The April Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

10th- I returned back to work today. I had a great holiday in Morocco.

I crewed up with Sgt Holmes today for patrols of Popley and Oakridge. We searched two males, in Popley, after they admitted to smoking cannabis. One of the males had a lock knife. I issued the male with a community resolution.


16th- I have patrolled Popley during the day for the last three days and all was in order. Lovely weather too!

The March Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

1st- Today, in Popley, I arrested a male on suspicion of supplying cannabis. On searching the males address, I located a sizeable amount of cannabis.
I seized many cannabis plants and cocaine.
Another cannabis factory, was shut down, in Popley! A great team effort lead by Sgt Holmes. Locating the cannabis factory late in the day meant that we were many hours late off. I thank my team, and supporting officers, for their commitment. The suspect is currently on police bail.



In other news:

Basingstoke Gazette article, reference a job of mine, from last year. Cannabis Factory shut down in Marnel Park. This is a reminder of what was seized:


3rd- News article with reference to last weeks drug hauls. Basingstoke Gazette Article

4th- Today I took part in a drugs warrant in the Oakridge area. I arrested a male on suspicion of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply.

7th- Interesting Gazette article reference drugs raid in Abbey Road. Three, Popley residents, charged: Click for article
Drugs issues are a current PSNP priority.

In other news: I took part in a plain clothes drugs warrant today. The warrant in South Ham would lead to a female receiving a cannabis caution, and a male being arrested, and remanded, for being concerned in the supply of drugs. (Gazette news article)

10th- Whilst patrolling Glebe Gardens I located a male with cannabis. The male had previously received a youth community resolution for drugs offences. The drug was seized and an appropriate outcome will be explored.


11th- £30 fixed penalty issued in Falkland Road, for unnecessary obstruction. I have previously warned the vehicle owner about blocking the road with his vehicles.


17th- I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of a sexual assault.

Later I would arrest a male on suspicion of harassment. Both jobs were handed over to CID to continue with the investigation.

18th- I arrested a male for breaching court bail x 2. The male will attend court today.

20th- Today, the officers from the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, took part in a drugs warrant in Oakridge. One of my roles was to breach the door of the target address. Two people were arrested at the address.


In other news: Ex Popley male locked up for horrific attack. (Gazette Article)

Also: DC Andrew Wright is appealing for witnesses to an Oakridge robbery. The suspects allegedly ran in to Popley, after the incident, on the 13th of March. (Gazette Article)

21st- I arrested a female, on suspicion of assault, in the Oakridge area. The female received an adult caution.

I am now on annual leave until the 10th of April. I know.. lucky me!

The February Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

1st- I arrested a male today on suspicion of threatening to kill his ex partner. I handed the job over to district CID. Later the male would be released without charge.

2nd- The PC’s from SNT took part in an operation to locate and arrest a burglary suspect. After a dramatic standoff in South Ham area, the male was arrested. The male was charged. Later, our team arrested a male on a train, at Basingstoke train station. The male was wanted, on suspicion of assault, in the Salisbury area.

5th- I arrested a female for failing to appear, at court, for the original offence of theft.

Later I issued a verbal warning to a youth, who had been smoking cannabis, in Mallory Road. The male had disposed of his cannabis joint prior to police arrival.

6th- A team of SNT police officers made arrest attempts in the evening. One female was arrested on suspicion of drugs offences. I drew the short straw, and kept constant observations on a male, in police custody. The male was suspected of drugs offences. 5 hours and a numb bum later, it was home time.

7th- I crewed up with Inspector Maginnis for a patrol of Marnel Park. Whilst in Marnel Park, I located a male smoking cannabis. The male was issued with a ‘Community Resolution’.

11th- Today I issued a male with a ‘Community Resolution’ for possession of cannabis in Melrose Walk.


12th- I took part in a plain clothes operation today. Very busy day.

Interesting news article from the BBC mentioning ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Teams’

13th- I was on ‘constant observations’, of a suspect, for my entire duty.

17th- I returned back to work today and I managed to get straight out on patrol. I noted a tree down behind Pershore Rd. The tree is totally blocking the footpath. I have reported this to the council: ‘The Report’

Whilst patrolling on the footpath behind the Boots Warehouse, I located a very pungent mess on the path. I have reported this to the council: ‘The Report’


18th- I went out early again on bike patrols of Popley. All the hotspot areas were covered, and found to be all in order.

20th- Whilst patrolling Popley Way, I located two suspicious males. After much deliberation, the males were escorted to the police station for strip searches. Due to the circumstances surrounding the males, I suspected they might be in possession of drugs. No drugs were located on the males, and they were released.

Later I took details of an on-going knock and run nuisance report. A group of teenagers are currently running amok in Popley. This old school prank has been taken too far, and any offences will be dealt with robustly!

21st- I patrolled Popley in the late evening. I located a 14 year old male with cannabis and a grinder in Chineham Park Court. The male was taken home and issued with a ‘youth community resolution’.


There was several ASB reports ref youths smashing bottles and trespassing. Patrols will continue to identify those responsible.

I also dealt with a drunk and confused female. The female had attempted to climb the large fence into Everest Community Academy. I walked her home in the right direction.

22nd- I was covering the shift officers tonight. I arrested a 15 year old in Oakridge, on suspicion of criminal damage, and common assault.

I also dealt with a threats to life job and a missing persons report.

23rd- I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of fraud by false representation x 5..
I further arrested the male in custody for other offences. The male was charged with 4 making off without payment offences. This relates to fuel.


24th- It was my birthday today. And the sad truth is, I was at work :)
I crewed up with Sgt Carl Holmes and we patrolled most of Popley and Oakridge. I also managed to complete the file for the job yesterday. It contained the longest interview plan, of my career, to date!

26th: In other news:


27th- I arrested a male on suspicion of breaching his community punishment order. The male will be put through to the next available court..

28th- The police officers from the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Team’ lead by Sgt Carl Holmes, took part in a drugs raid today in Brighton Hill. A male and female were arrested. A cannabis factory was shut down.


The January Bulletin 2014 – PC Dan Carter Reports

3rd- Whilst searching for a missing person in Buckskin, I located a male smoking cannabis. I issued the male with a cannabis street caution.

Today whilst patrolling Popley I located a fallen tree, on the footpath, off of the park in Trinidad Close. I reported this to the council.
Trinidad Close tree down

4th- I assisted with several statements in the Buckskin area, after many cars were broken into overnight/early morning.

Festival place security directed me to a male smoking cannabis on Churchill Way. The male had recently received a cannabis caution. I reported the male for the offence. The male will attend court, soon, to explain his actions.

9th- Tonight I chaired the PSNP meeting.

Minutes of the first PSNP meeting of 2014:

PSNP members in attendance:

PC Dan Carter Chairing meeting

Jane Frankum
Tony Frankum
David Potter
Vivien Washbourne
Terry Jones
Dawn Stanley
Mr Kumar
Dan White

PC Dan Carter gave an overview of the previous issues in Popley.

There has been a sharp drop in reported issues in the Sark Way area of Popley. PCSO Steven Burgess has worked with several youths causing issues in Abbey Road. A number of ‘Acceptable Behaviour Agreements’ have been implemented and issues in Abbey Road have lessened.

The PSNP voted on the 3 new priorities for Popley for the first quarter of 2014:

These will be:

1) ASB in Abbey Road
2) Drugs issues in Abbey Road
3) Thefts and ASB from Tesco Express Carpenters Down.

All three have been previous Popley issues.

Other issues: Parking complaints were discussed in relation to Falkland Road and Marnel Park.

ASB has been less noticeable lately in most areas of Popley. I’m sure the weather plays a part in that, as well as agency work/patrols.

If you have community issues that you would like to discuss, please feel free to make contact on tel:101 or email

In other news: Unfortunately, PCSO, Steven Burgess has left the Popley team. Steve was a great asset to Popley, and he will be missed. This means that we go back down to half a police team. PCSO Addison Maker and I will cover both parts of Popley. Of course, CSPO’s Dan White, and Paula James-Bailey, will also be patrolling Popley when possible.

10th- Tonight was very busy with lots of jobs coming across the airwaves. Whilst looking for a suspected burglar, I located a male in Black Dam Way with cannabis. The male received a community resolution.


In other news: I arrested a male on Melrose Walk for breach of bail.

14th- I attended Winchester Crown Court in relation to a cannabis factory. I had originally arrested a male in June for the offence. The male pleaded guilty at court.

16th- I arrested a female in the Job Centre, on Winchester Road, on suspicion of assault.

20th- £90 Fixed penalty issued to a male for wasting police time.

25th- whilst patrolling near Hatchwarren community centre, I issued a male with a cannabis caution.


26th- whilst patrolling Abbey Road, I arrested a male on suspicion of theft. The male was later released without charge.

30th- Whilst patrolling Shakespeare Road, I located a male and arrested him on suspicion of 2 x shopliftings. On searching the male, I located a locking knife. This is also an offence. The male was further arrested for possession of a bladed or sharply pointed article.

The male was later charged with 3 shoplifting offences and possession of a bladed article.

31st- whilst patrolling Ascension Close, I located a male suspected of shoplifting. I arrested the male. My colleague PC Paul Moss, arrested the co-accused.


1) Cannabis cautions x 2

2) Community resolution for possession of cannabis

3) Male reported for possession of cannabis

3) PND for wasting police time

4) 7 arrests for various offences

The December Bulletin 2013 – PC Dan Carter Reports

2nd- I assisted a dog unit with seizing a dangerous dog breed in Popley.

12th- I issued a male with a cannabis street caution in the South Ham area.

17th- Lots of patrolling time in Oakridge and Popley.

I reported a broken street light to the council after a member of public pointed out the exposed wires. The Report

27th- I assisted TPT today.
I arrested a female on suspicion of assault.

29th- I arrested a male on Alencon Link after I located a lock knife, and bag of cannabis, in the males possessions. The male was remanded and he will attend court in the morning.


The November Bulletin 2013 – PC Dan Carter Reports

7th- Whilst out on patrol in Popley East I located a male with suspected stolen items. I arrested the male on suspicion of theft by finding. The male has been remanded. The male received a suspended sentence, at court, the next day.

9th- I issued a male with a cannabis street caution in Bermuda Close. PCSO Dan White had initially stopped the male who had been smoking a spliff.

10th- Officers from the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams took part in the remembrance parade at Old Basing.
PC James Hope laid the wreath for the police.20131129-120507.jpg

25th- Vehicle owner verbally warned, after parking on a public crossing, in Marnel Park.


27th- I verbally warned a male on a scrambler type mini motorbike in Popley East. The male was ‘just testing it’.

On the evening of Monday the 25th of November, someone has pushed the wall over belonging to the Popley Fields community centre! Call 101 with info.


28th- I attended court in the morning. In the afternoon I seized a stolen motorbike in Oakridge.


29th- PCSO Addison Maker located a bag of cannabis in Byron Close today. The cannabis bag has a distinctive Bob Marley Logo.


Between 7-8 pm 6 youths were involved in setting fire to cardboard boxes outside Premier Stationery Ltd in Gastons Wood industrial estate. This irresponsible act could have ended much worse. Thankfully the fire brigade were quickly on scene and put the fire out.

It is believed that one of the youths involved has dropped a watch. Does this belong to your child?


The October Bulletin 2013 – PC Dan Carter Reports

1st- You may see us patrolling around Marnel Schools for the next week. This is nothing to worry about. Please see the update from from the 26th of September.

2nd- I patrolled all the hotspot areas of Popley today with PCSO Addison Maker.
I arrested a male in Popley on suspicion of robbery. The arrest is linked to (This Case)

4th- CSPO Paula James-Bailey has made contact with Sentinel Housing to get both gates in Mauritius play park fixed. At some point in recent weeks these gates have been vandalised.


Whilst out conducting evening/night patrols I located a male smoking cannabis on Eastrop Way. I reported the male for summons.

17th- I located a female smoking cannabis in Marnel Park. Cannabis caution issued.

18th- I issued a male a cannabis caution in Glebe Gardens.

31st- I issued a female with a cannabis caution in Church street.



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