Speckled Wood Rd NHW

Posted: August 27, 2011 in community, NHW, police, Uncategorized

Approximately 6 months ago, a resident from Speckled Wood Road expressed an interest to the Police, in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Although it is not necessary to set up a scheme with the Police, we are happy to help out. The whole estate was letter dropped with details of NHW and 12 of the 47 addresses have now shown an interest. I have once again letter dropped the whole estate, inviting them to a potential NHW set up meeting. Ideally more than 12 residents will wish to join and there should be a scheme coordinator and a deputy. The meeting will take place at the Popley Field Community Centre on the 1st of September 2011 from 19:00 hours till 20:00 hours. Popley currently has one NHW scheme, and that is “Austen Court NHW” scheme in Priestley Road. Attempts by the local Police team, in the past, have failed to generate enough interest to set up more schemes. This was true of Chineham Park Court, where initial interest in the scheme, soon fizzled out. I am hopeful that we can get a scheme up and running in Speckled Wood Road. Watch this space for updates.

01/09/2011 *Update* the meeting went great tonight. Lovely to meet nice residents. I hope Speckled Wood NHW will be very successful. We now have 28/47 residents signed up. This is more than the 50% ideal. In addition two chaps have stepped forward to be the schemes coordinator and deputy. They have both been checked against the PNC and are suitable for the roles. I look forward to working with them in the future. They have also promised me I will be invited to any street partied they arrange.

02/09/2011 *Update* Inspector Winter has signed up the relevant NHW paperwork. Once I return from annual leave I will get in touch with residents and complete the rest of the required paperwork etc.
21/09/2011 *Update* I forwarded all paperwork to Bob Hills NHW Chairman. Once Bob gets the information, he should then issue the scheme with a number. Once the scheme is up, the signs will be ordered.
20/10/2011 I have sent another email to Bob Hills for an update.
24/10/2011: Update received. The scheme has been accepted. Signs have been ordered.



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