Getting to know the PSNP (Arthur Botham)

Posted: November 19, 2011 in PSNP

Q) What is your current profession?
A) I am the vicar of St Gabriel’s Church in Tewkesbury Close.

Q) How did you get the job?
A) God called me and he got me through the interviews.

Q) Describe a typical day for you?
A) No such thing as a typical day for a vicar – which I love, but always
Morning Prayer in church at 0900 and prayer at night before bed.

Q) What has been your most memorable experience in Popley?
A) Meeting the very many amazing people that live here.

Q) What’s been your most embarrassing moment?
A) Having a go on a child’s scooter and falling off it! Ouch!

Q) What is your best quality?
A) My sense of humour.

Q) What is your worst quality?
A) Wanting to do more than I can.

Q) What makes you happy?
A) People in all their shapes, sizes and situations.

Q) If you could go back in time, where would you go?
A) That first Easter morning 2011 years ago.

Q) What would you spend a lottery win on?
A) Loadsa stuff! But mostly I think I would give it away – you really can
have too much of a good thing. Freddie Mercury of Queen said that in
spite of all his riches he was the loneliest man on earth! + I wouldn’t
want the responsibility.

Q) Tell us one thing about yourself that nobody else would know?
A) I ran a mobile disco for fifteen years in the UK, Germany and Cyprus.



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