd- Evening patrols of Popley and Oakridge. A fairly quiet evening.

I started to take details of a theft of bike report in Oakridge.. It turned out the bike was borrowed, but not brought back in time. Not really the same thing!

In other news: I submitted paperwork for a ‘Dog owner control contract’ after a number of reports of a dog running around barking and snarling at people in Melrose Walk.

24th- At the start of my evening shift, I assisted TPT officers by arrested a female on suspicion of assault. I handed the job onto the investigation team.
Later I was on town centre patrols for the England game.
It was A typical quiet Sunday night, up until England lost to penalties. My crew mate, PC Ian Hoile arrested a male on suspicion of criminal damage at ‘Pure Bar.’
I took a statement of the incident.

I also issued a male with a section 27 Violent crime reduction dispersal after an alcohol related public order incident on Wote Street.

In other news: PCSO Richard Strauss delivered another 100 letters in Marnel Park ref: inconsiderate parking.
An amended version of the letter will also be going out in the next ‘Popley Matters’ community newspaper.

25th and 26th- Rest days.

27th- I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile today. Our first job of the day was to assist the council with the traveller encampment on Chineham Park field, along Shakespeare Road. The travellers moved directly from the field, to Don Allen Drive. On-going multi agency work continued, and the travellers finally left Popley.

In other news: I conducted patrols of Marnel Park, and I spoke to one resident, who was experiencing parking issues.

28th- In the early afternoon I attended Merton Junior school after a report of trespass. Part of the school is currently undergoing a refurbishment and it would appear that youths have been messing about on site.

At 16:30 hours I attended the War Memorial Park with most of the North and South beat teams. The force photographer, Jan Brayley, had arrived to take team photos. We didn’t get heckled too badly 😉

In other news: later, PC Ian Hoile and I, crewed up to patrol Popley and Rooksdown. I issued a male with a verbal warning, for shouting and swearing, in the street.

29th- I crewed up with Popley’s new PCSO, Addison Maker. We patrolled the Popley hotspots and parts of Oakridge.
For a Friday night it was fairy quiet.

In other news: Sometime in the last week, someone has set the free running site on fire! I imagine this will now be demolished. Such a shame. See the photo gallery.


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