February 2012 (PC DC Beat Diary)

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

5th- PCSO’s from Basingstoke, Safer Neighbourhoods Team, helping out with a gas explosion on Abbey Road (BBC report)

13th- My first day back at work this month! It’s always nerve racking coming back to work after a holiday. The day is pretty much written off with paperwork, and those dreaded emails. I had about 120 to wade through, and many with read receipts. So, it’s not as easy as just deleting them ;). In the afternoon I did something more fun..I twitter trained PC Matt Sard from the Basingstoke Investigation team. Look-out for tweets from his team on @BasingstokeCops.

14th- Happy Valentines day everyone. Today I managed to get out on my bike early. Miles of patrolling Popley, and Oakridge. I reported some fly tipping, and damage to a bus stop. This was reported to the council, via FixMyStreet. Good little phone app. I also reported on a burst water-main on Cayman Close. Later I assisted PC Karen Binney, after she arrested several males in Popley, on suspicion of possession of class A drugs.
Karen gets all the glory and I’m typing this whilst looking after one of her suspects! Swings and roundabouts so they say.

15th- A very slow day today. There were a number of ASB reports about youths throwing stones at builders on Popley Way. Patrols dispersed a large group of youths. The bus-stop on Popley Way, reported yesterday, has been further damaged today. Please call 101 if you know who is responsible.

In other news: the Popley team continue to patrol the three core priority areas: i.e: 1) ASB Sark Way 2) Drug issues in Pitcairn Close 3) Arson in Popley. There has been a marked reduction in all 3 issues.

16th- I attended Alton Maltings Centre today. I completed a refresher day on investigations.

In other news: I’m looking forward to Operation Slipstream this weekend. It’s warm so there should be a few arrests for the team!

17th- In the afternoon I patrolled Popley and Oakridge with Sgt Paul Markham. Sgt Markham is the most pro-active Sgt I have ever known. Always willing to get his hands dirty and a real motivator to our team. We patrolled the Popley Hotspot areas and all was in order.

We received reports of youths causing ASB at the Melrose Community Centre. On attendance a large group of youths were dispersed. The area has been subject to criminal damage and verbal abuse by a number of youths.

In other news: I crewed up with PC Mark Gallagher to patrol the town centre for another weekend of Operation Slipstream. PC Chris Whittington made an arrest for assault in the top of town. Mark and I assisted with statements. We also dispersed a few people. I had also arrested a male for an assault, however, the aggrieved refused to cooperate, so I de-arrested the male.

18th- I crewed up with PC Chris Whittington for Operation Slipstream. A much colder and busier night in town. I located a female smoking a cannabis joint on Wote Street. Thankfully she was eligible for a cannabis street warning.

Half an hour before I was due off duty, I arrested a man for section 5 public order’

20th- I crewed up with PC Rich Heard today to conduct plain clothes cycle patrols as part of Operation Nemesis. (Burglary Op) No burglars just drug users! I located a male smoking cannabis in Falkland Road. I reported the male for summons. I also located a male smoking a spliff on Shakespeare Road. The male was given a cannabis caution. PC Heard also located a male in Westray Close with cannabis. The male received a cannabis caution. Any info on drugs then call me on 101.

21st- I patrolled all the Popley hotspots today. I took details of a criminal damage to two cars in Abbey Rd. the suspects were described as two white youths with dark hair. Both youths are aged approx 12 years old. One of the youths wore a dirty white hooded top.
I also took a harassment statement from a family that have been suffering from verbal abuse.

In other news: I reported some fly tipping to the council: (Fly Tip)

22nd- More solid patrols of Popley today. The weather was awfully windy. I took a loss statement from the victim of yesterday’s criminal damage.

In other news: I attended Peugeot on Aldermaston Rd after another theft of catalytic converter. On-going work is being conducted to prevent further thefts.

23rd- Today, I along with all Basingstoke Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, took part in the South Ham “Day of action” I issued a male with a cannabis street caution and arrested another on suspicion of burglary. Great work by everyone involved with numerous arrests/cautions/positive warrants and community engagement. Look out for the Popley “Day of action on the 23rd of March.
Sgt Paul Markham briefing the troops
My handy work during the execution of a drugs warrant.

24th- Happy Birthday to me! It wasn’t a great one to be honest. I had every intention of patrolling my beat prior to Operation Slipstream, but things went wrong. To cut a long story short.. I arrested a male in Oakridge for assaulting me as I was on-route to Popley. This created lots of paperwork, and meant I was back in the office.

In other news: I took part in Operation Slipstream after 10 pm. Town was the busiest I had seen in recent months, especially for a Friday. PC Rich Heard was on particular good form in the town, with several arrests, and one for robbery.
Also.. News that PCSO Phil Rapley will be leaving the team at the end of March. Phil will take on the new challenge of intelligence analyst. Phil is the longest serving PCSO in Basingstoke and we will all miss him.

25th- Lots of patrolling Popley, Oakridge and Chineham prior to Op Slipstream. I visited the traveller site on Don Allen Drive after reports of travellers, however they had left prior to my arrival: (Photo)

In other news: Tragic news of a hanging in Carpenters Down Woods: (Gazette Link) PCSO’s Tarren Porter and Pete Windust were on the scene guard.
The FedsOnPeds were out in town again. Many arrests and positive action from the team.

26th- Normal Sunday patrols in Popley and Oakridge. I issued an harassment warning letter to a youth, who had been verbally abusive to a family. Marnel Park was heavily patrolled after reports of ASB in the area. Several youths were verbally warned.

In other news: I attended Abbey Road in relation to a parking dispute. Hopefully this is has now been resolved.

29th- I was meant to attend court today, however, I was Stood down. I was updating the computer when a call came over the radio…An allegation that a male had indecently exposed himself. I attended the War Memorial Park and arrested the male. I handed the male over to an investigation team. Later, the male was charged and remanded for court in the morning. After I had completed more paperwork I headed into Oakridge. I located a male in Forsythia Walk with a wrap of heroin. I arrested the male. Later, the male was cautioned and released.


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