October 2011 (PSNP) results

Posted: October 1, 2011 in community, police, PSNP

3rd– Training day at RAF Odiham. A refresher on “The Mental Health Act” and “Choices For Justice” The choices for justice topic, is an interesting one. In the past, officers were tied with certain jobs, and the need to arrest etc. Things have changed, for example: YRD’s or Youth Restorative Disposals. I have used a number of these to resolve low level incidents, without having to criminalise the youths, who had previous good character. It is important however, that the victim be consulted prior to the issue of the YRD.

The aims of the YRD
• to offer police officers and police community support officers more discretion with a quick and effective alternative means of dealing with low-level, anti-social and nuisance offending
• to deliver a swift, simple and effective disposal that carries the support of victims, and provides a learning opportunity for young people to appreciate the impact of their behaviour
• to reduce the amount of time that police officers spend completing paperwork and attending court, while simultaneously reducing the burden on courts
• to increase the amount of time officers spend on the street and dealing with more serious crime
• to provide an earlier opportunity for youth offending teams to offer support and intervention where necessary and appropriate.

4th– Whilst patrolling the footpath between Tewkesbury Close and Abbey Road, I stop checked a known male. The male became verbally abusive and he was arrested for a public order offence. Back at the police station, more checks were conducted on the male. I further arrested the male for breach of ASBO and breach of a non-molestation order. PCSO Phil Rapley assisted with officer safety and a statement. Good team effort.

CSPO Dan White joined the Popley West team today along with Paula James-Bailey (Popley East). I look forward to working with them both. Good luck to CSPO Dave Mason who moves to the South ham team. Dave has been an excellent team player in Popley, and I along with the residents, will miss him.

5th– I crewed up with PC Mark Gallagher today, as part of Operation Nemesis. It was a quite duty, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Many miles clocked up in Brighton Hill, and South ham, on mountain bikes. During a break at the police station, I updated NMS. The “Neighbourhood Management System”. The Police along with other relevant agencies, are able to use this to monitor, community issues and engagements. This also feeds into the new public facing website “Crime Reports“Please take a look at Popley and the crimes reported. Please note that incidents are up to 48 hours behind. More info.

7th- I crewed up with PC Mark Gallagher, once again, to conduct patrols, as part of Operation Nemesis. (more info) We predominantly patrolled South Ham, and Brighton Hill. A fairly Quite night. We seized two lots of alcohol from youths. The alcohol was then poured away. PC Mark Gallagher arrested a male on suspicion of class A and class B drugs possession, after the male had cycled past us stinking of cannabis. I assisted by locating the drugs, booking the drugs in, conducting a house search and completing a statement.

• Earlier in the evening, PCSO Sarah Danks had attended the Popley Fields Community Centre, for our monthly beat surgery. This is an opportunity to meet members of the local beat team, and to tell us of any issues you may have. Unfortunately nobody showed up! Hopefully this means everyone is happy and content 😉

8th- At the start of my duty I completed a CPS advice file in relation to the indecency series (More info) Later I crewed up with Rooksdown SNT manager, Ian Hoile, to patrol Popley and Oakridge. The current priority areas were all covered. A number of males were stop searched for cannabis. The males admitted to smoking the cannabis in their homes, prior to venturing out!

Unfortunately a Police car was damaged in Taverner Close, Oakridge, after officers had responded to a job in the area. We had a good search of the area, but to no avail.

17th- CSPO Paul Bowman located a male smoking Cannabis In Chineham. Paul contacted the Police and the cannabis joint was confiscated.

19th- I returned from annual leave today. I assisted custody with constant obs on a suspect for the full tour of duty.

20th- Today I crewed up with PC James Hope. PC Hope is on the last few days of his beat attachment. We mainly patrolled Popley, and Oakridge. We also cycled up-to Winklebury twice, for separate incidents. A male was stop searched after running from us. The male was given some friendly advice, and sent on his way. Later PC Hope issued a cannabis caution to a male on Carpenters Down. The cannabis was seized for destruction.

Bob Hills, NHW area coordinator, was emailed for a progress report, reference: the Speckled Wood Road, proposed NHW area.

21st- I crewed up with PC James Hope to patrol Popley. Our first job of the day was to attend an, ABC meeting. ABC stands for acceptable behaviour contract. More info This was the final meeting for a Popley youth, whom had completed the ABC process. After the meeting, we patrolled on foot for a short while, before patrolling on mountain-bikes. I much prefer the bikes! Popley was lively but generally all was in order. Many miles were covered. Towards the end of my duty a pizza delivery moped was reported stolen. The moped was recovered shortly after in Popley, by Police officers.

24th- I crewed with PC James Hope again today, for his final tour of beats.(SNT attachment) As is the tradition PC Hope bought cakes for the office. (Im on a diet) Early in the day we detained a young male, after he had run from us in Oakridge.

Just before lunch I attended the Melrose Community Centre for the associations, coffee morning. I had a good chat about crime and safety in the community.

Later PC Hope and I met up with CSPO Dan White, for some joint patrols of Popley, and Oakridge. All the PSNP hotspot areas were covered.

I also spoke to PSNP member Tracey Judge about the criminal damage to the door of the Popley Fields Community Centre. There has been a recent increase in large groups of youths gathering near to the centre, and on the adjacent field. The majority of the youths seem to be well behaved, however some are drinking alcohol, littering, and causing criminal damage. Patrols will be upped in the area to combat this.

25th- I crewed up with Sgt Paul Markham today as part of Operation Nemesis. (more info) We patrolled South Ham predominantly. I located a male smoking a cannabis joint in the park, near to Pinkerton Road. The male received a cannabis caution, and the drugs were seized for destruction. Sgt Markham also located a male smoking cannabis in the War Memorial Park. It must be said that this is very near to the Police Station!

26th- I started work at lunchtime today. After catching up with various paperwork, I met with Carys Baptist at Basingstoke Police Station. Carys is a new ASB officer, for Sentinel Housing Association. We discussed a number of cases that the multi agencies are aware of. Later I patrolled Popley alone. The weather was better than yesterday. I patrolled the PSNP core priority areas. I then attended the youth shelter near to the Popley Fields Community Centre. There have been various recent issues in the area, including drug misuse. I located a youth about to roll a cannabis joint. The youth had previous good character and he was polite! I decided to issue the youth with a Youth Restorative Disposal (see the 3rd of October for more info on YRD’s) The cannabis was seized. I also seized tobacco and cigarettes off another youth at the same location. I always wonder how much cannabis these kids have smoked prior to intervention. I spoke to the parents of those involved, and I have updated social services.

27th- I crewed up with PC Ian Hoile today to patrol South Ham and Brighton Hill. The patrols were part of Operation Nemesis. The evening was fairly quite. PC Hoile verbally warned a female youth, after she had attempted to purchase alcohol. I verbally warned a youth for attempting to scratch paint from the shutters, at the front of Burnaby stores. I have passed over details to the local beat team. PC Hoile and I assisted shift officers with a report of trespass at the 3 barrels public house. This old pub is now closed, however it appears youths have been gaining entry from the roof. The owners have been informed via the estate agents.

PCSO Phil Rapley set up a DOCC (Dog owners control contract) today after a dog bit another dog in Popley.

31st- PCSO Sarah Danks and PCSO Phil Rapley have assisted with tonight’s youth club at the Popley Fields Community Centre. Good group of kids :). Operation Sparkler continued tonight, with most areas covered by SNT. (Safer Neighbourhood Teams) All members of the Popley Team have been patrolling Popley, and it has been fairly quite.


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