Popley Matters Article Oct/2011

Posted: September 14, 2011 in community, police

Popley Safer Neighbourhoods Team:

Community update:

Article written by PCSO Phil Rapley for the Popley Matters Community Paper. (October Addition)

To all our Residents, We hope that you have enjoyed your summer, and that you managed to get a well earned break. Anti-Social behaviour over the summer holidays was lower than in previous years, with less reported incidents than 2009 – 2010. We would like to thank those of you who have reported incidents of ASB to us. This has helped the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, working alongside our partner agencies, to prevent further ASB occurring. A way in which we have been dealing with reported ASB, is to place those responsible on Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC’s). Those placed on the contract have conditions they must follow, such as area’s they can not go to, and Curfews. The Popley Safer Neighbourhoods Team have also issued £80 Fixed Penalty Notices, to those committing ASB. Please continue to report ASB to the 101 number.

Over the summer we saw a slight increase in bicycle thefts, particularly in the Poets, and new estate area’s of Properly East. We would like to take this opportunity, to advise all of our residents who own Bicycles, to please follow the steps below.
*Please ensure your bicycle is locked and secured at all times when not in use. Even if your bicycle is in a designated bike storage shed, it is essential it is still locked.
*Make a note of your frame number. This is usually located on the underside of the bike and will make it easier for Police to recover.
*Take a photo of your bicycle, so that, if it is stolen, we have a clear description of what we are looking for.

Several arrests have been made throughout Popley, in relation to drug activity. The arrests have occurred in Abbey road, and Priestley road which are both current PSNP (Popley Safer Neighbourhoods Panel) core priorities. If you are interested in joining, or you would like more information about the work of the PSNP, please contact PC Dan Carter on the details below.

With Halloween fast approaching, and Bonfire night, we would like to remind all of our residents to stay safe, and be considerate towards other members of your community. If you have children who are considering “trick or treating” over the Halloween period, please be considerate towards residents, especially those displaying “No trick or treat” signs. The Popley Safer Neighbourhoods Team are committed to ensuring ASB stays low, especially over this period, and we are appealing to residents to assist us in monitoring their children. With regards to fireworks, please remember that in no circumstances should fireworks be let off in a public place. Fireworks which can be purchased from the local shops, and should only be used in your garden (Facing away from a main road) or a licensed, or approved public showing. SNT have previously issued £80 fines for using fireworks that breach these conditions, so please bear this in mind.

Finally, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team would like to thank residents who attended the Pebbles children centre community event. The event was a great success, and you may have seen either PC Dan Carter or PCSO Phil Rapley, posing for photos with the children of our community. Everybody had a chance to dress as Police Officers on the day. Photo’s of the day can be seen on the PSNP website: PSNP

If you have any issues, or would like to talk to a member of the Popley Safer Neighbourhoods Team, please contact us on the details below. For those residents with Twitter accounts, you can now follow us: twitter.


Popley Safer Neighbourhoods Team
Basingstoke Police station
London Road
RG21 4AD
Tel: 0845 0454545



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