March 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

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1st- In the morning I assisted shift officers by attending Crockford Lane. A member of public had reported that travellers had moved on to the site. I attended, however, the travellers had moved on. As luck would have it though, I located a male smoking cannabis on the same road. The male was given a cannabis caution.

In other news: I patrolled the hotspot areas in Popley but the night was fairly quiet.

2nd- Another busy night for the #FedsOnPeds. I crewed up with PC Rich Heard to conduct patrols in Popley, and Oakridge. As always, the hotspot areas were heavily patrolled. I located a male smoking cannabis outside the Ponijay public house. The male was given a cannabis street warning.

In other news: The usual team crewed up for Operation Slipstream in the town centre (Tackling violent crime) The team dispersed 4 people, and arrested 2. One for failing to disperse, and one for failing to provide details for a dispersal to be issued. We were sworn at more times than normal tonight! Saturday night may be a rough night judging by tonight’s standards!

*observation* Drugs are prolific in Basingstoke. We seize drugs off people daily. Usually cannabis/cocaine and heroin. There is also a batch of valium (diazepam) doing the rounds at the moment. People ask me if I think cannabis should be legalised. I am quite happy that we will never solve the drugs issue, however, if we fail to enforce the drugs laws there would be chaos in my opinion. Most normal people won’t even know there are drugs about (thankfully) but they are there in our communities, and towns, wrecking lives. We will do all we can to prevent drugs on the streets. The Basingstoke Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are more robust than ever, with drug offenders, and we are always working on ways to tackle the problem.

3rd- Operation Slipstream round 2! The night was hectic but very enjoyable. I reported another male for possession of cannabis after door staff at Lloyds Bar smelt cannabis on a male. PC Rich Heard arrested a male for possession of cocaine and assault. We also dispersed a few drunken volatile people. All our live tweet updates can be found on twitter along with photos @BasingstokeCops.

4th- Paperwork day 😦 I need a PA.

7th- Patrols of Oakridge and Popley with PC Rich Heard. I located a male smoking a spliff in Normanton Rd. the male received a cannabis caution. PC heard also located a male smoking cannabis.

8th- I crewed up with PCSO Tarren Porter, and PCSO Pete Windust. As we entered Oakridge, on Norn Hill, I stop checked a male. The male was wanted for recall to prison. The male also had stolen beauty products. 2 arrests for the price of one.

9th- Prior to Op Slipstream I arrested a female for breaching her court orders. That took a bit of time to sort out. During Op Slipstream I crewed up with PC Karen Binney. Whilst we were at the top of town a male jumped on me, taking me to the ground. Bit rude! Anyway, he was arrested by me for assault police, and section 5 of the public order act, as he was very vocal. PC Binney issued a female with a fixed penalty notice for some bad behaviour. PC Rich Heard on the other team, arrested a male on suspicion of assault. Good nights work!

In other news: CSPOs Paul Bowman and Dan White of the Popley crew located a stolen motorbike in Oakridge. Two suspects were arrested by the #FedsOnPeds in connection with the bike.

12th- A cannabis factory was located, in Orkney Close, over the weekend. I assisted with taking it down. All related Photo’s can be found in the @BasingstokeCops website. (Photo Link)

14th- Op Slipstream patrols in Popley/Oakridge/Town Centre/Chineham. I located a male in Normanton Road with cannabis. The male was reported for summons. (Picture of drug)

15th- I crewed up with PC Jim Charlton to patrol most of the south beats. I issued a male with a cannabis caution in Dankworth Road. (Picture of drug)

16th and 17th- another great Op Slipstream weekend. Arrests galore! Hopefully keeping the good folk safer in the town.

In other news:
I arrested a man in Popley after an allegation that he was verbally abusive, and threatening, to staff at Tesco Express. Such incidents are impactive on the wider community, and I will be robust when taking action.

19th- I crewed up with PC Rich Heard today. We patrolled Popley and Oakridge. Not much going on! Just nice sunny patrols.

22nd- ‘Popley Day Of Action’ Today, ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Officers’ from all over Basingstoke took part in the day. PCSO’s were static at three points: 1) Tesco Express on Carpenters Down/Fastfare on Abbey Road/One Stop on Shakespeare Road. Crime prevention advice was given out to members of the public. SNT beat managers were involved in drugs warrants, and pro-active patrols. I located a male smoking cannabis near Shakespeare Rd. I issued the male with a cannabis caution..Later I located a male on a stolen mountain bike in Priestley Road. I arrested the male and he was later charged.

Basingstoke Observer Article, in relation to the day:

Day set aside for making Popley safer
Police are set to hit Popley streets on Thursday to give out a host of crime prevention advice to residents.

Officers from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) will set up in Fast Fayre convenience store, on Abbey Road, and at One Stop in Shakespeare Road, from 10am to 6pm as part of their day of action.

Residents will be Invited to learn methods to on how to secure homes and keep vehicles safe from thieves.

PC Dan Carter said: “We want to offer the people of Popley a chance to come and meet their local officers and get any crime prevention advice they may need.

“We would always encourage people to keep their home, valuables and vehicles secure at all times. The simple message is lock it or lose it.”

SNT officers will also visit Marnel Infant and Junior schools, on Shetland Road, for a free bike marking session.

The security tag is designed to deter thieves, and help trace a stolen bicycle. The team will mark bikes from 11am to 12pm at the infant school, and 12pm to 1pm and the junior school.

For more information, or to contact local safer neighbourhood teams, contact 101.

24th- A very busy weekend again for the #FedsOnPeds I arrested a male for failing to provide his details, to allow me to disperse him under section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act.

25th- Sunny Sunday patrols of most areas in Popley.

26th- PC Chris Brindley chaired the PSNP quarterly meeting today. The three new priorities for Popley were voted in… 1) ASB in Sark Way 2) ASB in Barrington Drive 3) Drugs issues across Popley.

31st- Community tension has been running high lately, due to a group of youths causing ASB in Marnel Park. I arrested a boy on suspicion of criminal damage to a car in Egerton Drive. The boy has been bailed for further evidence gathering. Patrols have been increased to tackle the issues.

A busy month for the Popley Team. PCSO Phil Rapley will be leaving us soon, so he has been preparing PCSO Rich Strauss for the beat. Rich will be the temporary replacement until a Permanent PCSO joins us.

*Phil stayed a bit longer to help out*


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