Acceptable Behaviour Contracts

Posted: November 18, 2011 in community, police, PSNP

An ABC as they are known is not a legally binding arrangement, like an ASBO. So it is a bit misleading calling them Acceptable Behaviour Contracts. In more recent times I have tended to use the term Acceptable Behaviour Agreement. (ABA)
Youths are mainly placed on an ABC with parents consent and cooperation from the youth. (ABC’s are not strictly for youths and can also be used for adults) The ABC would have come about after evidence of Anti Social Behaviour from Police, Wardens, Housing Associations, Community Safety Patrolling Officers, public etc. Any one of the agencies can refer a person and then depending on the evidence, an ASB coordinator from the council will arrange a meeting, and the setting up of the ABC. The ABC will have various conditions for the youth/person, to follow. Some examples of conditions used in Popley are: Not to loiter outside shopping parades or enter specific shops, not to be out past 10pm, not to use abusive language, etc. If the youth/person does any of the things that they have agreed not to then they will be breached. The ABC or ABA works on a traffic light scale. All youths/people start with Amber. If they improve after 3 months they go to a green if not they go to a red. A second review after 6 months will be undertaken. Depending on the result of this will depend whether the youth/person comes off the ABC or stays on. If you refuse to sign up to an ABC then this can be used as evidence to fast track for an ASBO if applicable. Each ABC is catered to the individual and help, and or support is offered by the multi-agencies, along the way.


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