PC James Hope (SNT Attachment)

Posted: October 24, 2011 in community, police, PSNP

I am James Hope and I am a Police Constable currently based at Basingstoke Police Station. I am within my 2 year probationary period in which I have attachments with different sections of the Police. Recently I have been on a 5 week attachment with the Northern Basingstoke Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

Within this time I have spent many hours on high visibility cycle patrols in Popley. I have crewed with other PC’s, *PCSO’s and *CSPO’s. I have very much enjoyed getting out on the bikes, meeting people, and trying to make a difference in the community. I have done this by disturbing crime and anti social behaviour in the area especially in the hot spot areas. I have helped in Bermuda Close when there was a large amount of youths under age drinking and causing problems in the area. I used a dispersal power to disperse one of the main instigators so that were not able to visit Popley within 24 hours without getting arrested. Other members of the group were also dispersed, which stopped any further problems that evening in the area, and the remaining youths went home.

I have assisted with late night patrols in the area of Popley Fields. On one occasion I located 2 males who both smelt of cannabis. Both males were searched under Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act and one of the males was found to have herbal cannabis in his possession. He was given a cannabis warning.

I have also attended an *ABC meeting which involves Police and the local council. I found this interesting as an assessment was made of the person in question and we discussed any issues and any ways of solving these.

I have found the attachment interesting and challenging. I have enjoyed the role and I think I would like to become a Beat Manager at some point in my career. It is a good mix of being proactive along with working closely with the community to work on key priorities and resolve issues. I have learnt alot from the officers in the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and how they deal with certain situations that they come across. I will use this to aid my work when I return to my normal role, on the Basingstoke targeted patrol team (B Shift).

Key: *CSPO (Community safety Patrolling Officer- Basingstoke Council) *PCSO (Police Community Support Officer-Basingstoke Police) *ABC (Acceptable Behaviour Contract)



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