November 2011 (PSNP) results

Posted: November 1, 2011 in community, police, PSNP

1st- What a great start to November!
Firstly I met with CSPO Dan White, to discuss current beat issues. Dan is one of the new Community Safety Patrolling Officers for Popley. Dan’s office is over the Road, at the Basingstoke council.

Later, I met author, Peter Moskos at Basingstoke Police Station. Peter is currently staying at Bramshill Police College, as part of a foreign exchange program. Peter was very interested in our role, and the differences between his old Police Force, and Hants Police. Follow the link to visit Peters website.
(Peters Website) Peter came out on bike patrols. We were also joined by Special Constable Stefan Davis. A good few miles were covered, however, all was quiet in Popley and Oakridge. Peter gave me a signed copy of his book “COP IN THE HOOD” I will have a good read on rest days!

2nd- I crewed with SC Stefan Davis again today. We both attended the “Sentinel Housing Association Offices”, On Kingsclere Road in order to discuss a neighbour dispute. Later, we patrolled the current core priority areas for Popley, however, all was quiet today.

3rd- I started the day with a nice drive over to Training HQ, Netley. I am now “EDIT” trained! This stands for Examination Drug Identification Test. I had requested the course, as we often seize drugs on the beat. The drug we normally seize is cannabis, sometimes known as “skunk” as you can imagine, it is rather pungent. We also seize cocaine but more often, we seize amphetamines. This can be off white, or yellowish and smells quite chemically. After a nice lunch, I drove back to Basingstoke. I crewed up with PCSO Richard Strauss, and we patrolled Popley, and Oakridge together.

Later, I spoke to Tracey, the manager of the Popley Fields Community Centre. Tracey, informed me that there had been a theft of cans of drink. The Perspex fridge had been broken into, and cans along with a green bin had been stolen. It appears that the back door of the community centre, may have been left open to accommodate the theft.
Call 101 if you have any details of who may be responsible.

In other news: PCSO Sarah Danks and PCSO Phil Rapley, gave a “Stay safe presentation” to the kids at Merton Junior School.

5th- I crewed up with PC Stefan Davis, to patrol Popley, and Oakridge. The night was very quiet, with few reports of ASB. Not bad for bonfire night. I did however arrest a male in Oakridge, on suspicion of three offences. (common assault, possession of an offensive weapon and violence to secure entry) The male was later released without charge.

CSPO Paul Bowman went on joint patrol with Hampshire Fire and Rescue, on a fire truck. All the Popley hotspots were covered. Paul gave advice on Anti Social Behaviour, linked with fire and fireworks.

Paul has also recently finished an EVA, or environmental visual audit of Popley East. These audits can help focus on issues in an area, such as graffiti or fly tipping. A further EVA can be conducted later, to see the difference, after work has been conducted.

In other news: The Speckledwood Road NHW scheme had a great community night. A whole group worked on Saturday, cooking food, building a bonfire, and getting the fireworks ready.
Then a number or residents got together Sunday morning and spent hours tidying up the field. It’s nice when the community can get together and act responsibly, whilst still having fun.

6th- I crewed with PCSO Stefan Davis again today! I must be popular. Whilst on-route to Popley we stop searched a male who smelt of cannabis. Cannabis and a cannabis grinder were located. The male received a cannabis street warning. We then conducted some hi-vis patrols in Oakridge and popley. Later we attended an address in Popley and took two statements in relation to a fraud case. The radio was very quite tonight for Popley and Oakridge. Only one reported incident of ASB: Kids were throwing stones in the area of Pershore Road.

We have also continued to patrol the current core priorities: 1) Anti Social Behaviour – Tesco Express (Carpenters Down)
2) Drugs issues (Pitcairn Close)
3) ASB (Shakespeare Road)

7th- I crewed up with Special Constable Stefan Davis again today. I admire his enthusiasm! There were a few incidents in Popley, however, very few ASB reports. I assisted PC Richard Heard with an injured person, up at Basingstoke Hospital..

Whilst Patrolling Popley East I noted various graffiti Not a banksy as a follower of the PSNP, on twitter commented! I am keen to meet the person responsible, to discuss a few issues, that I have with the art! I have reported the graffiti to the council via (fix my street)

In other news: the dates of the beat surgeries in 2012, have been posted (Have your say)

8th- PCSO Phil Rapley attended Marnel Infants School. Phil gave a talk on “what the police/PCSO’s do for the community” This was also an opportunity for the kids to try on the clothing, and equipment of the Hampshire police. In relation to the event, Head Teacher Bernadette Cole stated

“The feedback from the staff was really good and the children got a-lot out of it”

10th- Back to work on an early. I started the day with a nice coffee, and I caught up with Popley jobs, for the last two days. A short while later, I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile. Ian and I patrolled Rooksdown for a bit, before I returned to Popley.

I attended the Melrose Hall community centre for the weekly coffee morning. (more info) The residents and I put the world to rights.

CSPO Paul Bowman contacted me. Paul told me that there was evidence, that youths are continuing to smoke cannabis, at the youth shelter. The team will continue to patrol this area, and be robust with offenders.

The radio was fairly quiet all day. After lunch however, PC Ian Hoile and I assisted with an area search, for a missing person in Winklebury. We found the (mis-per) all safe and well.

11th- I joined other officers and staff from Basingstoke Police Station today for the two minute silence. As part of (armistice day) we attended the (war memorial) by Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council. Later I crewed with PC Jim Charlton and PC Karen Binney to patrol the Popley hot spots and Chineham.
PC Karen Binney and I then cycled up-to Winklebury and joined PCSO Patching. Karen and Keith had their first (street meeting) together. My last job of the day was an area search, for a suspect in Winchester Road. Lots of miles cycled today!

In other news: I sponsored PCSO Keith Patching for (movember). Keith has been growing his moustache for a week! I had joked

“So when are you going to start”

12th- I started the day by typing the Popley Matters (Christmas Article) I know it’s a tad early. We need to get the articles in early for the Popley Matters paper, so they can be put together, and sent to the printers in time.

Later I patrolled Popley, Oakridge, Winklebury and South Ham. There wasn’t much going on in Popley. I did however locate a car on Abbey Road with a familiar and pungent smell seeping from the window. A male ran from the car and was soon located, and stop searched. The driver of the car received a cannabis street warning after a small amount of cannabis was located in the car.

On route back to Basingstoke Police Station, Karen and I heard on the radio, that a male had been detained in Sainsbury’s, for shop lifting. Karen dealt with the offender in a proportionate manner. The male will attend Basingstoke Police Station at a later date, for a reprimand.
All the Popley hotspots were patrolled.

13th- Like most Sundays it was quite today. It was good to see the band and marchers down London Road though, for the remembrance parade. PC Karen BINNEY and I had a foot patrol of the town centre. A street cleaner informed us that he was concerned for a male sleeping rough under a bridge. We located the male and checked if he was safe and well. The male was fine and informed us that he intended to return home today.

In other news: The (PSNP) website front page got a make-over today. I hope you like the calming blue hues!

14th- I completed my own question and answer session: (getting to know the PSNP).

15th- CSPO Paul Bowman patrolled Carpenters down today. He noticed signs of a fire up at the free running site. This was not there the day before, so this has been done overnight. The fire had consisted mainly of books. Paul has reported this to the street cleaning team.

Paul stated:

“There has been a recent number of fires in this area, and with the colder months coming up I can imagine there will be a few more.”

The Popley Team will keep patrolling the area to identify those responsible.

16th- A new member has joined the PSNP Today. We now have 35 members. This is great. Hopefully more residents will get involved next year.

I crewed up with PC Karen Binney again today, for Patrols in the North of Basingstoke. We patrolled Popley and removed some youths from the roof of the Barbican Pub.

Karen arrested a male in Winklebury on suspicion of burglary. This was as part of an out of force request.

Karen and I stop searched a group of males in Pitcairn Close (current PSNP priority) Cannabis had been smelt in the area. We didn’t find any drugs during our search.

On our way back into the station we travelled along Melrose Walk. To my surprise, at nearly 4 in the morning, I located a male smoking cannabis. The drugs were seized and the male was reported for summons.

17th- My first jobs of the day were to complete two files. Firstly I completed the summons file for the early morning cannabis smoker. I then completed a Narey file. Or first hearing file. I crewed up with PC Karen Binney again after that. I issued a verbal warning to a female in Abbey Road after a dispute at one of the shops. Later I attended an abandoned address in Popley East, after reports that kids have entered the address. On-going work is being conducted in relation to the address.

In other news: PCSO Phil Rapley attended an ABC meeting or an “acceptable behaviour contract” meeting. (What is an ABC?)

18th- CSPO Paul Bowman attended Marnel Infants to speak to one of the teachers. Paul discussed various upcoming events, such as a disco and tag rugby. More details to follow.

Later I crewed up with CSPO Paul Bowman and CSPO Dan White. We conducted patrols of Popley East, and Popley West.

We assisted shift officers who were dealing with an assault in Popley West. PC Chris Brindley was also out patrolling in Popley with PC Karen Binney.

A member of public reported a rowdy group of youths in Pitcairn Close. I located the group. Apart from being noisy, the group were fairly decent.. Alcohol was seized from one youth.
We also dispersed a group of youths who were congregating around the Popley Fields Community Centre. There has been recent damage reports at the site.

A fairly average friday night.

19th- I have been informed via twitter, of some criminal damage overnight, in Pitcairn Close. (twitter info) We will attempt to identify those involved and we will continue to patrol the area as often as possible.

PSNP member Arthur Botham completed a question and answers blog (great stuff).

20th- I have received new membership certificates today hot off the press. These will be sent out shortly to new members: (twitter update). Any established PSNP member wishing to receive a new certificate, please email me the request.

In other news: PC James Charlton (Chineham SNT) located a male smoking cannabis (more info)

21st- I attended Marnel Infants today to collect some great artwork from the kids. The art was a thank-you to PCSO Sarah Danks and PCSO Phil Rapley, for attending the school on the 8th of November. I have added one of the drawings to the PSNP gallery.

I also crewed up with PC Phil Chalk in an area car to conduct pro-active patrols of South Ham. Nothing exciting happened during our patrols.

In other news: CSPO Paula James-Bailey met me at Basingstoke Police Station. Paula delivered another three applications from residents applying to join the PSNP. This is great news. Paula is doing a fab job getting in and amongst the Popley residents. The three applications have been accepted to the ever growing (PSNP members) team.

22nd- Caroline Hams (Education Welfare Officer) asked me to do a joint truancy patrol. Although Everest Community Academy has a very good attendance rate they are keen to crack down on truancy. We worked from a list of non-attendees and called on their addresses. It is hoped that parents/children will see how important education is, as well as sending out a message to kids, thinking of bunking off school.

Later I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile to patrol Popley and Rooksdown. Whilst patrolling Shakespeare Rd (current PSNP priority) I noted that Sentinel Housing had boarded up an area of known drugs misuse (bin shed).
The area is next to the shops on Shakespeare Road. Thanks to Sentinel for solving the short term issue. We will work together to resolve the longer term issues.

I spoke to Dawn Stanley of Sentinel housing, for a little catch up. Sentinel have agreed to sponsor a Christmas Drawing Competition at Marnel Infants School. (Competition Poster).

In other news: All the Popley CSPO’s were out on patrol in Popley. It was quiet in Popley and generally quiet on the Police radio.

23rd- I started at 13:00 hours today. After a coffee, I cycled into Popley.

I delivered the Xmas competition posters to Marnel Infants School.

I then patrolled the current core priority areas. I cycled many miles but I didn’t see many people.

24th- PCSO Sarah Danks attended Merton Infants School today and gave a presentation on “Stranger Danger” and “Road Safety”

I conducted patrols throughout Popley including the hotspot areas. I also patrolled Bermuda Close after a report of ASB in the area. (Twitter report) All was quiet.

I attended the youth shelter on Carpenters Down. The area is still being used to smoke drugs. I located a group of youths aged between 12 to 17. There was a lit cannabis spliff amongst the group, but no takers! The youths denied any knowledge of the drug. Social services will be notified of the incident, and all of the youths details. The cannabis spliff was seized for destruction.

In other news: Later, I received a new delivery of PSNP badges. All PSNP members will receive a badge in due course.

The graffiti on the underpass on Carpenters Down has been cleaned off (More info)

26th- Today I met with other members of the PSNP to take part in the “Big Popley Pick” (More info + photo).
This is the first community litter pick event organised by Councillor Shelley Phelps, of the PSNP. It is hoped that this will be an annual event. (Spoils of war).

Dawn Stanley of Sentinel Housing also helped out on the day. Dawn showed us around “Aspire Place” In the new build, behind Shetland Road: (More info).

In other news: one of the residents who attended today’s event, was also interested in joining the PSNP. Watch this space.

28th- I attended a training day at Odiham. Some great topics and a pretty good day!

In other news: CSPO Dan White has had a very busy month as follows:

Anti-Social-Behaviour at Tesco Express, Carpenters Down

I have been making high visibility regular patrols on foot, bike and vehicle.
Reassurance visits made to shops, no particular incidents of note to report.
Spoke to a few groups outside the parade, not causing any problems at time of attendance. However In the last week I have noticed that a group is regularly hanging around directly outside the doors to Tesco. The group mainly consists of males aged 14-17. The group has dispersed from the area on two occasions shortly after my arrival. Updates on NMS as appropriate.

Drug related issues, Pitcairn Close

Regular patrols of area, however no problems to report
Updates on NMS as appropriate
Spoken to one group of youths in area regarding noise (late in evening).

Anti-Social-Behaviour, Shakespeare Road

I have been making high visibility regular patrols on foot, bike and vehicle of the area to deter any problems of ASB. HVP of Spotlight centre in relation to reported problems from members of staff. Shop visits made for reassurance at One Stop, no problems reported.
Updates on NMS as appropriate.

Other Popley Issues, General

Various HVP made to get to know the geography of area and other areas highlighted to me by other agencies.
Meeting with key residents and businesses.
Handover work carried out between myself and CSPO colleagues as well as partner agencies. Report from resident in Pershore Road regarding vandalism o/s his address. I have made contact with the resident and patrols of area are being carried out. Reports from residents (via stopping me on patrols and 101 reports) regarding early morning problems with school children between Abbey Road shops and Everest school. I may try and conduct some early morning patrols to help alleviate these problems. Joint patrols made with Police colleagues taken place.

School Work

Playtime patrols made at Marnell Jnr school.
Assembly at Merton Jnr school to introduce myself to children with further

Paula, Paul and I are attending parents evening on the 28th and 29th to meet with parents and speak to them about our role as CSPOs in the community.
Bullying classroom lessons taking place at Marnell JNRs on the 29th by myself and Paula.

Environmental Issues

A number of reports have been made by myself to relevant agencies in regard to environmental problems within the Popley area. The main problems I am noticing at the moment include graffiti and flytipping.
I have been making targeted observations of the small field near to Barrington/ Appleton drive following reports of dog fouling and in conjunction with the dog warden and BDBC environmental team. No offences recorded as yet.

Great work by all the CSPO’s.

29th- I crewed up with PC Phil Stinson today. I used to work with Phil on shift about 8 years ago. How quick time flies! We were in the crime car today conducting patrols in relation to Op Nemesis. We also assisted with a burglary report in Chineham. The weather was foul and the day was fairly straight forward.

In other news: PCSO Sarah Danks will be leaving the Popley team and moving back up North next month. Sarah has been a great colleague and friend and I will miss her lots! She also makes more coffee than anyone else!

Another application for the PSNP has been received, thanks to CSPO Paula James-bailey for the recruitment drive.

30th- (Crime/ASB in Popley)

I walked behind the marchers on strike today. Other officers joined the event to ensure all the marchers, safely completed their mission. The peaceful event started at the entrance of Festival Place, and ended by Basingstoke council offices. It appeared that approx 100 people took part. Less than I expected.

A really good month for the team. Lots of community engagement and re-assurance patrols.


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