April 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

1st- The final Operation Slipstream!! šŸ˜¦ Well for the time being. Slipstream has been a highly successful operation, tacking violent crime, in the town centre. I will miss it, however, it will be great to just concentrate on my beat for a bit! Especially after losing two of the team recently :/

Past midnight, I heard a call out on the radio from ‘Bar Rock’ Door-staff had detained a male suspected to be involved in drugs. I searched the male and located a rock of cocaine. I arrested the male, and he was later given a caution.

Even earlier in the morning I located a male on May Place, without his top on! As it was cold out, this surprised me! I was soon arresting the male on suspicion of criminal damage to May Place House, and section 5 of the public order act. The male was shouting and swearing at me all the way to custody!! Don’t worry I can take it šŸ˜‰ The male was later charged with both offences, and he was remanded for court on Monday.

2nd- A male that had previously arrested, for drugs offences, handed himself in at the front counter. I arrested him for failing to appear at court.

3rd- Paperwork and more paperwork boo

4th- I patrolled Oakridge and Popley today, including Barrington Drive, a current hot spot area. The beats were very quiet.

In other news: I attended the Melrose Community Hall, coffee morning. I was offered a cup of tea and a lovely hot cross bun. I like hearing all the old stories about officers giving kids a clip around the ear. I try to explain to the elderly residents, that things have changed, but some don’t listen šŸ˜‰

10th- First day back after 4 days off. I caught up with some paperwork. Later I patrolled Oakridge, and Popley with PCSO Tarren Porter. I took details of a suspicious incident that occurred along Popley Way. The incident was soon resolved however.

In other news: After several complaints, about an address, in Barrington Drive, I have arranged a meeting with the residents to discuss ways to resolve the issues. This will take place on the 12th of April. I will let you know how it goes.

Also..I gave a bike induction to an officer on an attachment to the, ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Team’. So if you saw us doing seemingly silly manoeuvres in Eastrop Park… That’s our excuse šŸ˜‰

11th- I managed to get out on patrols early. I mostly patrolled Marnel Park, and Popley West. I took more statements in relation to a recent criminal damage in Marnel Park.

12th- I patrolled Oakridge and Popley, and all seemed pretty calm. I took a statement, on behalf of the Oakridge team, in relation to to a shoplifting.

In other news: I attended a ‘Popley Festival’ meeting in preparation for the 20th of May. I have been tasked to locate lots of police cones for the event. These will be used along Carpenters Down. Parking will only be permitted on the field.

Later, I attended another meeting with Hampshire County Councillor, Jane Frankum, and residents from Barrington Drive. The meeting was to discuss anti social behaviour at a particular address. On-going work is being conducted to resolve the issues.

13th- A lovely day for patrols!

I attended an address in Barrington Drive to issue a verbal warning to a teen after several ASB reports.

In other news: I was flagged down by a home care nurse. She couldn’t get a patient to answer the door of his address, and it was the first time she had attended the address. After scaling the back fence and wading through a Jurassic garden, I managed to wake the chap by banging on the back door. It turns out the poor chap is a diabetic with narcolepsy. He was all in order and I resumed.

Also.. A number of residents are currently up in arms over parking issues in Marnel Park. Marnel Park is one of the newer areas in Popley, and the roads are un-adopted. I am told that each address should have parking for 1.7 cars!!! Lots of families have two or more cars so I can see how things could get out of hand. The problem with Marnel Park is there are many many cars breaching some kind of traffic violation. This could be cars parked on pavements/parked inconsiderately/too close to junctions etc. On a case by case basis some vehicle owners will be asked to park more considerately. Although a pain to some, parking issues are not a policing priority in Popley. That would be a full time job!

17th- Training day in Alton. A refresher day on ‘intelligence’ and first aid.

18th- Residents had made several complaints as per my entries on the 12th and 13th, about an address in Barrington Drive. After lots of emails between residents, police, and agencies, and a meeting. The landlady listened, and the tenant was evicted. Drugs, criminal damage, and ASB are not welcome in Popley.

In other news: I spoke to a friendly resident, of Marnel Park, about her parking on a junction. She was unaware there was an issue and happily moved the car.

20th- I was on a late duty today. I did some evening patrols of Marnel Park and took a statement from a victim of an assault.

Later whilst back on-route to my beat I located a female shouting and swearing in the street of ‘Old Reading Road’ after so many chances to leave, I arrested her on suspicion of section 5 of the public order act. The female was later charged and bailed to attend court.

Even later I assisted shift officers with a disturbance in Castons yard. I located a male that had been wanted for some time. I arrested the male on suspicion of assault.

21st- I patrolled all the hotspot ares in Popley, however, it was a very quiet night.

In other news: I issued a youth with a YRD or ‘Youth Restorative Disposal’ after a public order incident in Marnel Park.



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