Community Engagement 2011

Posted: August 31, 2011 in community, police

The Popley Safer Neighbourhood Team are committed to community engagement and community safety. If you are planning an event and you would like your local Police Team to attend then please contact us with details.

Events Attended by the Popley Team and future events:

12 Beat Surgeries throughout the year
Summer period: summer Streetz- All Popley officers attend in turn.
17/05/2011: Popley Festival: Video PC Dan Carter attended
May 2011: Cycle safety Marnel Junior School with PCSO Phil Rapley
Social media safety at Marnel Junior School with PCSO Phil Rapley.
13/06/2011: Everest Community College CSI/Police presentation with PC Dan Carter and CSPO Sarah Danks.
16/06/2011: Junction 6 youth club. PCSO Phil Rapley attended.
16/07/2011: Merton Infants summer fun day. PC Dan Carter.
23/07/2011: Winklebury Carnival. PC Dan Carter attended.
24/07/2011: Rooksdown summer fair. PC Dan Carter attended.
30/07/2011: Pebbles Fun Day. PC Dan Carter and PCSO Phil Rapley attended.
31/07/2011: Winklebury summer Streetz. PC Dan Carter attended.
01/09/2011: NHW Speckled Wood Road meet and greet. PC Dan Carter chaired the meeting.
17/09/2011: Popley Fields C/A Fun Day. PCSO Phil Rapley attended.
03/10/2011: Everest Community College (school surgery) PCSO Phil Rapley attended.
24/10/2011: Melrose Hall Community Association coffee morning. PC Dan Carter attended.
12/10/2011: Everest Community College (school surgery) Phil Rapley attended.
17/10/2011: Carpenters Down youth club. PCSO Phil Rapley attended.
31/10/2011: Popley Fields youth club. PCSO Phil Rapley and PCSO Sarah Danks.
03/11/2011: Merton Junior School “Stay safe presentation” with PCSO Phil Rapley and PCSO Sarah Danks.
05/11:2011: CSPO Paul Bowman crewed up with Hampshire Fire and Rescue to conduct patrols of hotspot area’s and engaged with the Popley youth.
08/11/2011: Marnel Infants school assembly. (What work we do talk) PCSO Phil Rapley presentation
26/11/2011: Popley Litter Pick (Details) PC Dan Carter attending.
01/12/2011: Marnel School bullying advice workshop. Attended by CSPO’s Dan White and Paula James-Bailey.
14/12/2011: Marnel Infants Xmas drawing competition. PC Dan Carter attending with a Sentinel representative.
15/12/2011: Melrose Hall Xmas Dinner. PC Dan Carter attending.


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