Popley Matters (Christmas Article)

Posted: November 12, 2011 in community, police, PSNP

Dear Popley residents,

The “Popley Team” have been working hard to keep Popley safe. November was a busy but exciting month for us. There has been a recent shift with the CSPO’s (Community Safety Patrolling Officers). David Mason has moved to the South Ham area. Dan White and Paula James-Bailey have now joined the Popley Team. I am sorry to see Dave leave, however I’m really happy that Dan and Paula have arrived.

On the 1st of November I had an unexpected surprise, when an American author and journalist, crewed up with me to patrol Popley! Peter Moskos, is a former Police officer from Baltimore. To find out more about Peter, please visit his website: http://petermoskos.com/

Also in early November, I received “drug training” at Police training college. This training will allow me to test for class A drugs without the need to send them off for analysis.

Once again, the “Popley Fields Community Centre” has been broken into and cans of drink were stolen. I cannot believe that a community centre that gives so much to the community, is once again a target.

As you may already be aware, the Popley Team are all members of the PSNP (Popley Safer Neighbourhoods Panel) The panel formed in 2007 to vote on, and tackle long term community issues. The PSNP have a website, a twitter site and a regular blog that I update in a timely fashion. I think it is important to be transparent and also provide information to the community on our work.

Please visit our website: http://psnp.zapd.net/

Please follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/PopleySNP
you can also type, PopleySNP, into google and you should be able to find us. For those of you that don’t know what twitter is… twitter is an easy way to share with you, anything relevant to Popley, and our work. I am able to post stories/links/photo’s/ etc in live time. If you follow the PopleySNP on twitter, you will recieve all the latest information! Get involved if you can.

I hope you all have a great Christmas this year. To ensure you have the best chance, I would suggest a few things. If you are going out, or on holiday, try and leave some lights on in your address. Perhaps a timer. Ask your neighbour(s) to keep an eye on your property. Ask a friend to visit your address and open and close curtains to make it look like someone is staying at the address. Don’t leave presents or an valuables on display at your address. This also applies to your vehicles. The Popley Team will be patrolling over the Christmas period as always. If you see us then please stop us and say hello.

I have noticed alot of graffiti in Popley East lately. There is a regular theme, and the tag that looks like a stylised dinosaur. I would be interested to find out who is responsible. Get in touch if you know the artist! call 101

In other news: I have been invited to the Melrose Hall, Christmas party this year. I look forward to good food, great company and ridiculous hats!

If you would like any information on our work, or you would be interested in joining the PSNP then please get in contact with me direct: daniel.carter.20686@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

The PSNP wish you all a safe and happy Xmas


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