December 2011 (PSNP) results

Posted: December 1, 2011 in community, police, PSNP

1st- CSPO Paula James-Bailey and CSPO Dan White have attended Marnel school in the last week. They both engaged with an assembly looking at bullying on the estate, and advice if it happens. A group discussion was also had, in relation to the wrongs of stealing.

Paula and Dan will visit other schools in the next week, to Provide more advice, to the youth of Popley.

2nd- I took part in Operation “Slipstream” along with my SNT colleagues. The Op is to prevent ASB and violent crime in the town centre, in the run-up to Xmas. There were 4 of us on bike in the town centre. A lot of people didn’t know quite, what to make of that. It’s not really the norm, however we have previously taken part in Op Slipstream with good success. The evening started very quiet with a few people dispersed from the town. Things got more exciting after midnight!

3rd- As I was taking part in Op Slipstream, I was still out patrolling until 04:00 hours. Drunk, abusive and violent people started getting arrested! Shift officers were busy as were we from the “Safer Neighbourhoods Team”.

PC Richard Heard (Oakridge Beat Manager) arrested a male as he failed to disperse from the town centre. Later he would arrest the same male on suspicion of possession of class A drugs.

I had a bizarre arrest. Whilst I was with colleagues, keeping the top of town safe, a male approached us. The male started shouting unprovoked racial abuse very loudly. I arrested the male on suspicion of a racially motivated public order offence. This sort of behaviour is outrageous, and totally unacceptable. When I got back to work later the same day, I was updated that the male had been charged and bailed to attend court.

I took part in Operation Slipstream again tonight with other Northern (SNT Officers). I was crewed up with PC Ian Hoile. We had a patrol of the newly decorated Mall. As we passed by the Tesco Metro we were flagged down by security. A male had been suspected of stealing food items in the store. A short while later I arrested a male on suspicion of theft after various food items were located on him. A packet of meat was located down his trousers! The male was later charged and bailed to attend court at a later date. Basingstoke town seemed more edgy tonight for some reason. My colleagues also made a number of arrests and located several amounts of cannabis. Pretty successful weekend for Op Slipstream and the Northern SNT lead by Sgt Paul Markham.

In other news: I was made aware of a public order incident at the Popinjay Public House. In relation to the incident, PC Richard Heard arrested two people on suspicion of public order offences.

4th- Another typical Sunday, QUIET! Or (Q) as we like to say in the Police. For as long as I can remember, if a police officer said “It’s Quiet” this would be met with gasps and looks of horror from other officers. Presumably saying the Q word would jinx your duty and you would be overly busy! I prefer the busy days! Whilst I’m on the subject of peculiar Police behaviour… We use words such as “earlies” and “lates” to describe our hours of work. Both made up words! Don’t get me started on Police radio speak!!! Ok I’ve started. If we are thanking someone over the radio we say “many thanks” or “much obliged”. How many thanks are we talking here? If we are saying NO we say “answer no”. If we are asking how long will it will take for something or someone, we say “what’s your ETA” (estimated time of arrival) Could you imagine asking your partner “what’s the ETA for tea?”. If we want to talk to someone else over the radio, we have to ask permission. Something like this.. “Charlie One from Bravo Bravo 13 Alpha, can I have talk through please” “Go ahead 13 Alpha” “Bravo Bravo 13 Alpha to Bravo Bravo 14 Alpha” “14 Alpha go ahead” “Do you fancy meeting up for a brew” “Answer yes” “Thanks Charlie One talk through out” “That’s received 13 Alpha” (that was an example, and not a snap shot of my usual day)

Popley was pretty Q tonight.

In other news: I assisted shift officers with a very drunk female who had been arrested for being drunk and incapable. This type of arrest is used to protect the person from harm more than anything else. The female had been found collapsed in a car park in town. A number of hours later, she was safe/sober enough to be de-arrested, and driven home.

5th- Lately, there has been several reports of ASB in and around Appleton Drive in Marnel Park. Today, I attended an address in Appleton Drive with Dawn Stanley and Pete Trafford of Sentinel Housing. It is hoped that the residents at the address we heed our advice and the ASB will stop.

At around 5pm I, along with other officers conducted searches in Popley East. It was reported that a young female had been approached by one of two unknown males, in a dark coloured vehicle. The female managed to get home safely and inform her mother. Inevitably incidents like this will worry parents. We would urge anyone with any relevant information to come forward. The officer dealing with the case is PC Steve Smith, formally a PCSO for the area of Popley. (Contact Details).
Other work is being conducted, and the family are in contact with us. (Hants Police Appeal)

After I had completed a good area search, I was called to attend Guernsey Close. A few residents had reported a group of female youths, causing ASB. I located the loud and obnoxious group and took details for social services and to update parents. I verbally warned them and dispersed them. Later, shift officers were called back to the area as the females had retuned! Follow up work is being conducted by the Popley team.

In other news: the salters/grifters were out earlier. Has winter started?!

I was asked a few days ago, what a YRD was! (The explanation).

6th- I crewed up with PC Richard Heard for Operation Nemesis patrols tonight. This operation is about preventing and detecting burglaries. We mainly focused on Oakridge and Popley. We stop searched a number of people on suspicion of drugs offences, however no drugs today! When we stop search a person, we have to give a reason. We can’t just stop search someone based on appearance unless that appearance matched a suspect. Grounds for searching a person for drugs might be that the person is in a known area of drug misuse, and smells of cannabis etc. Basically no fishing trips! We also explain to the person why they are being searched and under what search power. Eg. Section 23 of the misuse of drugs act. We also offer the subject a copy of the search form, although they don’t have to accept the form. Read my blog on (Stop Searches)

It was a cold, windy, and horrible night but apart from that all was well.

In other news: PCSO Phil Rapley gives us an insight into his life (Getting to know Phil Rapley).

7th- CSPO Paula James-Bailey attended Marnel Schools to offer more advice on bullying, and where to get help.

8th- Safer Neighbourhoods Officers are once again taking part in #OpSlipstream over the weekend. Live updates will be available via twitter.

In other News. PCSO Sarah Danks, has left the Popley Team, and indeed Hampshire Police. Sarah has decided to move back up North. No news on a replacement for her, as yet. PCSO Phil Rapley will be working even harder than usual, for a while, to cover jobs.

In other news: CSPO Paula James Bailey took part in a “young carers group meeting”

9th- I, along with other Safer Neighbourhoods Officers took part, once again, in Operation “Slipstream” This time however, was the first BasingstokeCops “live time” Operation tweetathon. The theme of the night appeared to be drunk people getting dispersed from the town! The night started slow like last week. As people drunk more alcohol, so did the incidents of drunken ASB increase. Makes sense I suppose! I arrested a male for failing to disperse and section 5 public order. The male had called Sgt Paul Markham and I “Perverts” as we cycled past him on London Street. Obviously that was out of order, and due to this, and the fact the male was drunk and swearing, I decided to disperse him. Unfortunetly the male couldn’t behave after several warnings, and he was arrested. The male gets to sleep at the Basingstoke Police hotel, free of charge, and he will be interviewed in the morning. *update* The male was very apologetic in the morning and accepted an £80 fixed penalty. Not so free of charge after all! I also dispersed several other males from the town, for poor behaviour. PC Karen Binney, arrested a male on suspicion of criminal damage, after a window at the “Santuary Bar” was broken.

The “live time” tweets continue for round two of Operation Slipstream.

10th- What a busy weekend! The live tweets continued for Op Slipstream. It was slow going to start with, but things hotted up around midnight. I arrested a male on suspicion of possession of a class A drug. Doormen at a club at the top of town had detained a male with white powder. I attended the club, and arrested the male. When I had booked the male into custody, I tested the drug. See! I knew that “EDIT” (Examination Drug Identification Test) course would come in handy! Anyway the drug tested positive for cocaine. During interview the male admitted the offence. The male received an adult caution. These can be given to people only once, and only those with previous good character. The drug was booked into the drug safe for destruction. (Drugs information and advice) PC Rich Heard and PC Karen Binney, both arrested males for failing to disperse from the town centre. The section 27 VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction Act) dispersals give the drunk, and often abusive person, the opportunity to leave the town without being arrested. Unfortunately, some people are destined for the 4 walls of a small cell, and uncomfortable mattress therein! Think gym matt, and your on the right lines. The cells do have toilets however, but due to health and safety there are no toilet seats. I imagine the metal toilets get chilly this time of year.

A drunken reveller gave us the quote of the night calling us

“Feds On Peds”

In other news: The monthly beat surgery at the Popley Fields Community Centre was tonight between 19:00 hours to 20:00 hours. Nobody showed up! PCSO Phil Rapley does know his stuff, so please feel free to attend any of the monthly beat surgeries in 2012 to chew the fat.

11th- Another rainy Sunday. I caught up with all my paperwork. Arresting people creates lots of forms and processes. I’m surprised it hasn’t put me off!

In other news: You may have noticed that I have been committed with alot-of “Slipstream” operations lately? Don’t worry I haven’t deserted Popley. It’s only for December weekends.

12th- PCSO Phil Rapley attended Marnel Infants school today, to collect the competition drawings. We asked the kids if they would draw us a Police vehicle especially adapted for the winter. Safety should be an important part of the design. The winners will be announced in a few days time.

In other news: If you look back to the 5th: there had been a suspicion incident reported to the Police. The Popley Team are continuing to offer reassurance and high visibility patrols. PCSO Phil Rapley was out today, patrolling the Marnel infants and junior schools, at closing time.

CSPO Paula James Bailey attended Merton School for a Xmas lunch with the children.

13th- I have set up a new blog from the Main PSNP website titled (All Things Popley). Take a look and let me know what you think. It’s work in progress.

14th- I assisted PC Rich Heard and other officers with an arrest in Oakridge. The male was wanted on an out of force warrant.

In other news: I attended Marnel Infants school with PC Chris Brindley today. We gave prizes to the top three kids for a drawing competition. The top prize was a £10 book token and police stickers. The second and third prizes were £5 plus police stickers. (Check out the winners)

15th- I was invited to the Melrose Community Centre Xmas party (Photos). Great event with very nice people. The kids from Merton Junior School also attended to sing carols!

Later I patrolled the current PSNP hotspots with Sgt Paul Markham and PC Karen Binney. I also patrolled Oxford Way after several reports of ASB in the area. Everything was calm today.

In other news: I attended the Fast Fare store on Abbey Road after staff had located a packet of white powder on the floor. I believe the drug is: (Amphetamine). I seized the drug for destruction.

16th- In the afternoon I patrolled Popley and Rooksdown with PC Ian Hoile. It was very cold and very quiet.

I had been looking forward to Operation Slipstream again! The night didn’t disappoint. My crewmate for the Op was PC Ian Hoile. It was quiet, as it often is until about 11pm. Whilst we were patrolling Wote Street, at the top of town, I spied our friend from the 3rd of December; The male that I had arrested for the racially aggravated public order incident. Thankfully he was calm tonight. Unfortunately however, he had breached his bail conditions by entering Basingstoke Town Centre. I arrested the male. Once at Basingstoke Police station he became verbally abusive once more, and urinated in the holding cell. Luckily for the male Sgt Elliot Howarth was in charge in custody. Sgt Howarth, always level headed, gave the male two choices 1) leave the mess and get arrested for criminal damage 2) Mop it up and call it quits. Sensibly the male got mopping. After I had booked the male in, I completed the various paperwork maze.

Whilst I was battleing through a mountain of paperwork, I heard PC Jim Charlton (Also on the Op) on the Police radio. By the sounds of things he had arrested a very drunk, and abusive female from outside “Pure Bar”. The shouting and swearing continued until the female was in her room for the night. Jim later told me that the female had kicked over a Police bike, spat at Ian and called them various expletives. Jim is a nice guy and just arrested the female for being drunk and disorderly! Jim was then tucked up with completing the “Handover File”. This file is created with as much evidence as possible in order for an early turn officer to interview the suspect. In this case probably a fixed penalty notice without interview, but I won’t know until tomorrow.

No sooner than I could feel my feet again, it was time to go back out and brave the cold. People had drunk enough by now to justify swearing at me! I was very close to arresting an obnoxious female however I gave her a chance to move on. A short while later more swearing but from a male this time. The male had been loudly shouting and swearing for no apparent reason, on Winchester Street. I utilised section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act and the male was dispersed from the town for 48 hours. I shall be on the lookout for him tomorrow!

17th- Another strong performance from the Op Slipstream Team tonight. 3 arrests, several dispersals and copious amounts of coffee and cake! Whilst we are on the subject of cake…everywhere you turn in the Police Station, there seems to be a pile of chocolate covered saturated fat! Tastes great though. As I suspected, my friend from last night failed to comply with the 48 hour dispersal. I located him in London Street, drunk and fairly abusive. I arrested the male and booked him into custody. Read my blog on the below attachment to get a feel of what I went through. Lots of paperwork followed. Whilst I was in custody, PC Richard Heard arrested a male on suspicion of assault, in the town centre. A female had been punched for no apparent reason. Rich completed a handover file for an officer to carry on the investigation in the morning.

Only one more Op Slipstream to go in 2011. Stay tuned for the 23rd of December, when I will tweet live, the antics of the Slipstream Dream Team!

In other news: People often ask me, what happens when you get arrested?. This is my reply (Justice)

18th- Read my blog: “A day in the life of a Basingstoke beat officer”

19th- I attended Alton Malting’s Centre today for the 1st of three training days. “SNT Excellence Course” PC Ray Niblock gave a presentation on Safety Net or NMS and various other updates. Good input from an ex beat bobby.

20th- Day two of training. Good day with a spot of web based media training. I think I’m a bit ahead of the pack in this respect but I am keen to learn more ways to engage.

In other news: I have created a new website for Sgt Paul Markham’s signature. This has links to all the northern beat teams. (Site)

21st- last day of the course today. We were joined by several, Basingstoke CSPO’s. (Community Safety Patrolling Officers) some good group activities, discussions. PC Dave Woods gave a presentation on “persistent closure orders” Dave was charismatic and confident as always.

In other news: I attended a Neighbourhood Watch/Social Meeting tonight in Speckled Wood Road. Fantastic group of people. The NHW coordinator for the street had organised a social gathering with drinks and buffet! Can’t be bad!

22nd- I crewed up with PC Rich Heard to patrol Oakridge. We never actually made it into Popley as planned. We located 2 males smoking cannabis in Silvester Road. Both the chaps were eligible for cannabis cautions. The drugs were seized for destruction.

23rd- I crewed up with PCSO Phil Rapley and PCSO Strauss to conduct patrols in Popley. I stop checked a male after he had cycled away from me at speed. The male was wanted. I arrested the male is suspicion of misuse of the telecommunications act. The male was later released without charge.

Later I took part in the last Op Slipstream of the year! In my humble opinion it has been one of SNT’s most successful operations. Many arrests and various other offences tacked. Read my blog for an update on (Operation Slipstream)

28th- I crewed up with PC John Goddard in the “Crime Car” We toured the rural areas surrounding Basingstoke. All in order today.

30th- Tonight I patrolled Popley and Oakridge and all was Q! PC Ian Hoile had a puncture: (Photo)

In other news: I also attended Appleton Drive and spoke to a resident about on-going ASB. Plans are in hand to deal with the issues. I will attend the PSCG or “Problem Solving Core Group” in January to update all agencies with the issues raised by residents. The area is patrolled by Police, PCSO’s and CSPO’s on a daily basis.

31st- Take a look at my beat blogs for December: (Beat Blogs 1-6) I intend to do a “New Years Eve” blog, but this will depend on how interesting the night is.

My pro-active work for 2011: (Arrests/Cautions etc)

Have a great night and a happy new year folks.


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